3 February 2007

Dunstable - Death threat & the Al Qaeda connection

(Click image: Picture is of a Pakistani Muslim drug den owned by a convicted Class A Pakistani Muslim drug dealer from Luton, situated in Dunstable 100 yards away from Northfields High school opposite the Mullberrybush pub)

I live in a small Town called Dunstable which is situated adjoining Luton Town in Bedfordshire. Dunstable which has a wealth of ‘Royal history’ is soon to be classed as another part of Luton once the local government gets its way and swallows up our smaller communities that surround Luton and categorizes them as being a part of the Islamic Hell hole Luton. Luton is over run by the Pakistani Muslim community who control almost all parts of the town, so this is what our once quite communities are going to be faced with. The invading army of Pakistani Muslims who are ultimately seeking to take over our communities like what they have achieved with Luton. They have already made their move on Dunstable and if not stopped then Dunstable which has roots back into Royal history will soon become another Islamic dominated community in Britain just like what is happening the length and breadth of the country. Anyone reading this who doesn’t know of Luton, Luton is the Town now well known around the world because the July 7th suicide maniacs spent time with their Al Qaeda brothers here in Bury Park - Luton - before setting off from our train station on their psychotic murderous missions in London.

Luton is a known stronghold of Islamofascists who are out for the total destruction of my country and the Western World. Omar Bakri’s group Al Majaroun who are the most radical Muslim group in the country had their headquarters here and Abu Hamza the hook handed preacher also lived in Luton for about 10 years preaching war and hate. These two characters are the tip of the extremely large iceberg of British Muslims who are intent on destroying our Judeo/Christian world and enforcing an Islamic one upon the ashes. Both of these Islamofacsists lived in the Pakistani Muslim dominated area of Luton – Bury Park – for a number of years, preaching hate, murder and Holy war against all non-Muslims. There have been Pakistani Al Qaeda cells broken up here in Bury Park, several British terror plots with there roots traced back to here, British born Muslim terrorists raised and grown here and British born Muslims being killed fighting against the British Government in Afghanistan and Iraq from here. All of this background information along with the images of the psychopaths of 7/7 entering Luton train station to set off on their murderous missions in London should give you an idea of the scale and scope of the threat my community and country faces from the Pakistani Muslim community of Luton. (please see my article:
'Allah's' Luton Militia - Civil War)

I have lived and grown up in and around Luton my whole life so I know exactly how bad the situation is on the ground in relation to the Pakistani Muslim community of Bury Park - Luton. On the street level they control the criminal underworld through fear and intimidation; they own the multi million pound street drug businesses in Crack cocaine & Heroin, Street prostitution, Protection rackets, armed robbery, intimidation, and all high level fraud. All of these actions are aimed at the destruction of my community and making their Pakistani Muslim community vast sums of money in which to finance their expansion and growth. The Pakistani Muslim community of Luton has been swimming in illegal drug money for as long as I can remember and is the number one financier of their growth in Luton and surrounding areas over the past 20 years. Throughout the years they have had an unhindered reign of Luton making themselves millions in profits from their drug empires, they have been able to build themselves into a paramilitary organization built up of Pakistani Muslim youths and young men who are highly organized, heavily armed, extremely wealthy through the drugs trade and who ultimately hate their fellow non-Muslim citizens and view my country as Dar al-Harb (The House of War).

Any non-Muslim living in this area that has grown up on the street level surrounded by this Muslim force will be able to testify to the truth of everything I say and is the reason why my whole community lives in fear of the Pakistani Muslim community of Luton and can say and do nothing about their advancement. We can do nothing but sit back and watch as they continue their growth un-hindered like they have done for the last 20 years. The only difference now though, in this generation, is that when we look at what the Pakistani Muslim community of Luton is doing it is now common knowledge that their ultimate aim is to destroy the British way of life and enforce Islam upon the Nation.

Within Bury Park – Luton – the Muslim community lives as a state within a state, they are their own community living by their own rules, just living under our laws. The Pakistani Muslims of Luton have a political dimension to their community and also a paramilitary army, where as my community is full of drug addicts inflicted on them by Pakistani Muslims and a corrupt police force who are supposed to protect us. What hope is there for the future? My situation and experience exemplifies the problems my community is facing and should act as a wake up call to ‘people’ before it is too late.

