17 February 2007

Islamification of Britain on video

Thank you whoever posted this link in the comments section.

Check out this Youtube video of the Islamification of Britain.



Anonymous said...

There's a fascinating insight into Muslim theology at


(Hat tip Britney at http://godhelpbritain.blogspot.com)

As we all know from the Birmingham mosque and Saudi school revelations, Allah hates Jews and Christians. But Muslims believe that Allah is Akhbar (all powerful). So why doesn't Allah simply kill all the Jews and Christians?

The answer, according to the eminent theologian al-Ansari, is that Allah has the power and might to subdue the infidels and to exterminate them by his will. However, He has not done so because he wants his followers to enjoy the fun of carrying out the necessary massacres:

" Al-Ansari relies on the Quranic verse: "Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace [meaning that Allah will kill the infidels], and assist you against them and heal the hearts of a believing people" (Al-Tawba, 14). The key word in this verse is "by your hands," which indicates the great importance Allah attributes to the physical action of the infidels' extermination.

This is even more substantial than the daawa in executing the command of jihad, since the daawa, as important as it might be, could not fulfill God's commandment for extermination.

Al-Ansari wrote: "Allah is capable of exterminating his enemies with no need for intermediaries or the help of anyone. His might is infinite...therefore, when He [Allah] designates the task of extermination of infidels to his believers, He does so as a hidden expression of His power...the infidels' extermination is part of Islamic law, which is operative until the Day of Judgment. Its principal element will be fulfilled only at the hands of the believers, meaning through jihad, which is also to be operative until the Day of Judgment."

So when our children's and grandchildren's heads are rolling in the gutter, we won't be able to claim that we weren't warned well in advance.

Geoff said...

Excellent concise piece of work, I'll place it under my must see section.

God Bless

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