18 February 2007

A Thank You to 'Our' Queen & Government.

I have read today on Green Arrows blog that the Government have blocked the decision to build the London Mega Mosque. (Please read my article: A Plea to the Queen - London Mega Mosque)

The people of the United Kingdom will always stand behind Our King or Queen in defence of Our homeland aslong as that ruling figure is strong enough to make the right decision's for the good of the common man, which it seems has happened in this case. We now wait for the departure Ken Livingstone the instigator of this henious situation Our country faced.

I personally thank the Queen and government for finally making a stand for the good of this country, let's hope that it continues and is a sign of things to come.

Bin Laden and Zwahiri have both commanded their British born Pakistani Al Qaeda operatives in the U.K to kill the Queen, so Our Queen lives with the same threat against her life as does every other non-Muslim British citizen.

The future and destiny of Our Great British homeland is in each and everyone's hands from the Queen down to you and me.

War has been declared and 'no surrender' is the reply.

May God continue to bless & protect Our Royal Family.


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