I now live with a very serious credible death threat aimed at me by Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorists from Bury Park – Luton – so know exactly what I am talking about.

As a concerned Christian British citizen who can clearly see Islam’s invasion of Britain with its aim of conquering my country and enforcing Allah’s will - Sharia law – upon the people, when the chance arose I did the right thing and went to the police when I had a Luton Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorist dealing his Crack cocaine & Heroin from the house next door to where I lived. I did this and due to police corruption in my local police station, my name ended up in the hands of the Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorists and I was issued with two credible threats against my life by a Luton Pakistani Muslim drug gang. In this gang there is said to be upwards of 100+ involved in their criminal activities but as someone who lives around here it is common knowledge that the whole of the Pakistani Muslim community is inter-connected either through family or associates and if push came to shove they could have any number of Pakistani Muslims hunting for you. This is why I say they have a paramilitary organization. There is so many of them who are connected, heavily armed and extremely wealthy, what would you call it? My community is full of drug addicts and peaceful people with no weapons. What hope have I and what hope has my community against this Pakistani Muslim paramilitary army with links ultimately traced back to Al Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan? It is a known fact that Muslim youths and men from within the Pakistani Muslim community of Bury Park – Luton – have been to Al Qaeda training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan and are now walking the streets of Luton. This is one more dimension that adds to the threat that the non-Muslim population faces. Kidnapping, violent assaults, murder and armed robbery are all common place amongst this Pakistani Muslim community and is what we the non-Muslim peaceful people have to contend with. One incident that comes to mind while writing this is that of a large local landowner ‘Carter’. A group of armed Pakistani Muslim men from Luton broke into his home whilst he was asleep and attempted to rob him. Luckily for him the shotgun they were carrying went off and blew one of the gangs foot off. He was dropped of at the local hospital by his accomplices and was later sentenced to 22 years for this attempted armed robbery and several other armed robberies in Luton, not least a Post office full of non-Muslim old people collecting their pensions.

The Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorist, who I gave information to the Police on, uses the street name “Des” and his twin brother is “Jimmy”. Des was arrested for selling Crack cocaine & Heroin due to my corroborated evidence and spent less than a year in prison. It was during this time that his Pakistani Muslim drug gang found out that I was one of the people who gave information to the police about their fellow foot-soldier and I was then issued with a threat of violent assault over my mobile phone and then the threat of death through someone I know who buys Heroin from them. I took the threat extremely seriously as anyone around here would and closed my business and moved home for my own protection.

Des the Pakistani Muslim from Luton spent less than a year in prison, came straight back to my community and immediately opened up 'shop' again for Heroin & Crack cocaine addicts and now has many drug addicted slaves giving him money everyday for their daily fix of Heroin & Crack cocaine. He has also bought a local fast food shop in which to launder his illegal drug money through, you can see a picture of his Pakistani Muslim drug den above. This is common practice for the Pakistani Muslims around here, they make large amounts of money selling Crack cocaine & Heroin, then buy legitimate business’ with the proceeds in which to launder their illegal drug money through. Throughout Luton, and now Dunstable, almost all fast food shops are owned and run by Pakistani Muslims who are connected to the trade in Heroin & Crack cocaine and is an example of the community’s helplessness in the face of this advancing force.

This scenario is endemic of the problem Luton faces and a problem Luton has faced for over 20 years. The Pakistani Muslim community of Bury Park is so entrenched in Luton and has so much illegal money in their coffers that over the years they have been able to find their way into the hands of corrupt Police officers and for a price have been able to pay for their protection from arrest and prosecution. This situation with corrupt police officers threatens the ‘safety and security’ of everyone not least me who now has a death threat aimed at me because of police corruption and should be rooted out for the protection of this country. These Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorists are viewed by the non-Muslim community as “Untouchable’s”, they all have legal business’, they all drive around in top of the range sports cars and they are in control or drug empires with 100’s of foot-soldiers helping them control and run their multi million pound business’. From this one aspect of the Pakistani Muslim community of Luton, you have hundreds of young Pakistani Muslim men who are all connected, who all have weapons to protect themselves and their businesses, who have a taste for kidnapping, violence and murder and who conduct themselves as a paramilitary force. My community is completely helpless in the face of this invading army. These Pakistani Muslims are conducting a civil war against my community with many different weapons, and we the people cannot protect ourselves. We also have corrupt police officer’s helping the Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorists for their own selfish greedy ambitions which threatens our sons, daughters, brother’s ands sister’s futures. What hope is there for the future of this once great historic Royal town and for the future generations if people do not act in defense of it, and soon? We only have to look across to Luton and drive through Dunstable High Street to imagine what the future holds.

