3 June 2008

No prison for Islamic Extremists - Give them Counseling instead

Foreword: The Doctors in charge of the Asylum that is Great Britain have come up with a new form of medicine for the followers of Mohamed. Give them counseling on a deradicalisation programme instead of sending them off to prison for their hatred and murder that is aimed at the infidel's, you and me in other words.

You really could not make this stuff up if you tried, gladly we don’t have too, instead we have the Loony Labour Party making this stuff up for us, and then enforcing it upon us and our society because they are the ones in charge of the Asylum.

Not hard to work out who came up with this ingenious new idea is it? The Islamic leaders who are now embedded deep within the British State who are advising the Government on how to deal with their fellow Jihadists who have been caught following their false prophets example of Jihad.

Islam has been at War with the Non-Moslem World since the 7th Century, we are now in a Global form of that War because we are living in the 21st Century with air travel, and those in charge of protecting the British homeland and its society completely deny the truth about the Islamic religion, instead they are allowing it to grow and fester in our midst.

What is it going to be like in this country in 20 years from now if this stuff is all happening now?

I wonder if they will set up a programmed for bloggers like me who disagree with them and what they are doing to the Country. We know they are compiling a Gestapo database of all their opponents. These are very dangerous people in charge of the power base of the United Kingdom and using it for their own personal political goals.

They have stated that they are going to give the money to the people within the community who know it best. Here are just two examples of people who are presumably looked upon as leaders within their community.

Example 1: The Jihadi Moslem police officer part 1

Example 2: The Jihadi Moslem police officer part 2

Please watch this film to see the true heart and soul of the Islamic faith and not this thin veil our government is placing over it so as to disguise the truth from the British people.

Video: What the West needs to know.

Daily Mail

Islamic extremists could receive counselling instead of criminal charges under new Government plans to 'deradicalise' religious fanatics issued today.

The move is part of a £12.5m Home Office plan which give councils guidance about how to prevent extremism spreading.

People who fall under the influence of violent organisations will not automatically face prosecution under the new plan.

Instead it will concentrate on a national 'deradicalisation' programme that will try to persuade extremists to change their views through therapy and counselling from community groups.

The scheme will seek to reverse the process of indoctrination carried out by al Qaida-related extremists, using unnamed 'specialised techniques'.

Community groups and councils in England and Wales will get cash from a £12.5m fund to implement the new measures.

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said: 'The national security challenges we face demand fresh approaches.

'A key element of our strategy aims to stop people getting involved in extremist violence.

'We are investing at local level to build resilient communities, which are equipped to confront violent extremism and support the most vulnerable individuals.'

Continue reading: Give them counseling


Anonymous said...


I urge everyone living in Britain and Europe and the USA, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists and Sikhs, (though these religions have ample experience of what Islam can do to believers of a different faith,)to watch the video you link to,
" ISLAM, what the West needs to know."
The Jewish liberals need to watch it especially.
I also urge Muslims to watch it, for it will clear any confusion they have about the intent of their religion.

The words of Bush and Blair, that start the film, can be seen for what they are, from mouths of fools with the vain hope that they can stop the spread of the real message of Islam.
Watch as Bush is clapped by his audience of American politicians, study the sweaty clammyness on Tony Blair's face as he tries to convincingly tell the the biggest lie in his life, that "Islam is a religion of peace."
His second biggest lie, was of course about the foundation for the misadventure in Iraq war, which remains a huge motivator for the political machine to continue with his biggest lie. (And which even Muslims all agree on.)

From this lie, stems all the further lies and politically correct rubbish from "Social Cohesion" and "Multi-Cultism" to the depraved attacks on any voices that dare to challenge the permitted party line.

Are we to believe the words of Bush and Blair, and their followers-on, or should we believe the words of those others that are quoted in the video?
Words of those that have studied Islam from within and without, and who dare to expose those truths.

Yet we see many come to these pages and curse Lionheart, and call him "racist, or a "bigot!
We see the forces of Law, at the beck and call of their political masters, turning upon a patriot who loves his Nation, and placing him under the millstone of arrest, in an effort to silence dissent.
Such things we expect of Communist China, or the former Soviets.
It is now here in Britain.
The gagging of free-speech and political discussion has begun in earnest.
These detractors are those that dare not face the future which has become inevitable, one of civil strife and inter-community war.
The tell tale markers are there for all who would dare to look.

