20 February 2007

The Fear Factor

If you have read my articles titled: Heroin: Golden Sword of Jihad, Allah's Luton Militia - Civil war, and Dunstable - Death threat and the Al Qaeda connection then you will know the exact position I and my community are in, in relation to Islam's war of conquest against my community and country.

Decleration of War is another article detailing the civil war we are facing on the ground in Luton.

I wish it was all in my imagination and that the dark murderous cloud of Islam was not engulfing my community and country, but the reality is, is that the dark cloud is here and engulfing my surroundings and is a fact that my community is facing and a fact that people would rather choose to ignore through fear of the consequences, rather than make a stand in defence of the community against the invading army of British born Pakistani Jihad fighters.

I have stood up completely on my own and acted in defence of my community for the sake of those unable to stand up for themselves and for the sake of future generations who will live and grow here.

Absolutely everyone I know in the community bar one or two are completely petrified of the Pakistani Muslim community of Luton and would rather turn a blind eye to what is happening around them than speak out and act. They are so weak and pathetic and view the situation "its not on my doorstep so its not my problem". Men of the community would rather leave the problem to others, the thing is though is that there are no others, so the problem is not being addressed.

Through fear of the Pakistani Muslim's they would rather allow them to continue their kingdom building and the destruction of Our Christian community than help to stop it and save young lives being destroyed by Muslim masters.

This is the dilemma my community faces with absolutely no one willing to stand with me in defence of the community because they are all Dhimmi's or Muslim drug slaves. It is easier for people to accuse me of being crazy and off it rather than agree with me and face reality. The thing is though is that the facts are the facts and my belief system and reality is based on those facts, so no one can escape the true reality that is staring everyone in the face.

This is a message to everyone in my community and a message to everyone who cares about Our country, the United Kingdom.

You look back into your history and Our forefathers fought and died establishing this great country, Great Britain, for us their descendents. The brave men and women of the past rose to the occasion and stood up to the evil's facing the world in their generation. We in Our generation are now surrounded by evil in the embodiement of Islam which is seeking to destroy Our British way of life and enforce an Islamic one upon us and our children and grandchildren. Our wives and children would become their spoils of war and we would be butchered for their enjoyment.

This is a fact that we as a people are faced with. Muslims wanting to take Our country over and enforce Islam upon the inhabitants left.

My community knows these facts but would rather sit idly by on their scared pathetic backside's than confront the evil menace threatening their community and childrens futures.

The destiny of Our community is in Our hands and it will either stay a Christian community, a bastion in the face of the Islamic kingdom of Luton or it will be an Islamic outpost until we have all been driven out and it will become an extension of their kingdom.

When your children grow up they will ask you, where were you when this all happened? what did you do? What will you tell your children? Will you lie and say you was at the front or will you tell the truth, that you was a pathetic example of a man and too scared of the Pakistani Muslims to protect them so you sat back and did nothing.

This is about Our children and the environment they are going to grow up in and it is all of Our responsibility to act in defence of Our Christian community and country.

One man cannot stand on his own and win, the time has come for you to decide who and what you are and for those willing, to step forward and be counted as true men in defence of the innocent and the less able who cannot protect themselves.

The answer "it is not my problem" will not wash, everyone reading this, you are now being asked to make your decision before God and work out where you stand in the coming turmoil.

Islam declared war against the Western World on 9/11 and opened up England as one of their fronts on 7/7. We never started this and there is no going back now. In war there can only be one winner so it is either going to be them or us and its Our childrens futures hanging in the balance.

Are you going to tell your children that you were a weak pathetic example of a man when destiny came knocking on your door or are you going to tell them you were brave and rose to the occasion with everyone else and helped defeat the beast 'islam' in Our midst.

Our childrens futures will bear witness to the actions or inactions of this 'Our generation'.

I ask that you send this blog article to every man you know because the time has come to know where everyone stands.

I hope and pray that God Himself will now raise up His army of Knights in defence of their homelands and Christendom.


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Yankee Doodle said...

Good post.

The connection between heroin and radical Islam is amazing. Your blog tipped me off to it.

I had heard of narcoterrorists before, in South America, but an Islamic Mafia bent on ideological world conquest is something that defies the imagination, but that seems to be exactly what you're facing. I'm planning a post on it soon.

Islam's declaration of war on the non-Muslim world was made when "the prophet" moved from Mecca to Medina. It has periodically been renewed. Salami Bin Aladdin renewed it in 1998, then punctuated that with the 9/11 attack.