Des the Pakistani Muslim who I helped the police arrest is a typical example of the
Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorists operating in the county of Bedfordshire. The factors with this Pakistani Muslim are extremely worrying for the Dunstable community though and why the police have not acted yet on further information I have given them about this enemy to my community I can only wonder. I gave the police information on him several months ago about the threats to my life and his continued supply of Class A drugs into my community but to this point absolutely nothing has been done and Des has been left to continue the expansion of his drug business in my community and take for himself even more drug addicted non-Muslim slaves to finance him, his Pakistani Muslim family and his Pakistani Muslim friends expansion in my community and country. He and his Pakistani Muslim drug gang have bought several other local business’ along the same bit of road, all financed with illegal drug money and all built with the aim in mind of washing their illegal drug money through and setting up camp in the community so that they can destroy the town and enforce Islam upon its inhabitants.

Des’ fast food shop is 100 yards from Northfields High school and is a regular haunt for all the wayward school kids on their lunch break. There is possibly a large percentage of the future generations of Dunstable's drug addicted Muslim ‘drug and sex slaves’ are all attending this school as I write this. This Pakistani Muslim has set up camp right near this school and as we speak is getting to know all the school children who are going to be his potential customers. Young people are oblivious to the dangers they face with highly addictive Class A drugs like Heroin & Crack cocaine and should be protected from those supplying the drugs, yet here we have a Pakistani Muslim drug den 100 yards from a school with its owner a convicted Class A drug dealer getting to know a generation of young people. The police have known about this since he first opened his drug den and to this point have done absolutely nothing to stop the horrors of this situation. The police are here to serve and protect our community and from this situation you can see they are failing miserably in their duty to the Mothers and Fathers of Northfields High school pupils and the young people of the wider community while they allow this Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorist to continue pumping his Heroin & Crack cocaine out from his Pakistani Muslim drug den. He already sells his drugs to the younger generation of people growing up in the Town, the brothers and sisters of the Northfields High school pupils who go into his Pakistani Muslim drug den every lunch-time, so he knows the younger generation of the town already and they know him. This situation that has been left unattended has serious security implications for the whole community with dire consequences including 'death' for the lives of people and families effected by the destructive power of this Pakistani Muslims Class A drugs – Heroin & Crack cocaine that Des is selling.

The question is: When is he going to be arrested and his Pakistani Muslim drug den that has its roots in the Pakistani Muslim area of Luton - Bury Park - going to be shut down for the protection of my peaceful Christian community?

Des and his brother Jimmy supported by the rest of their Pakistani Muslim gang made up of criminal/terrorist’s from within Bury Park – Luton – are typical young Pakistani Muslim men who hate my country and its way of life, who are seeking the aims of the larger Pakistani Muslim community which is the total destruction of my community and country so that Islam can ‘Reign Supreme’. Street drugs Heroin & Crack cocaine are ideal weapons to kill our non-Muslim youth, destroy our local communities by causing mass social problems and make themselves vast sums of money in the process that is then used to finance their legitimate expansion projects of business’ and property, making themselves visibly stronger, physically stronger and financially stronger. While our communities are left to contend with the mass drug problems caused by these Pakistani Muslims and their actions of war against us.

I did everything that was in my power to do as a British citizen and turned to my local police about the Pakistani Muslim selling his Heroin & Crack and have ended up being chased out of my community by this invading Army and now live with a death threat aimed at me from them for standing up and doing the right thing for the protection of my community and for the future generations that are going to grow up here.