The great experiment of the Liberal and Nu Labour pioneers, has led Britain and Europe into a dazed and confused misapprehension of their fate.
It is far easier for them to continue to believe the lies, than to face the truth.
It is far easier for Local Councils and Government Departments to continue to install the Islamic front-line into jobs that give them access to dangerous knowledge and power, than to face the music and realise what their efforts have done, and the danger they have placed Western Europe into.
I have no answers to give.
Each must follow their own way forward.
We must heed the words from the horses mouth.
Sheik bin Ladin and his kin have set forth the path of JIhad.
Muslims who do not folow them are in denial.
They are at their most dangerous when torn between Western decadence and the good things of life they now aspire to, and the ancient ideals of their beliefs that beckon them on pain of hell-fire to follow.
The moderates are like "lapsed Catholics," that pay lip-service to their Church, but who still follow the main religious commands.
The difference being that there is not an army of radical Jesuits who will treat them as an enemy as much as does Al Qaeda will treat the non-active or moderate believers.

Will the Muslims believe the words of Blair or Bush?
Of course not, that is laughable.
Do they heed the words of their Sheiks and Immans?
Of course they do.
Do they believe the Islamic prophesies that predict the End of Times and the coming of the great wars between the Muslims and the non-believers?
Of course they must.

" 16. The Last Hour would not come unless the Muslims will fight against the Jews and the Muslims would kill them until the Jews would hide themselves behind a stone or a tree and a stone or a tree would say: Muslim, or the servant of Allah, there is a Jew behind me; come and kill him; but the tree Gharqad would not say, for it is the tree of the Jews."

This is the kind of belief that motivates at the roots of this religion.
It is imperative that we should study the real intent of Islam.
For while it clings to such barbaric prophesy there can be but one outcome.

Let one British Muslim dare to disclaim the words of the prophesies or indeed, Sheik bin Ladin?
I hear a deafening silence.

Anonymous said...

hey, LH, why do you leave your comments open after many months.
They are being used to dis you and distract from your current blogs.
Most blogs seem to tie off the comments after a few weeks.
If you check your blog-comments-widget you will see them.

Luton Boxing Fan said...
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Lionheart said...

How do i check the blog-comments-widget?

I keep it open aslong as there is no blatent swearing.

Let people share their views and opinions

Joanne said...

Sometimes there are some truly off the wall comments posted here, but it just gives us all an insight into the minds and thoughts of those who live amongst us.

People, as is common in human nature, tend to rely on themselves for the answers, but if we pray and rely on the Lord to guide us, we will prevail against our enemies, whether they be Muslims set out to deceive, destroy, and kill us or be our own who set out to deceive and destroy us which causes in effect our eventual demise.

The thought that counselling would-be violent extremists of "denominations of all faiths" - what a load of crap that is - is ludicrous. Muslims believe what the Koran states, and no counselling will ever change the beliefs of practising Muslims unless they either change their faith or continue only under the guise of being a Muslim for their own safety's sake.

Anonymous said...


read it and weep

Anonymous said...

forced upon us?, by whom?

the British Government are there to serve US! they are our servants, NOT the other way round!

Anonymous said...

Here's a fresh approach, Jacquisling, honey.

1 Stop importing barbarians! We banned pit bulls, right?

2 Treat barbarians like the traitors they are when they do the blow up and bloody stuff. Strict admonition is not severe enough no matter how hard you scowl. It only makes them want to ravish you, you sexy thing.

3 Look in the mirror and ask yourself, "Did England fight Hitler so I could hand the country over to IslamoNazis?"

4 Before retiring at night, think about what you will say to your grandchildren when they ask why they are second class citizens.

5 Next time you face the press, don't blame us for all the nastiness going on today. We didn't vote for any of it. We will help you clean up the mess but please remember we are the good guys.

Just follow these simple steps and all will be right. I pray daily for you, babe.

Anonymous said...

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