There has always been an element in the Muslim world that has never backed down from that. That element, funded with petrodollars, and now with narcodollars, is radicalizing the rest of the world's Islamic community.

Any place in the world that there is a community of Muslims, even if they're peaceful and have been so for generations, is potentially in danger because of the Saudi regime's proactive and well-financed policy of spreading the violent extremist hatred and intolerance of Wahhabi Islam to those communities.

At my blog, I touch on the relationship between the House of Saud and the Wahhabis. For here, let me just say that many members of the Saudi Royal Family are also literally blood descendents of Wahhab, and Wahhab's ideas are the de facto official ideology of the Kingdom.

Their goal is absolute world conquest. They seek to enslave every person in every land on earth. Sooner or later, this will threaten everyone.

Wahhabis, take note: Even you are threatened. Sooner or later, each and every one of you will do something that the leadership in your community doesn't like, and when that happens, you are takfir -- you will be killed, and your property and your women will go to the others.

Good post, LionHeart. I've got you in my prayers!

urban11 said...

The government is worse than useless, the police are pathetic (unless you commit a "racist" or motoring offence), the only hope left are the football hooligans!
Dont laugh, can you imagine what would have happened to Captain Hook and his pals, ranting outside the Finsbury Park mosque 30 years ago? Those pakis would have had the shit kicked out of them and would have soon shut up and buggered off if a mob of footie fans had steamed into them. The police would have either helped or watched whilst cheering and laughing.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know you are
most likely being monitored
by your government. Or will
be soon.
Have you outside contacts to
be reached letting the outside
world know when they come
pounding on your door.
Whatever you do, don't let
them silence you.
If you have to post your
threads outside EU
jurisdiction, do so.
God Bless you.
May He keep you strong in
faith and filled with His

Anonymous said...

Yankee Doodle

A good read on how drugs are financing International Terrorism is Rachel Ehrenfeld's FUNDING EVIL


They are destroying our youth whilst undermining our civilization!

Anonymous said...

I speak as one who has seen my Christian family (actual family, I don't just mean ideological/spiritual!) suffer in Pakistan at the hands of the Moslem majority, with friends kidnapped, tortured and murdered in their own homes.

I live in the UK and will be amazed if the UK is not Islamic within 20-40 years, certainly my Christian daughters or grand-daughters will be pressured, perhaps forced, to cover their heads in English high streets during their lifetimes.

So this is personal and painful for me.

I know Islam, and as I read your comments I find myself nodding my head in agreement, a mounting crescendo of righteous anger and a passion to react to the aggressive evils of the Koran and Islam. But then I remember - I am a Christian, there is a better way.

Whether or not your analysis of what is happening in the UK is correct, your response seems to me at odds with Jesus' and the early church's response to expanding evil and physical attack, unless I am misunderstanding you. Their example was one of love, turning the other cheek, submitting themselves to vicious, corrupt and unjust authorities. Jesus and all the disciples except John (and Judas) were martyred - not whilst fighting, calling to arms or running away, but through peaceful speaking of the truth and submission.

You quote a lot from the Bible, but I simply don't recognise your passionate conclusions as Christian. Do you understand what Jesus is saying in the passage you quote in 'About Me'? John 14 “If you love Me, keep My commandments" - well the greatest commandments are 'love God', 'love your neighbour, including your enemy'. Your response makes emotional, worldly sense, but as you quote, 'Trust in the Lord, lean not on your own understanding'. Turning the other cheek might be difficult for us to understand but it is what God requires of us.

I applaud your brave exposition of the truth, but disagree with your seemingly jingoistic, vengeful response which reminds me of... Islamic rhetoric. God says 'vengeance is mine', not 'vengeance is yours, Lionheart'.

I apologise if I have misunderstood you, but my professional expertise is in English and communication, at a national level. So if I have misunderstood you, please think carefully that many others might too - comments reacting to your blog give good evidence of my concern. Please don't stop your important mission, but in your zeal please be very careful not to lead others astray and bring dishonour to God's name - you can leave that to the Mullahs.

Lionheart said...

Thank you for your comment anonymous but be careful not to judge me and my relationship to God.

You do not know me.

I hear your words and i have taken them onboard, but you forget about Gods warriors the Knights Templar, it is not my fault if that is the heart that God has given me.

Again - Who are you to judge me?

God bless you