Des, his brother Jimmy and their Pakistani Muslim gang are on the frontline in Al Qaeda’s war against Britain. They are successfully conducting ‘Jihad’ against the non-Muslim population using Heroin & Crack cocaine as their weapon. They are Pakistani Muslims who ultimately want to live under Islamic rule because they are Muslims so they are seeking to destroy my community and country for Islam’s aims and making vast sums of money in the process. Please read my article
“Heroin: Golden Sword of Jihad” to see the traces back to Al Qaeda’s war of global domination against the ‘Free non-Muslim world’.

95% of the Heroin on the streets of Britain comes from Afghanistan through Pakistan and is owned and controlled by Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda has a stronghold in this country within the Bury Park Pakistani Muslim community of Luton. Every level of the drugs trade from the top to the bottom in Heroin and Crack cocaine in Luton is controlled by Al Qaeda, it has to be owned and controlled by them because they need the money to finance their 'war of conquest' against us. The global Heroin supply is ultimately owned and controlled at every level by Al Qaeda operatives from their bases in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then when it ends up in our communities on the street level it is used to kill our youth and fund their war and is conducted willingly by the local Pakistani Muslim community who hate their non-Muslim fellow citizens and our way of life and have owned and controlled this trade for the past 20 years. Des, Jimmy and the rest of the Pakistani Muslim army who are connected to them, who are pumping Heroin & Crack cocaine out into my community, are foot-soldiers in the frontline of Al Qaeda’s war against Britain. They are highly organized in conducting their businesses and have 20 years experience of evading capture and digging in.

Another business that is a favorite of the Pakistani Muslim drug gangs is the Taxi business; they are cash businesses like the fast food shops which gives them the ability to wash their illegal drug money through. They are also able to travel freely around our community carrying drugs for their Pakistani Muslim brothers who are selling it and also to keep a look out for the drug runners to help them evade capture from the police. This is another reason why I class them as a paramilitary organization because at every level they are all working together to destroy my community and evade capture. 95% of the taxis in Luton and Dunstable are owned and run by Pakistani Muslims from Luton who if you trace back are connected ultimately to the drugs trade. You cannot go anywhere around either Luton or Dunstable without seeing a Pakistani Muslim taxi, they know who everyone is, where most people live and act as the eyes and ears to the Pakistani Muslim criminal/terrorist’s who are actively conducting a civil war against the non-Muslim people of Luton and Dunstable under the noses and in the face of the police, security services and government who all seem powerless or inactive to stop it. During any day in Dunstable you have upwards of 30 taxis built like tanks and anything up to 100 normal cars driving around Dunstable and in sharp contrast there is I expect from between 3 – 10 police cars.

After being chased out of my community by Des’ Pakistani Muslim drug gang I can testify to Pakistani Muslim taxi drivers following me, trying to intimidate and I know for certain that if they knew where I was then I would be kidnapped and murdered for speaking the truth about them, that is why I closed my shop and moved home. These people have no regard for our laws and way of life, they are criminals to the British Crown seeking to destroy this country and take over for Islam.

If you look at the picture I took of Des’ fast food shop then you will see his brand new BMW convertible outside the window and a Pakistani Muslim taxi parked on the curb, this should go to prove my point if anyone needs my point proving.

As I write this at this moment in time there are Pakistani Muslims from Bury Park – Luton – who have threatened my life, these people have the resources and capability to carry out their threats. I have told the police who have done absolutely nothing whatsoever to help and have offered me absolutely no protection in the face of this Muslim paramilitary army, (not that I would take it anyway). They have not even bothered to try to corroborate my claims by speaking to people who have witnessed this all unfold. I am a Christian British citizen concerned about the state my country is in, and have been left completely abandoned by those employed to protect this country.
Thankfully I am a Christian and know that God is on my side and will not allow harm to come my way until His time for me has come, until then Islam and its adherents must be repelled from this Christian land and their destruction of our communities stopped for the sake of our Children and future generations of British non-Muslim British subjects.

If you live in Dunstable, Luton or surrounding areas then I would urge you to send this to everyone you know because it affects everyone living around here including and most importantly their children who are growing up with this dark ‘monster’ Islam surrounding them with the intention of destroying us and our children and enforcing Islam upon the community. Do you want your children to become Pakistani Muslim drug and sex slaves? It is each of our individual and collective responsibilities to act now before it is too late.

