18 February 2007

In Reply to a Comment

Thank you Anonymous for adding to the comments section of my blog and especially the article:- Dunstable - Death threat & the Al Qaeda connection.

Anonymous said...
LionHeart,what the Muslims are trying to do is get as many Non Muslims on to the drugs,by doing so they would achieve,(a)make us dependent on them,we be like zombies.(b)Muslim drug pushers get richer,(That is why you see young Muslim driving top of the range cars)and also become influential in their society and with Lefties in our Government.The problem of drugs is not only in Luton and Dunstable but in whole of United Kingdom.I am sure as you may be too that main suppliers of these drugs are no one else but Muslims.We have to educate our own people first,i.e,Childern,Teenagers and Adults.Let us not only talk about it but make aware of these problems to the wider Non Muslim community. God Bless UK.

I wanted to add that because I have lived and grown up with the threat of the Muslim community and their supply of hard street drugs like Heroin & Crack cocaine, I did work with the police for several years educating young people in local High schools to the dangers they faced in relation to street drugs. I knew all along where the hard drugs were coming from and this was my way of counteracting the threat.

As a person I believe that 'actions speak louder than words', exactly what Brigitte Gabriel from American Congress for Truth says. In every area of defending Our communities and country from Islam and its demonic adherents the muslims, Our actions speak louder than words.

Please take a read of the frontpage article from my local newspaper.

God bless


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