24 February 2007

Part 1 - "The International Solidarity Movement unmasked"

LionHeart – Infiltration of the ISM in the Holy Land

( Me standing with our Alaksa Martyrs Brigade tour guide and a Palestinian policeman)

June 2006 I had just received death threats from Pakistani Muslim drug dealers from Luton so had to close my business and move home for my protection and security. Being a Christian I was crying out to God in prayer about my situation and God told me to go to ‘Israel’, so I immediately booked a flight and then jumped on the plane to go and visit the birth place of ‘Jesus’ - and the Christian faith.

I arrived at Ben Gurion airport Tel Aviv around lunchtime without clue of what I was doing or where I was going. I had not planned anything before traveling I just jumped on the plane and went. I knew nothing about the country other than what is written in the Bible and what I watched on the news so I didn’t know where to go or how to get anywhere, I didn’t care though I was now in Israel. I walked out of one of the entrance into the hot Israeli summer heat; there was not much happening outside of this entrance so I went back inside and out of another entrance. Outside of this entrance there was a train station and a bit of movement so I just relaxed standing outside of the airport realizing I was now in Israel. I didn’t know where to go so I turned to God and asked “where do you want me to go”, “Jerusalem” was the reply. That is it, I am now on my way to Jerusalem, I had no clue where it was or anything about East and West, all I knew was that I had to head to Jerusalem. I walked over to where there was a bit of movement with small buses and taxi’s and I was greeted by a man and I told him I wanted to go to Jerusalem and he directed me to a small 10 seater minibus that travels to Jerusalem for 40 shekels. I paid my money and was just about to jump on the bus when an American traveler stopped me and asked where it was going and when I said Jerusalem he jumped on too. Milliano was his name and we got chatting on the way into Jerusalem and he asked if I knew where I was going, I did not have a clue so obviously said ‘no’, I asked him if he knew where he was going and he said he had the number of a couple of hostels, so I asked if he minded if I tagged along with him and he said no problem.

(Damascus Gate entrance to the 'Old city' in East Jerusalem, directly opposite the Faisal Youth hostel)

Milliano asked the driver to drop us off outside Damascus gate in East Jerusalem; little did I know that this was the Palestinian area of Jerusalem. We were dropped off with all of our bags slap bang in the middle of this Arab area. I was looking around looking for some friendly Jewish faces but could see none, all I could see were Muslim Arabs who clearly did not appreciate me and Milliano being in their area. I was confused because I thought that Jews lived in Israel not Palestinian Arabs but here I was in Israel in an area full of Arab Palestinian Muslims. Later on I found out that East Jerusalem is the Palestinian area and West Jerusalem is the Jewish area. Here was me Englishman with Milliano an American, the most hated countries in the Arab world now slap bang in the middle of a load of murderous Arabs. We both knew this was not the type of area for us to be in, we both wanted to get out of this area as soon as possible because we knew we were unwelcome. I was just expecting a knife in my back or something throughout our time walking around in this area. Milliano tried calling the hostels from a pay phone but could not get through so we asked a few people where the hostels were. We were pointed to a hostel just around the corner directly in front of Damascus gate so went inside and upstairs. This place was dark and dingy with a horrible feel and the people inside clearly did not like our presence walking in, in my mind there was absolutely no way I was going to be staying in this hostel with these people in this area. Me and Milliano stepped outside and both thought the same so I said to Milliano what we should do is go and find a church and ask them for some guidance, there was absolutely no way I was going to stay in this area, ‘no way’, everything about it was dark and unwelcoming and the sooner we arrived in a place of safety the better. Milliano agreed but said lets just find this other hostel first, I agreed but did not want to stay in this area. We were pointed to a door next door to this first hostel and found the Faisal Youth hostel which is the place Milliano was looking for.

We walked inside and on the wall on the left hand side there was a big painting of a Palestinian cartoon character holding the Palestinian flag with the words ‘the struggle keeps our comrades alive’. Being a Christian Zionist in this area, with these people, and now seeing this, just confirmed to me that I was in the wrong place and the sooner I got out the better. Milliano went in and upstairs while I waited downstairs ready to leave. I was standing there a few minutes when this fresh friendly faced Scottish man called Alan came down and greeted me and took me upstairs and inside. We went into the lounge area where Milliano was sitting with Mohammed who ran the hostel, Gabi a Swedish/Irish lady, Dave an Irish man and Camille a Danish lady.