If you are Christian then I ask that you please pray for my safety because I stand on ‘my own’ in the face of this invading Pakistani Muslim enemy because everyone is too scared of the consequences to stand with me. This just shows Islam’s dominance in this area with the whole community subdued into ‘Dhimmitude’ through fear and the police inaction to stop it.

Where is the help for the protection of this Historic Royal Town?

‘In service of my God’


UPDATE: Holy War - Al Qaeda's Luton & Dunstable War front

UPDATE: Pakistani Moslem Taxi cartel


The Green Arrow said...

Another excellent article Lionheart. I just wish the rest of our countrymen and your courage and beliefs.

I am so lucky living well away from the "Front Line" of the invasion of the alien nation called Islam and wonder if I would have your bravery in fighting back.

God be with you.

Yankee Doodle said...

Batman, we need you right now!

LionHeart, we will prevail; they will keep their appointment in Sheol.

I linked to you, and put up a brief post linking to this one:

Islamic Narco-Terrorists Take over UK Town

God bless you, LionHeart!

Anonymous said...

LionHeart,what the Muslims are trying to do is get as many Non Muslims on to the drugs,by doing so they would achieve,(a)make us dependent on them,we be like zombies.(b)Muslim drug pushers get richer,(That is why you see young Muslim driving top of the range cars)and also become influential in their society and with Lefties in our Government.The problem of drugs is not only in Luton and Dunstable but in whole of United Kingdom.I am sure as you may be too that main suppliers of these drugs are no one else but Muslims.We have to educate our own people first,i.e,Childern,Teen agers and Adults.Let us not only talk about it but make aware of these promlems to the wider Non Muslim community. God Bless UK.


Flanders Fields said...

I hope you have seen some improvement in your situation since writing this. It is a damned shame when governments will not protect their own citizens. It is criminal when they participate with the perpetrators. I wish you luck.

I have linked this and your post on a 78 year old man who was beaten. I don't know how the link thing works, so just I'm just notifying you. Maybe we can get some attention from the other side of the Atlantic, but don't hold your breath.

Anonymous said...

i cant wait till someone finds out who the fuck u guys are
then lionhearts balls (yes his brave mincy faggot balls) will be chopped off. oh shit im late i gotta piss on a british flag.

ps anyone wanna buy cheap white christian whores let me no i got great prices on em
shame about the religion- dirty pig eatin swine

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i cant wait till someone finds out who the fuck u guys are
then lionhearts balls (yes his brave mincy faggot balls) will be chopped off. oh shit im late i gotta piss on a british flag.

ps anyone wanna buy cheap white christian whores let me no i got great prices on em
shame about the religion- dirty pig eatin swine

This is the mentality of under aged idiots who should learn from history England one day will rise to remove these children from our adult shores,.... Rise O England RISE......

Lionheart said...

It is a very sad fact that these Beasts do own white Christian whores and are living in our land.

I expect these will be the first beasts that feel the vengence of the Lord.

Our communities need protecting from these monsters who pump our young children with drugs and then pimp the little girls out.

There is enough proof out there yet the authorites choose to ignore it and allow thses monsters to continue roaming our streets causing degregation.

Makes your blood boil with rage...

The new day is dawning.


Anonymous said...

if your greed and religion taught you anything, is that when you try to change something that has been established for many years, you get screwed. shit, i live in the country where big business rules everything. it's not all about oil freedom or religion, it's about the benjamins baby. let me tell you this, you should have let the asiatics stay in their country then you wouldn't have had this problem. but being the caucasions that you are, trouble always follows you. or you know what, just say screw it buy some guns and go charlie bronson on their ass.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

could you re post that in English please or are you care in the community?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

can somebody translate please? i'm not too familiar with the dialect of Urdu written above.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately your obsession with both his ethnic origins and religion undermine the actual issue here - that of drug problems in our society and the reasons why it is so rife.

Don't forget also that the heroin flooding into this country comes from the huge poppy crops in Afghanistan which have been replanted since the ousting of the Taleban who had successfully crushed the farming of opium before the US/UK invasion.

Your reduction of the analysis to race and religion does you no favours. If you perhaps let your racism go and just focussed on the actual problem that these are criminals regardless of their origins or supposed beliefs (they obviously aren't very good muslims anyway), then you may be taken more seriously.

Anonymous said...

God damned fucking shit i had never thought that its so fucked up in Britain

Wish you be strong and never give up man!

