22 February 2007

Devil's meat - The proof

A Christian perspective.

I seem to have caused a bit of controversy with my British Fast-food sacrificed to the devil article as you can see from the comments section.

Thank you Urban11 for watching my back.

This subject re-affirms my belief that Islam is the devils religion and that I am right in exposing in my little way, what is happening to the British food chain. The British public are eating meat sacrificially slaughtered to the devil.

The negative comment I received about this article is good because it helped me evaluate whether I was right or not. I never knew that Orthodox Jews slaughtered their meat in the same way which added another dimension to the subject and took it to another level and proved my initial belief right.

Great Britain is a Christian Nation and will always be a Christian Nation, allowing meat sacrificed to Allah as being god into Our food chain and fed to Our children is an abomination to God because of what it represents. The same as having Mosques the length and bredth of Great Britain, it is an abomination to Our God.

As a Christian Nation we have Our own British identity and way of life. We have Animal rights in this country which teaches the British people not to harm animals so we look at meat sacrificially slaughtered in the way Halal and Kosher is, as inhumane.

That being said, I personally would have no problem eating Kosher meat that is sacrificially slaughtered to God because they are looking to the same God as me. My God taught the Jewish people to slaughter meat this way thousands of years ago and due to the reality and truth of God that the Jewish people carry, the Rabbi's (religious leaders of the Jews) and Orthodox Jews continue to eat meat killed in the same manner as they have done for thousands of years.

As a Christian we have moved on from Othordox Jewish times because we are not Jewish and have accpeted a different way of worshipping God which is through His Son Jesus. This is part of Our Judeo/Christian heritage because as a Christian I believe the King of the Jews is the God of Israel so Christian and Jews are One in faith before God because it is the same God different revelation.

Islam in my belief is the devil's creation to destroy God's people and kingdom on Earth, as you can see with Muslim's blood thirsty desire to kill Jews and take the world over. In the Bible God teaches that the devil is the counterfit, the deceiver, so he has copied God to achieve God's stature and has created Islam as a religion to achieve his aims. Judaism and the Jews are Gods people and they were sacrificing meat to Him throughout the ages, way before Islam, then Islam arises and copies the way of slaughtering life and commanded its followers to sacrifice meat to him the devil.

Christianity then came after and we did away with the sacraficial slaughter of our meat, created animal rights, now kill the meat for Our food chain in a humane way.

The Orthodox Jews are carrying on a tradition of sacrificing to the God of the Jews and do this to this day. In a culture where we are taught animal rights we view this way of killing animals as inhumane but we allow it because we respect other cultures and religions right to continue traditions that do not threaten Our way of life.

Islam which in my belief is a creation of the devil is copying the Jewish peoples tradition of sacrificially slaughtering their meat for human consumption but they are slaughtering to the devil and not God, Our god's are not the same.

I have never heard of Kosher meat ever being served in British schools. I never seen Kosher meat for sale in Britain. I do not see Orthodox Jews telling me they want to kill me for being a Christian, blowing themselves up on buses and trains or working towards the over throw of my 'British way of life'.

Islamic meat which is sacrificially slaughtered to the devil has been found to be fed to unsuspecting children in British Christian schools and there is talk of implementing more schools to serve Halal. Muslim Fast-food shops across Britain are pumping out Halal meat to the non-Muslim British people. Halal meat can be bought pretty much anywhere in Britain. Muslims living in Britain hate the British way of life and are working towards destroying Our country. They are blowing themselves up on trains and buses, declaring their aims of taking Britain over for Allah (the devil) and implementing Sharia law.

My view as a Christian based on the facts is that Halal meat is the devils meat and the unsuspecting British people should be warned about this infection into their food chain and there is absolutely no way it should ever be fed to children in British schools.

Halal meat is another Islamic foot hold into British socitey and is one more step towards the Islamification of Britain.

I was accused of discrediting 'resistance', which is a joke, and that my ranting is stupid.

Make your own mind up.


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Rich Rostrom said...

There are at least 17 kosher butchers serving Greater London alone.

La Boucherie (Kosher) Ltd
Ilford Kosher Meats
D Glass & Son
Norman Goldberg Butchers Ltd
Greenspan's Ltd
Golders Green Kosher Deli
Temple Fortune Kosher Deli
Menachem's Glatt Kosher Ltd
Kelman's Butchers Wembley
M Lipowicz Ltd
Louis Mann & Son Ltd
Nissim Glatt Kosher
A Perlmutter & Son
Ivor Silverman
Lewcopak Ltd
Ronnie Wolff
Kelman's Kosher Products

If you never saw kosher meat in Britain, then you can't see very well.

It is reasonable to criticize Moslems for demanding that all public institutions accomodate their religious requirements (such as providing only hallal meat).

It is reasonable to condemn Moslem terrorism against non-Moslems.

It is reasonable to condemn Moslem oppression of women.

It is reasonable to condemn Moslem clergy who preach violent intolerance.

It is not reasonable to froth at the mouth about a Moslem practice which harms no one.

Anonymous said...

LionHeart, you're just a jelous sicko :)

Anonymous said...

Because you are so opinionated about this subject, I suggest you read the translation of the Quran in english. (understand your enemy..only smart people know how to do that).

In any event, if you DID read the quran you would know that Muslims are indeed sacrificing the meat to the SAME god as christians, as it is a judeo/christian/muslim heritage that they believe in. Muslims believe that the torah was revealed, the the bible, the the quran...all basic beliefs are the same. In the Quran, they were instructed to revert back to some old ways....etc etc, this prob. wont make a difference to you, but I just suggest you try and make intelligible debates, becaue I found not ONE on your website.

Anonymous said...

All i have to say that muslims do sacrifice to the same god as the christans do, you should read the translation of the quran because that is the resort that u can go bak to and understand the meaning of sacrificing, knowing where u r there are many kosher delis and what not, muslims do not kill jews yet we all are created equal no matter wat ur race is i believe u should get ur facts corrected and not talk in an ignorant perspective thank you...by the way i am an white american and i believe that half your facts are completely ignorant and you r blind folded of many facts true facts about muslims....