18 February 2007

Continued: Islam's 'Great British' infiltration

Please read my article Islam's 'Great British' infiltration.

I wrote this article last week to try and communicate the state of British affairs and how deep and widespread the infiltration of the United Kingdom is.

I thank God for revealing more of the truth and confirming beyond doubt the dire situation we the British people are in, in relation to Islam's kingdom building within Britain.

I wrote an article at the beginning of January called
'The Epitome of Islam in Luton'. This article highlights an exact example of what young Pakistani Moslem men in and around Luton are like. This Moslem Jihad fighter is a convicted Heroin & Crack cocaine dealer who showed the world what is in his heart and in his mind when he demonstrated in London about the Danish cartoon's dressed as a suicide bomber. There should be no doubt in any one's mind about this Pakistani Moslem mans intentions towards Britain and its British non-Moslem inhabitants. It has now been discovered that this Jihad fighter has been working on our public transport system working in Bedford cleaning trains. The trains passing through this station go to Cambridge, Brighton and London so the possibility for a terrorist atrocity on this network of train lines is very 'real' so there is absolutely no way someone like Omar Khayam should ever be working on the system, but good old Britain is in such a dilapidated state with Muslims being allowed to over run every area of British society that he was able to obtain a job in such a sensitive place.

When challenged about his job, he said: “So what? I’ve not committed a crime. If there is a concern, that’s what the police are there for. That’s what security services are for.”

YES and we thank the security services for passing on the information about you to the Sun newspaper so that you and your filth could be removed from your job for the safety of the British people. Due to English law you have not committed a crime so you could not be arrested for infiltrating our transport network so the security services have acted in the only way they could and exposed you to the British people to have you removed for our safety. It's a shame the security services could not lock you up and throw away the key, this is the third offence you have committed, how many more until you are removed from society for the British peoples safety. You are an ideal candidate for
The British people's Guantanamo bay.

The scary part to Islam's 'Great British' infiltration is that as you are reading this there are Moslems in specific jobs who are plotting the destruction and over throw of our country, government and Royal family and this generations labour politicians in power are sitting back letting this infiltration happen and are handing Our homeland over to Islam on a plate.

Please click this link to see the article courtesy of the
Sun newspaper.


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