19 June 2008

British prisons: From Jail to Jihad

Part 1 of 5

Jail to Jihad Part 2 of 5
Jail to Jihad Part 3 of 5
Jail to Jihad Part 4 of 5
Jail to Jihad Part 5 of 5


Anonymous said...

Tells it like it is.
Who calls Lionheart a paranoid racist after soaking up the truth exposed by this documentary?
After all,it was made by one of of their own.
This documentary could not have been made without the Government's approval, as they have had so much access granted.
Muslims now struggle to estrange themselves from jihad?
How can they?
Now Islam means one thing, now it means something else.
Such dangerous ideology cannot ever be seen as moderate.
Lebanon was once a very mixed society but look how Islam is asserting it's militancy now so many Christians and others have emigrated.
Israel is slowly but surely being surrounded by an arc of terror which will unleash itself as never before, leaving the clueless Western politicians unable to know which way to turn.
If you doubt this, look at Darfur, and observe how the words spill from the political mouths, but the killing and raping go on and on.

Our governments hope to split Islam into moderates and radicals, but every Muslim knows what their good book says.
Non-believers must be saved from themselves, even at the point of a sword!
We are deep in doo-doo courtesy of the Socialists now running Europe.
Expect no help from them. Cowards all. This temporary lull in "radicalism" will give way to a massive atrocity. As sure as the day is long.
The moderates cannot stop their brothers, even if they wanted to.
Lionheart's words and those of the many anti-jihad blogs are there for all to read, so far.
Who can say they have not been warned?
Danger does not go away because we put our collective heads in the sand.

Anonymous said...

Check out this video too.
It is very relevant.
I find it weird how those that disrespect Lionheart cannot believe the truth, even when it comes from there own mouths.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks, anon, And this wonderful Spanish video about European history

Anonymous said...

The Koran does not need to be mis-interpreted to incite people to violence!

The Koran preaches it relentlessly.

Please read this book of hate and then you will know that these thugs understand Islam and the Koran perfectly.