21 February 2007

British Justice

I received a comment on my Fear factor article which is below.

"I'm sure you know you are most likely being monitored by your government Or will be soon.Have you outside contacts to be reached letting the outside world know when they come pounding on your door.Whatever you do,don't let them silence you.If you have to post your threads outside EU jurisdiction, do so.God Bless you. May He keep you strong in faith and filled with His spirit".

The British government can do absolutely nothing about me other than if they really saw my words as being a threat, which they are not, is to hold me under house arrest and strip me of my freedoms to communicate my reality because our prison system is at bursting point with no room for even the most dangerous people in Our society.

I am a Christian British citizen and my life has been threatened by Pakistani Muslim's with links to Al Qaeda, I have helped the police and I have stood up and spoken out against Islam's advancement in my community. They are destroying the community, families and young lives with their drugs and because of the madness of British justice I could be arrested for speaking non-violent truth.

I have not threatened anyone, I have not glorified murder or terrorism, I have not called for the over throw of my British government or the murder of the Queen, but I could still be classed as a criminal for speaking my mind.

Abu Izzadeen - Islam's UK mouthpiece was arrested and released on bail. This is someone that the authorities have graphic images on video of him glorifying terror and murder yet he is allowed to walk the streets of Britain still to continue his hatred and war against Britain.

Then you have all of the preachers on the Under cover Mosque expose who were calling for Jihad, murder, peadophilia, the over throw of the government and Our Queen. These preachers of hate against Britain and its non-Muslim population have not been arrested even though their words were exposed on national TV.

We the British people are left knowing that Our government can do nothing about these Islamic Jihad fighters who are openly calling for the over throw of British life. We are left sitting watching Our government arrest these people then let them go or not even arrest them at all because they have no where to lock them away from society. We are a laughing stock to the Islamic kingdom in Britain.

We have absolutely no room in Our prison system for terrorists so Our government allows them to walk the streets to continue their plotting and planning of the overthrow of Our country. There is an army of Jihad fighters across the whole of Britain and we have no where to place them once arrested so the enemy is left walking the green pastures of Our once Great land. God only knows how bad things are and what future we are all walking towards. The facts are painting a terrifying incompetent future.

I am a patriotic British Christian who stands behind the Queen who is the Head of the Church of England so hope that if anything does happen to me by the British authorities then people around the world will expose the trecherous traitors my government are and will arouse the attention of the Queen. This is her country and I am standing in defence of it and my life by speaking the truth about Islam in my midst.

We need internment camps to remove those Islamic social misfits who are working towards and calling for the destruction of the British way of life and the murder of innocent non-Muslims. Please take a read of my article: where is the British people's Guantanamo bay?

Let the British authorities arrest me, I am willing to die for my faith and country so I am not bothered about being arrested for speaking the truth. I am sure the majority of the British public would be behind me if they knew the facts behind my situation.

Let's all tread wisely and fearlessly into the future for the sake of Our children.

God bless



Anonymous said...

The next phase has already begun.

May the sun shine on the darkness
attempting to cover all of England.
Sunshine, laughter, faith, and
belief in God will in the end

Anonymous said...

Gotham City and the Overcast of Evil

Anonymous said...


Many of us are behind you .. we will not let this great country be taken over by the barbarians. I prepare daily to secure the future for my children. Do take care!

Anonymous said...

" The men of the East may spell the stars,
And times and triumphs mark,
But the men signed of the cross of Christ
Go gaily in the dark. . ."

You're not alone.

Geoff said...

"Blessed are you when men revile you and persecute you and utter all kinds of evil against you falsely on my account. Rejoice and be glad, for your reward is great in heaven."

Jesus(Matthew 5:11)

felix said...

The leaders of the radical islamist movement look at the West and think we are weak, that we lack the will to carry on the long war with our enemies. By far the greatest confirmation of our defeatist outlook is that we allow potential enemy combatants and known enemy sympathizers to reside in the west. We do not perform any kind of thorough check of incoming muslims to see if they are radical islamists and, when we finally do deport a radical islamist, it is usually after a long legal process that has dragged on for years (like Sami Al Arian). We allow those who advocate instituting Sharia law among the host country Muslim population and in the society in general continued residence in our countries.

Anonymous said...