Anonymous said...

Pakistan and pakistanis must be the most hated people on earth even arabs want to kick them out of arab countrys,They have a well deserved reputation for being filthy of mind and totaly treacherous even to their own.Try looking on you tube for the way they turn on their own such as wounded pakistani soldiers captured by India when they rescued Bangladesh in 1971 FROM A MASSIVE ONSLAUGHT OF RAPE AND MURRDER BY THE INVADING PAKI ARMY.tHE PAKISTANIS call their own kafirs for allowing themselves to be captured .Not wanted in pakistan is the statement they make.They even left their own soldiers dead bodies behind on the field of battle.By rights pakistan should have been charged with genocide and war crimes,God knows how they managed to avoid that.Yes they may own the bulk of fast food food outlets etc but how much of that was bought with the proceeds of Heroin dealing.Consider the ludicrous statement look what we have done for this country with the long years of british rule, I wont eVen try to list our land and peoples achievements,however look at the failed state human righs free zone of the islamic emirate of pakistan,what a shining example of a nation,corrupt to the core totally dependent on foriegn aid from infidel lands and hated by all its nieghbours and rightly so.If any one wants to see people putting pakistanis in their true place read comments on you tube for any thing to do with India and pakistan.Us Brits should take a leaf out of the hindu and sihk books when convering with pakistanis,wait though most of the pakistanis comments do not even merit a reply.So then what wondrous changes ara the pakistanis going to bring us oh of course they are going to model the uU.K on pakistan and turn us into a failed state stone age babarian wasteland.Horrible that it is so many of our people are slaves to their drug trde their whole nation is totally dependent on hand outs but what the hell hand outs are the pakistani way.

Anonymous said...

To the beast who states he has white christian whores for sale are you one of the many pakistani rape gang members who go round drugging and grooming little girls aged any thing between 10 and 14 .I expect you are ,still you see no wrong in being a nonce and we all know the reason why you revel in underage to any civilised society SEX ABUSE OF LITTLE GIRLS what about those boys with the bangles and the youthful faces your book talks about they arent white how many of them do you pass around your community for a good back door seeing to as loved and condoned by your fellows ha ha.Sorry to be be a bit weightest and lookest here but any white women I have seen in the company of pakistanis who didnt appear to be a doped up well under age captive was well overweight and extremely ugly you hardly entice the jewels of white womenhood to share your existance now do you

Anonymous said...

More to the beast who says he has white girls for sale.I forgot to say you would have personal; experience of being passed around to uncles and others that is if you are a male beast.Therefore you were one of those compliant boys only there to serve the faithful.Oh and what the hell your uncles only have to say sorry i will not do it again and the shariah forgives them unlike female rape victims who are sentenced to be murdered,still unfortunetly certain dhimmi so called men of god in the Christian church in england seem to be willing to accept such behaviour but you mr BEAST know deep down no matter how the media seek to hide it we the true british people reject and despise you to the core and you will go the same way all our other mortal foes go when we fully awake in this land you will be only too glad to seek a place on a leaking rust bucket of a ship sent from your ancestral lands to take its expelled people back to the stone age failed state.On second thoughts though they leave their own to die as they did in bangladesh so you better start learning to awim just in case FOR ST GEORGE AND ENGLAND

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! what a load of bollockz

You paint a picture of Dunstable and Luton based on "your drug addiction" no doubt.

Folks there is no such divides in Luton and linking drugs trade to Islam well that is incitement against muslims from this twat.

So my dad that goes to mosque 3 times a day and prays twice at home is actually a drug dealer?

What kind of perverse sick person are you Lionheart.

If your a drug dealer it make syou muslim?


Dunstable drug trade was run by "white boys" number one.

Then when we move closer to Dunstable / Luton borders say Lewsey Farm and Marsh Farm - The drug trade is run by white and black boys.

It is only when you go deeper into Luton that it is the Asians.

Why because every areas has there folks - the good and bad but to blame the entire problem on just one community is bollocks.

People reading this ask yourself one thing, how is it tat this Lionheart appears to know more than the police?.

WHy becuase he lives on cloud 9 smoking weed out of his houghten regis flat looking out of the window wishing he was "SOMEONE".

