7 February 2007

'Allah's' Luton Militia - Civil War

‘Jihad’ (Holy war) is a divine command laid out in the Koran for every Moslem to follow. Allah, his prophet Mohamed, the Koran and accompanying books are the ultimate authority to every Moslem on all aspects of life. This authority to a Moslem transcends any man made Democratic laws like those that exist in Britain and the Western world. Moslems living in Western Democratic societies do so knowing that they ultimately reject our way of life, its institutions and our laws which have been created over centuries for the protection of our civilized people. Every Moslem ultimately wants to live under Islamic rule – Sharia Law – and are commanded by Allah through Mohamed and the Koran to conduct Jihad until Islam reigns supreme and Islamic law is implemented. Until the time Sharia Law is implemented in a non-Moslem country the country is viewed as Dar al-Harb (The House of war), so every Moslem living in the Dar al-Harb views the territory as a war zone for Islam and have to fight on every level until Islam is victorious and the rule of law of the land is converted over to Islamic rule. Once a Dar al-Harb Nation and people have been defeated, the Nation then becomes classed as Dar al-Islam (The House of Peace/Islam). Islamic countries around the world ruled by Islam are Dar al-Islam, so the whole world from a Moslem perspective is split in two, the Dar al-Harb and the Dar al-Islam.

The global Islamic Kingdom have to conduct ‘Jihad’ with the non-Moslem world eternally or until the whole world is conquered and Islam reigns supreme over the whole Earth. Moslems living in non-Moslem countries, the Dar al-Harb like Britain have to fight the non-Moslem inhabitants perpetually until the land is conquered. Within Islam it is permissible for them to rape, pillage, murder and steal to further Islam’s aim of conquest because they view themselves as soldiers in a ‘war of conquest’ for Allah.

As a Christian I can testify that there is no greater motivation upon the Earth than the belief that you are carrying out God’s will. This is the Faith dynamic that drives crazed psychotic maniac Moslems to kill themselves killing innocent women and children. They perpetrate these acts of war against innocent non-Moslem human beings because their Religion, Allah, Mohamed and the Koran command’s them to do it. They are willing participants in Islam genocidal quest of global domination.

In Luton we have a very large Pakistani Moslem encampment that has evolved over the last 40 years into a mini Islamic state with all the ingredients needed for it to be a state within a state within Britain. The Pakistani forbearers of this community were welcomed into our country to work alongside our forefathers in local industry to earn money to provide food, shelter and clothing for their dependents, just like the average British citizen. Little did the British public realize about the beast ‘Islam’ they were welcoming with open arms into their midst. The British people are accepting and welcoming people who try to see the good in all people even when the truth is staring them in the face, so for the past 40 years we have left the Islamic communities who have invaded our shores and set up camp to their own devices. It is only now after horrific global and domestic acts of war perpetrated against us by the ‘global Islamic army’Al Qaeda, are we asking and wondering what has been going on in Britain amongst the Moslem community for the past 40 years behind closed doors away from the public eye of normal British society.

Within Luton it is now obvious that the local Pakistani Moslem community of Bury Park have been digging themselves in, creating for themselves their own Islamic state with its own way of life and laws which is contrary to the ‘British rule of law’. This two state situation which is two kingdoms in one country is unacceptable but a real situation we the British people are now faced with and one that is happening where I live.

The only way you can conquer another land and people is by military force, the first Pakistani Islamic religious leaders who arrived here would have known this fact and would have encouraged the first welcomed invaders to raise up from amongst them an army of young men who can defend this new Islamic community in this foreign land and when the time is right to rise up and conduct Jihad for Islam and conquer the Nation. Jihad and the conquering of our land is an immovable fact within Islam so the first Pakistani religious leaders in our country would have taught this fundamental truth behind closed doors to their Pakistani Moslem followers.

For many years in Luton it has been a known fact that Pakistani Moslem families from Luton do not like having female babies, they prefer boys and would have female babies aborted just because it was a female. The local Hospital the L & D stopped telling non-Moslem parents the sex of their unborn children because of this heinous situation with the Pakistani Moslems. It is now strikingly clear that the Pakistani Moslem men of Luton have been breeding and creating for themselves an army of young Pakistani Moslem men who can fulfill Islam’s objectives in Britain. First and foremost they can defend their Islamic community from the non-Moslem outsiders and then when the time is right they can go out and conduct Jihad throughout the land and conquer for Islam. So for the past 40 years the Pakistani Moslem community has been breeding themselves into an un-natural force in Britain. It is common knowledge and used to be joked about, about the size of Pakistani Moslem families, how they all used to live together and there was so many of them in the one room or one house. It is not a joke anymore though, now we see those large extended Pakistani Moslem families joining together and rising up against the peaceful non-Moslem citizens of Britain.

So here we have a community born and birthed with future Jihad in mind set in place by the first welcomed Moslem invaders upon our shores.

