15 February 2007

British Fast-Food 'sacrificed' to the devil

Islam commands Moslem's to kill their animal meat in the most inhuman way imaginable and during the process they are to call out 'Allah' in Arabic as their way of sacrificing life and death to the god's, exactly the same as when they blow themselves up on buses, trains and in cafes shouting Allah akbar (god is most mighty) killing innocent people. They hang the animal upside down, slit its throat and then wait for the carcass to drain of blood, it has to be completely blood free before the satanic ritual is finished. The animal is then cut up, processed then distributed for human consumption to the non-Moslem population of Britain.

Where I live in Luton, Dunstable and surrounding area's the Islamic kingdom have taken over the Fast-food industry, they own all the low cost fast food shops and pizza places with them all carrying a sign or logo in Arabic on their door's or windows. These fast-food shops are all owned and connected to people involved with the Pakistani Moslem Heroin & Crack cocaine drug trade.
Not only are they pumping our community with Heroin & Crack, they are also pumping out their satanic meat which is sacrificed to the devil, and the poor innocent unsuspecting non-Moslem public have absolutely no idea what they are consuming.

This situation is happening all across Britain as the Islamic Kingdom grows and they force their way into this industry and into our food chain. What better way of killing a vast amount of people than to poison their food or at the very least show your hatred and contempt towards them by spitting or even worse all over their food, I certainly would never buy any fast-food from a Moslem outlet.

Islam's way of sacrificing meat to Allah amounts to nothing more than devil worship and every piece of meat consumed after sacrifice is a victory for the devil and the forces of evil. The fast-food industry in Luton is owned by Islam so everyday and even more at weekends the whole community is taking part in ritualistic satanic worship to the devil. This is the reason for Islam killing animals as they do, it is their ritualistic way of honouring the devil 'Allah' and every mouth full eaten is in honour of the devil dressed up as 'Allah'.

The Class A drugs are being pumped out into our communities by these devil worshipping misfits with the sole aim of killing our youth, destroying society and making vast sums of money in the process which is then turned back to destroy us in other ways. They are also pumping out meat which has been ritualistically slaughtered as a sacrifice to the devil for human consumption. All of this happening within our Christian country with no one in a position of power wanting or willing to do or say anything about the horrors of hell in our midst. We took beef off of the shelves because of BSE, we now have chicken with bird flu but has anyone said anything about meat ritualistically satanically slaughtered to the devil to be removed from human consumption?

As each day passes the darkness of Islam and what is happening within our Christian societies gets that much darker as the Christian world sits back subservient to the devil 'Allah' and his legion of demons the Moslems as Dhimmis through fear and intimidation.

Enough is Enough.


"After writing this post I went across to Drakesdrum's blog in reply to a comment on one of my articles and was astonished to read that it is not just ritualistic meat the unsuspecting non-Muslim British people are eating, it is highly probable in some areas that people are consuming human remains. Take a read of Drakesdrum's article and judge for yourself. We all know Muslim's hate us and have absolutely no regard for us so it is not suprising that they would kill one of us and then chop us up and turn us into Kebab meat".


Anonymous said...

Why are you so filled with hatred? You merely reduce yourself to the level of those you so loath. And come across as very dull. Try growing up, little boy.

Highest Infidelity said...

Aren't they eating that stuff, too? Don't their families ever eat there?

I heard the "burger for a cop" stories about what some of the teenagers over here do in the fast food places. When they take an order for a law enforcement officer, they tell their buddies in the back "burger for a cop" and somebody does something to it.

By the way, what you say about people in power not doing anything reminds me, I saw this today, you might like it: SAUDZILLA HUMBLES SUPERPOWER

Yankee Doodle said...

I'm wondering about the disposal of the body by feeding it to customers in the restaurant.... We've had sick-o's here in the States do stuff like that. Still, the Mujahideen would probably get a kick out of knowing they did that on top of killing the victim to begin with.

I didn't realize things were so bad in the UK.

Rich Rostrom said...

This is the sort of ignorant bilge that discredits resistance to Islamofascism.

Has Lionheart ever eaten a corned beef sandwich at a kosher deli? Then he has eaten meat from animals killed in the manner he deplores so hysterically.

Because kosher butchers (shochets) kill in exactly the same manner as Moslem butchers.

Per Wikipedia,

Comparison of Dhabiha Halal and Kashrut


* Both shechita (kosher slaughter) and dhabiĥa (hallal slaughter) involve cutting across the neck of the animal with a non-serrated blade in one clean attempt in order to sever the main vessels.

* Both require that the spinal cord be avoided during slaughter.

* Both require draining the blood of the animal.

Both require a prayer or invocation of God before killing. A shochet utters a prayer before setting to work, which covers all animals killed until he takes a break. A hallal butcher speaks the name of God before each killing.

There is no important difference. In this respect, Moslems are no more or less "barbarous" then Orthodox Jews.

There are lots of real faults to criticize about Islam and Moslems. Ranting about this is stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh, didn't you know that the Jews do this also? That is the way kosher beef and chicken is done.

The ancient priests of the Jews did it that way, and today, the priests known as rabbis require that the State do it that way also.


Anonymous said...

yeah I can see lion heart childish and hatred behavior. It seems nobody loves him in the real world and he is taking his all madness on hatred on Islam and Muslims.

Growup man stop talking stupid and insane.

You need counselling with a kick in your ass.

Anonymous said...

What in the name of God is the name of the drug you are on? STOP DRINKING! See everybody, another reason why you shouldn't drink and write .. lol .. It's all in your head dude. HELLO ANYBODY THERE?!

On the other hand:

You are playing the role of the Dark Ages' Peter the Hermit .. only idiots can fall for it but they might be many out there :)

One would wonder why all this animosity towards Islam and Muslims!

If an illiterate bedwan from the desert of Arabia can post such a huge threat to the moderm civilized world then this Bedwan is worth observing and studying.

You guys are making me wanna become a Muslim. If he claimed that the "Creator" sent him 1500 years ago and until this day his claim is manifesting with such a level of accuracy, then I think his religion is worth a try.

I don't know about you but I'm tired of worshiping another human who died and shows no sign of life.

At least Muhammed's God does not die. At least Muhammed's God was not abused by a bunch of drunks and was not crucified. At least Muhammed's God gets all the glory and right of worship rather than going through Muhammed to get to God. At least Muhammed's God did not take a break for a couple of days and did not play dead just to amuze a few low expectational drug addicts and drunks.

At least Muhammed's God is for everybody.

I think you're just jealous of Muslims . . .

Anonymous said...

I think it's hilarious that Lionheart was unable to defend himself after the actual definitions of halal meat were brought up..ha! It is actually a MORE humane way of killing an animal, because they feel less pain and die faster.

People like Lionheart AND Islamic EXTREMISTS should just be taken out back and shot.