(This is the lounge that I was led into by Alan the ISM activist where i was to meet the rest of the ISM cell that I ended up exposing for what they where. In this lounge all ISM activists who travel to Israel congregate to spew hatred to Israel and the Jews and to boast about their activities in the West Bank)

We were all sitting round chit chatting and it was at this point that I was made aware that these people all had something in common and when questioned about what was going on, I found out that Milliano and this group were ISM activists and they had all congregated at the Faisal hostel to work for the ISM in Israel. I was very shocked because Milliano had traveled into East Jerusalem with me and did not mention a word about this. I then questioned them about what the ISM was and found out that they were a group of activists who where in Israel to support the Palestinians against Israel. I had always wondered where the anarchists who demonstrated against the G8 came from who I had watched on TV rioting, and in an instant realized that this is where they came from, these types of groups. Here was me a Christian Zionist sitting with a group of anarchists and extremists who were against Israel. I knew I had to stay put in this hostel with these people to learn what I could about them for the security services so I played the part of an amazed tourist who had just found himself amongst a group of genuine people fighting for a good cause and won their trust.

As the day went on I met more ISM activists and had to continue with the amazed tourist story to keep myself safe amongst this group of people. During the evening the main ISM leader in Israel who runs the Faisal Youth hostel, ‘Hisham’ who is a Palestinian and an ex-PFLP terrorist who was injured fighting Israel who now runs the Israeli side of training the ISM in the West Bank, joined all the International anarchists who had congregated at his hostel to prepare to go out and cause havoc against Israel. During the rest of the day and evening when talking with the International anarchists all I heard was hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people and how they enjoyed demonstrating against the border police. These people were in Israel to go off into the West Bank as enemies against Israel and the Jewish people; it makes you wonder why Israel has not banned them yet because of the havoc and danger they cause. The ISM is not just a threat to the Nation of Israel; they are a threat to all democracies around the world. These Anarchists are being used by terrorists in the West Bank and Gaza to further the aims of their Islamic terrorist leaders which is the overthrow and destruction of Israel. These anarchists descend on Israel and the other countries they are sent, to be trained and become more radicalized and more extreme, they then return home to their respective countries and cause more havoc on the streets of these countries at every opportunity, causing civil disorder and social disobedience with the warped and unrealistic aims of destroying there governments and the democratic systems in place for all freedom loving people who live in peace and security.

The next morning I woke up and walked out into the hallway and was greeted by Alan and Dave, we had a little chat and they asked if I would like to go to the Jericho prison with them which I obviously said yes to and played the part of an overjoyed tourist who has been given an excellent opportunity to experience the real Israel and was really thank full that they would ask me. Me, Dave, Alan, Gabi and Camille then left the hostel and boarded the bus in East Jerusalem, went as far as we could on the bus then jumped in a taxi to take us the rest of the way into Jericho. On the way we had to go through a check point so the taxi driver told me to collect the passports to show the border police because I was sitting in the front next to him. Gabi was very reluctant for this to happen but had no other choice when I asked several times to give me the passports. I then found out that Gabi’s passport was a photocopy so knew something was strange but never looked because I was consciously aware that I was being watched.

(Me with my ISM friends in a Palestinian prison cell in Jericho the West Bank being entertained by Palestinian Police and Alaksa Terrorists. Behind Alan with the Hat there is a white blanket which is covering a cache of AK 47's)

We arrived at the prison and where greeted by some Palestinian men who invited us in to show us around the complex. Me, Dave and Alan walked off on our own to take pictures while Gabi and Camille talked to the men who had greeted us. When we got around to the back of the prison we noticed some men outside of a room at the back of the prison who then invited us up. When we entered the room they offered us tea and welcomed us to sit down. Gabi and Camille then arrived and we all sat down talking. There was a communication barrier because none of us spoke fluent Arabic and none of them spoke English so Gabi took the lead with the little Arabic she did speak and we sat there trying to understand each other. The World cup was on so this was a good start to the conversation and a lot of it was thumbs up and thumbs down about certain teams or a yes or a no. We then spoke about different countries and again it was a yes no conversation to who they liked, they then spoke a yes no conversation about Hamas, Alqueda and Alaksa. To which Hams was ‘no’, Al Qaeda ‘no’ and Alaksa was ‘yes’.

