22 February 2007

British 'Dhimmitude'

A sign to the World of British 'Dhimmitude'

Death by Jihad.- Drakes drum.

Throughout the U.K we have local government agencies called town councils who control the everyday running of our individual towns and cities.

The article from Drakes drum proves beyond doubt the Islamification of Britain and the break down of British identity and culture.

Every true British citizen of the United Kingdom lives with the knowledge of the second World War, with its horrors inflicted upon mankind, especially towards the Jewish race as a part of Our cultural history. Our forefathers went to war in defence of the British Empire and succeeded. The world then discovered the true horrors perpertrated against the Jewish race which we have come to know as the Holocaust.

The Holocaust is as much a part of the British identity because of Our forefathers as it is a part of Jewish history. The horror and senseless mass murder of Jews which happened during the Second World War is something Our forefathers in the Western civilized world fought and died for so that it would not happen again.

The Holocaust is a part of Our human experience in the civilized world because we all live with the horrors as a not so distant memory in the creation and establishment of Our Nations. The Jewish race is a part of the civilized world, so are our brothers and sisters in the Free world. It is Our duty and responsibility to share in Our common grief and educate Our children the truth about this dark time in the history of Our cultures and civilzation.

"The Holocaust is as much a part of the British identity as it is Jewish history".

Growing up in Britain I know that everyone of my generation and above know about the Holocaust because we were taught about it due to the significance of what happened so that we would never allow it to happen again.

It is a shame that now in Our generation we have Muslims wanting another Holocaust and the complete extinction of the Jewish race. This is one more bit of proof that Islam is the devils creation and another reason why we must stand in solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.

Muslim's deny the Holocaust happened and want to scrub out that part of human history. In Britain due to Our affinity with the Jews, Our history that is intertwined should never be removed from Britain for the sake of Our British identity but as Drakes drum's blog shows, we have people running Our country who would rather ignore the truth of Our past and rob Our children of their British history.

It is a disgrace and abomination towards the British people and sends a message to the Jewish world that Britain is losing itself to Islam.

We the true British people stand with Israel and the Jewish world and are seeking to repel this beast that has invaded Our country, threatens our way of life and threatens Our friends.

Islam and the Muslims have no place in British society and the sooner they are stopped from interfering with the British way of life, identity and culture the better.

Please click link to read the full article on Drakes drum.



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Anonymous said...

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A: Have you started beating your wife?

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