21 February 2007

Devil's meat in Christian schools.

I received a negative response from someone regarding my article British Fast-food sacrificed to the devil.

Please take a read of this Daily Mail article regarding Halal meat being served in British schools and if you disagree with it like myself then please sign the petition to help have this satanic meat removed from Our childrens food chain.




This in my opinion is an extremly important issue because why should Our British non-Muslim children be forced to eat this type of meat that is butchered to Allah (the devil).

This is one more step along the road to the Islamification of Britain.


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urban11 said...

Can you put this link on as many sites as possible please, Lionheart.

Anonymous said...


Satanist boys should wear large protruding codpieces and long tails.

Satanist girls should wear shrouds covering everything apart from claws and fangs.

Satanist boys should be allowed to grow horns.

Both should be allowed to wear upside-down crosses on necklaces which must not be considered as jewellery.

School meals should include the provision of human flesh.

All kitchen staff must receive training on how to handle human flesh from members of the Blackpool Islamic community.

The equipment and utensils used to prepare and store human flesh must not be used to prepare vegetarian meals for Quakers, Buddhists and other source of protein.

Schools must make provisions for recitation of the Lord's prayer backwards.

Schools must provide for human sacrifice onsite.

Schools must provide a Black Mass area and Coven facilities nearby.

Schools must adapt toilets to allow incubus/succubus entry.

Schools must have a written policy for the requirements of Halloween.

Staff must have Black Mass awareness training.

Schools must recognise and celebrate the spirit and values of the Black Mass through collective acts of baby sacrifice and drinking the blood of infants.

Schools must not schedule exams to coincide with the Black Mass.

Schools must schedule sex orgies to coincide with Walpurgis Nacht.

Demon-possessed children should be allowed to go on the rampage.

Satanists entitled to free school meals should be given free packed lunches of human entrails to take home instead.

Schools must grant Friday 13th as authorised absences.

Schools must recognise and celebrate every Friday 13th in collective worship and assembly massacres.

Schools must have a policy for PE incorporating group sex.

Primary schools must build communal changing areas for boys, girls, incubi, succubi and familiar spirits.

Secondary schools must build individual changing cubicles for those pupils who change at full moon.

Schools must make provision for seperate flying lessons for wizards and witches and provide a familiar spirit of the same sexual orientation for each gender class.

Schools unable to provide sex segregation must allow Satanist pupils to indulge in orgies.

Schools must allow Satanists to hold dance classes in cemetaries.

Schools must ensure contact sports classes are barbaric and brutal rituals in the ancient Roman pagan tradition.

When drawing up the Religious Education timetable, schools must take into account the number of pupils who could be sacrificed without their parents bothering about their dissappearance.

Schools must provide adequate irreligious material to Satanists.

All Satanists must be given the opportunity to kill Christians.

Schools must compel parents to withdraw their children from lessons about Christianity.

Schools with a very high Satanist population must have daily Islamic bloodbath.

Schools must ensure Satanist pupils do not actively participate in collective worship other than Islamic/Satanist worship.

Sex and relationships lessons are taught in single sex groups with a teacher of the same gender and end in a gay/lesbian orgy.

Sexually explicit videos, pictures and objects may be avoided except where animals are involved.

Schools must allow parents to withdraw from pupils before lessons.

Schools must avoid forms of music and drama which could raise demons in innappropriate circumstances.

In schools with high Satanist populations, Quaranic recitations and reciting the Bible backwards should be offered inplace of music lessons.

Schools must ensure libraries provide resources for Satanic rituals .

Schools must accommodate Satanist dietary and bloodsucking needs when organising trips.

Schools must only organise overnight trips where an adequate supply of blood can be guarranteed from the local population.

Schools must ensure events outside the school are sacriligious including vandalism of Churches.

Schools must ensure they have proportional representation of Satanists in their governing bodies, if necessary by killing everybody else.

Schools must ensure teaching and non-teaching staff have Satan awareness training and have been rogered by one or more demons..

Schools must seek to have proportional representation of Satanists in sacrificial roles.

Anonymous said...

You're a crazy racist ignoramus.

Allah is not the devil - Allah is the same god as Christians and Jews believe in. And even if Allah was "the devil" - do you really think that eating halal meat will affect non-Muslims? You're mad. Seriously, you need to get help.

Why not spend your energies protesting against the conditions all animals are kept and slaughtered in?