(ISM activist Dave from Ireland to my right and Camille the ISM activist from Denmark on my left with me and the Palestinian policeman in the middle. Do we look like a group of Peace activists in the West Bank?)

I asked the policeman if I could have my photo taken with him, which he didn’t mind as you can see from the picture. I went across to sit next to him for the photo. The next thing I know is that I am being given an AK47 to hold for the photo, so I held it and it seemed like this was not good enough so I watched as the bed sheet behind Alan was pulled back and more AK47s were pulled out and handed around to the ISM activists to hold for the pictures. There were 4 - 6 AK47’s in the room at this point. We all then had our photographs taken with the Palestinians terrorists with all of us holding their AK47 guns.

(Camille the ISM peace activist in the presence of Alaksa Martyrs Brigade terrorists holding their AK 47)

(ISM peace activists Alan from Scotland and Gabi from Sweden with our Palestinian terror hosts)

(Postcard picture to send home to the family - Peace activists in Israel supporting Palestinian terrorists posing with their AK 47's - Definitely one to show your grandchildren)

The ISM recruit, obtain financial donations and are in Israel under the guise of being peace activists. I was not in Israel as a peace activist so had absolutely no problem holding the guns, where as my four friends where in Israel under the guise of being peace activists so there is absolutely no way they should ever be having their photos taken with Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank holding their guns. Would you want your children being recruited upon their college campus and then sent into this type of environment? These photos prove beyond doubt that the ISM is not a peace group but a group of International anarchists and extremists who travel to the West Bank to express their abnormal tendencies and support the Palestinian cause which is the complete and total destruction of Israel. The photos of these four activists with guns and terrorists show exactly the type of activities the ISM as a group gets up to in Israel whilst supporting the Palestinian cause.

We then sat back down after the pictures were taken and continued talking. Our Al Aksa tour guide tried to explain that he had been shot in the wrist by the Israelis and that it had gone through his wrist and into his leg and showed us the scars that it had left. We where then given a guided tour around the prison by the Palestinian men and at one point they showed us a room where they said they used to hang the Hamas prisoners up by their arms and in another one of the cells there were pictures up on the wall of Osama Bin Laden and other terrorist groups.

(Our guided tour of the Jericho prison by our Palestinian terror hosts)

We then left the prison and walked into the City of Jericho where we sat down for something to eat and then a grabbed a taxi, then bus, back into East Jerusalem and back to the Faisal Youth hostel.

When we arrived back at the Faisal hostel in East Jerusalem I showed an Italian and Swedish activist my pictures of us with the guns and the Palestinians. After showing them to the Swedish guy he was not impressed and went and told a ginger haired ISM leader who told us that we had to delete all of our photos because it does not look good for the ISM. She then went out of the room and I know was talking to Hisham and another important ISM leader who had just arrived. I never paid much attention to her arriving other than she arrived was shown respect by Hisham and other leaders and then left. This ginger lady was out the back talking with these ISM leaders about us and our pictures so I decided to go and take the memory chip out of my camera just in case they sneak around and steal it because there was no way they were having my pictures. She and the Swedish guy then sat all of us who where at the Jericho prison down and told us we had to delete the pictures we had taken because it looks really bad for the ISM. Dave and Alan immediately deleted their pictures and showed her. I just sat back with my arms crossed thinking to myself that there is absolutely no way your taking my pictures from me, I am not an ISM activist so I don’t care what you have to say to me and you cannot tell me to do anything. After this there was a lot of tension in the hostel that night towards me by her, Hisham and the Swedish guy and it felt very tense. I sat with an Argentinean guy and the Italian activist for most of the night who were telling me about what they had been doing in Israel. The Italian guy was telling me about being in the West Bank for the past 3 months and I was sounding really keen as I wanted to experience what these people where about so he said he would take me to Hebron in the West Bank the next day with him because he had to go there to see a doctor due to having a bad back. So I agreed to go with him and was looking forward to going the next day.