Grow up if your not, you rightly need a slap by someone.

Or you need to be locked away.

Lionheart said...

To anyone who is the slightest bit interested in the above comment, please take a watch of this short video, and the accompanying supportive links.


Anonymous said...

im 21, pakistani, and born'n'bred in luton.I have hundreds of arguments for your lies and exaggerations but i couldnt possibly debate such a narrow-minded brain,i've read your blogs and they show a man that is down on his luck in life, so is blaming everyone and everything for his sad life. My life is not all roses but i get on with it best i can, i could turn and say "whats the point studying to try and have a good job, "they" wont ever give me a promotion if its between me and the white guy!, i might as well be a dealer!.........Thats what would happen if i had your mentality.Luckily i dont, but what i do want to say about all this hate you have towards Islam, and the pakistani's in particular, that "dare" try to live in your town, well first tell how does this sound lionheart:
I rob your house keys, steal everything from your house,kick you out of your house,take your wife,live in your house for a few years, then i torch your house, then i see you again after a few years, you have been living as a tramp on the streets becoz i stole all your money, i meet you again, i dont give a shit what you think about me but i feel a little bad about myself, so i invite you to live in my mansion,would you be a great guest in my mansion?? or would you sit in my mansion saying he done all this to me, the least he can do is give me a room.
Its 100 times more complicated, but the "lion"heart you represent, is the country that has reeped everything it owns from : my country Pakistan, India, Africa, South Africa in particular and many more have been robbed to put U.K where it is today, is it not just a small backlash that your government let a few people in from each country they raped as some sort of gesture?? go and blame your government, they are "your" people after all, im sure you can convince them for a BNP white england.
This is just the tip of the iceberg for the facts and information i have, i look forward to an intelligent response from yourself lionheart, i can debate every sentence on your blog, the question is do you really want all your arguments to be made to look stupid by a 21 yr old college dropout "paki"?

Lionheart said...

Quote: "I have hundreds of arguments for your lies and exaggerations but i couldnt possibly debate such a narrow-minded brain"

Then you go on to say

Quote: "i can debate every sentence on your blog, the question is do you really want all your arguments to be made to look stupid by a 21 yr old college dropout "paki"?"

Whose looking stupid based upon this introduction from yourself?

I see that you do not mention Islam and Moslems once in your comment?

I have absolutely nothing against people of Pakistani descent, what i do have something against is Moslems of Pakistani descent and their actions based upon their religion.

I am not a racist, and this is not a racist blog, it is an anti-Jihad blog.

We welcomed your forefathers into our country as guests, to live peacefuly side by side of us, but now several generations down the line, and spurred on by a global militant Jihad against the West, they have chosen to declare war upon my Nation and people in the name of Islam.

What are the indigenous white population supposed to do? Sit back and allow this war of conquest against them, their children and their country? Or defend and repel the invaders?

Luton took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 when Al Qaeds declared war upon Britain.

Your defence is flawed when talking to an Englishman, so you could never win a debate with me. You could only put across your point of view which is different to mine.

Then the people listening can judge for themselves whose view point is valid.

Anonymous said...

Why are the Muslims so afraid of criticism?
Why do they take issue when for instance we say "ban the burkah?
Don't you know, as a muslim, it is a sin for a woment to wear a burkah in Mecca on pilgrimage?
So why expect your women in Luton to wear them to prove your political point?
It is a sin for you to cover your faces before Allah.
Don't any of you know your own religion, or only just enough of it to make you think you are better than everyone else?
Don't forget, Pakistn is outnumbered by God-kows how many millions of Indians, and most of them are Hindu.
Plus they have a lot more nukes than you.
No wonder you all seem to have an inferiority complex.
A very dangerous situation for the rest of the world.
The answer is simple, stop supposting terrorism and reform Islam before it implodes upon itself.
Do you think the Chinese Government will treat the protesting Muslims as kindly as Britain does?
Will you all go to China to die supporting your brothers?
Of course not.
It is far too easy for you to attack the Country that welcomed in your grandfathers.
We worked with them, and they did not talk the talk that you talk.
They just wanted a better life, and now you are benefitting from their hard-work, and what do you desire?
Flash cars, a big house?
So you are just another human after all.
Weak and foolish.