The next morning all of the ISM activists who had descended on the Faisal hostel left with Hisham to travel to Ramalah in the West Bank to receive more training before going off on their own into the Palestinian areas of the West Bank. I went into the Old City and up onto the Temple Mount to visit the tourist sites and ended up bumping into a Christian Arab who invited me to his home and to view the North of the Country with him. I agreed and shot back to the hostel, washed up, changed, paid my bill then left as soon as I could. Luckily I never ended up going into Hebron with the Italian activist, who knows what might have happened to me considering all of the ISM leadership in Israel knew I had the photos that I did.

The International Solidarity Movement is sending young people from all over the world to the training fields of the West Bank and Gaza to learn from terrorists. In my view that makes the ISM and its leadership supporters of terrorism and an enemy in the war on terror, if other people cannot see that too then what hope have we of winning this war against extremists of all kinds who support each others warped and murderous ideologies around the world. Bush said “if you support them, then you are with them”. What more proof do people need than the proof that is staring them in the face through these photographs?

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Short video: ISM - International soldiers


M. Ram said...

Whoa. This is so awesome. What you did was brave, man. I used to believe that the Israelis were brutal occupiers but as of late I have realized that is BS. After seeing videos on MEMRI and PMW, I know they are outright liars.

God Bless you Paul on this Sabbath Day Saturday Feb 24, 2007.

M. Ram

Anonymous said...

Of course the newspaper censors the fact that the attackers were not white (they are asians), please read the ‘description’ of the attackers, just for a laugh!


Dad-to-be tells of car gang attack ordeal
By Steve Wright

A father-to-be was kicked, stamped and beaten in front of his pregnant girlfriend in what he says was a vicious racist attack.
Mick Stevens, 29, suffered swelling and bruising, and was subjected to repeated racial taunts in the unprovoked assault.
Mick, and his girlfriend Rebecca Ruding, 19, were on their way home after shopping when the attack happened at traffic lights in Fenby Avenue, East Bowling, Bradford.
Mick, of East Bowling, said: "I was crossing the road with Rebecca's cousin at the pelican crossing when a dark blue Ford Focus began revving its engine and inching towards us.
"We got to the pavement and the driver got out. He pulled me back and another lad got out of the car and started hitting me and stamping on my head. They were calling us white b******s.'"

Anonymous said...

Not the first time Lee Kaplan has been proven to lie.

Highest Infidelity said...

I ain't got time to read this all right now I was up most of the night reading other stuff on the net. I will come back and read this though, it looks very, very interesting.

I did want to stop in and tell you that I see your blog referred to more and more in the blogosphere. You're having an impact, partner.

God bless you!

Geoff said...
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Anonymous said...

In December, the Post reported how police were hunting a serial sex attacker in Sneinton.

Detectives believed the man, said to be of Middle Eastern origin, was responsible for three sexual assaults and one attempted sexual assault in the Colwick Road/Daleside Road area.

They now believe he has fled the area. Police have been working with immigration officials to establish his identity and whereabouts.


Anonymous said...

These are the same "peace activists" who wish to see every man and woman, citizen militias, disarmed in the USA. So that these "peace activists" can then get into power and systematically commit genocide, as they did in China, the Soviet Union, Cambodia.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but you are a very sinister misguided individual. There is nothing anti Jewish or anti Israel about the ISM. They are fighting for Palestinian rights. That all. They are against the certain Israeli government policies and certain IDF policies. These are brave who believe in freedom. You are not only racist but a liar, an insult to Christianity and to humanity.

Anonymous said...

Steve J, the ISM leadership has openly stated they want Israel destroyed, Huwiada Arraf admits they work with Hamas that openly calls for the killing of Jews in its charter. The "Jews" in the ISM are communists of marginal Jewish ancestry, usually homosexuals with emotional problems. The ISM is exactly what Lionheart says it is,
a PLO -led anti-Semitic front group of communists under Arab supoervision via the communist wing of the PLO, the PFLP. Lee Kaplan has done a lot to expose them. go to www.StoptheISM.com and www.dafka.org. Regarding the accusation by a yaman that Lee Kaplan lies, I was wondering if that was the guy Kaplan sued and won money from for libel?

Anonymous said...

If someone wants to see how the ISM openly calls for the destrcution of ISrael, just google
ISM + comcast on the Web and read away. ISM leaders have openly called for the end of Israel.