Several generations of Pakistani Moslem children have then been brought up within their homes and in the wider community being trained and taught in the ways of Islam and Jihad, feeling and thinking upon themselves as soldiers for Allah in a foreign land with the ultimate purpose of fighting the non-Moslem community through war and conquering the land. While we were out playing football or on our bmx bikes, our Moslem compatriots would have been at home or in their local mosque’s listening to the ways of Islam and Jihad, two groups of exact same human beings except with different heritage growing and developing in the same country with a completely different perspective upon life. We are now seeing the fruits of the Pakistani Moslem community’s years of labour with the two communities now completely at enmity with each other, with Pakistani Moslems now blowing themselves up on trains and buses killing innocent non-Moslem British citizens for Islam’s aims.

The first true dominant force of Pakistani leaders of the Islamic Jihad army to come out of Luton are the criminals/terrorist Jihadist’s who are British born Pakistani Moslem and view the non-Moslem part of Britain as the Dar al-Harb (House of war) so are permitted in their religion, to do absolutely anything they want against non-Moslems in their quest for domination. In their view of life and the world around them they are living in a ‘war zone’ so have to conduct themselves as such. In war there can only be one winner at the end of it, these Pakistani Moslems through Islam know this fact and reject all of our laws and way of life, and are conducting themselves as a Moslem paramilitary army with the one aim in mind of conquering Britain and taking over for Islam. Where as the non-Moslem citizens of Britain want to go about their normal daily lives away from hate, violence and murder. In Luton they have achieved their aims in part with their own Moslem community in Bury Park living as a state within a state, and the whole of the non-Moslem community around them living in fear under their dominance as ‘Dhimmis’.

Allah’s first Moslem ‘militia’ in Luton conducted themselves as a paramilitary organization and took control of the Pakistani Moslem community through fear and intimidation. The first main Pakistani Moslem gang that arose and is still here today just with different generations working in the same family traditions fighting Jihad against the non-believer, all carry a tattoo on either their forehead, neck or hand. This tattoo which is visible to everyone sets them apart within their community as being from an organized violent and wealthy group of Pakistani Moslem jihadist’s. The tattoo they all wear is the Islamic ‘Crescent Moon’ and shows their allegiance above all else including British law and our way of life to Islam and the objectives laid down in the Koran. This group of Jihad fighters have absolutely no regard for our laws and way of life and are quite clearly conducting themselves as an invading army, they are involved in every crime imaginable with the sole purpose of making themselves vast sums of money as their spoils of war against my country. They then plough the illegal money earned back into their community to advance its establishment as a dominant force within Britain, which is being achieved. The different generations of Pakistani Moslems who are involved in this aspect of their social interaction with my country have all been taught either at home, in the mosque or on the street that Jihad is the way for Moslems so have absolutely no conscious about what they are doing because it is permissible in Islam. Street drugs, intimidation and prostitution are this group’s main financial income and from these illegal business’ they have made themselves and their community visibly, financially and physically stronger. They then turn their illegal money into legitimate cash businesses like fast food shops and taxi companies to launder even more of their illegal money through. The Pakistani Moslem community is so inter-linked through families that it is easy for them to disguise on paper the true nature of their conduct. (The tattoo that the main leaders of the street gangs carry is a fact within the police and criminal justice system, yet they are left to continue their civil war against my community).

Through these illegal and highly lucrative businesses the Pakistani Moslem community has hundreds of young men on the streets working together destroying my community and making them extremely rich in the process. There are so many of them connected through these street businesses that I class them as a paramilitary organization. They are highly organized, heavily armed, extremely wealthy and to numerous to count. It is this knowledge that the non-Moslem community is faced with, which is the reason why they live as ‘Dhimmis’ through fear and intimidation under the Pakistani Moslem dominance.

Please see my article –
Dunstable death threat & the Al Qaeda connection and it will show you the epitome of a Luton Pakistani Moslem drug dealer in my community and how they conduct themselves.

Another aspect that is more worrying and the reason for me writing and speaking out against Des the Jihad fighters actions against my community is the fact that he has school girls going into his fast food shop everyday. Young girls are very impressionable at this age and it is very easy for an older man to take advantage sexually of a teenage girl, especially if he has a sports car, money and drugs, just like Des and his Jihad gang. Des has an 18 year old British non-Moslem girlfriend who now has 3 children from him, she was 15 - 16 when she had her first. We know that the Pakistani Moslem community condone having sex with 9 year old girls because Mohamed did it so these Jihad fighters have no problem having sex with our under age non-Moslem daughters as Des has already shown. He is grooming young girls from the local school in his fast food shop and then I dread to think about the consequences for some of the naive young girls who are taken in by him after that. We know that Pakistani Moslem men from Luton drive around picking up young girls in their sports cars for sex, it makes it even easier for Des if he knows them already. These young girls who are vulnerable and naive are then used as sex objects by Pakistani Moslem men, raped by them, impregnated by them and ultimately put on drugs by them. Once on hard drugs like Heroin & Crack cocaine they are then forced to become sex slaves involved in street prostitution by their Moslem masters, this can be seen and witnessed to by all the girls working the streets of Luton for their drug habits. This is another act of war against my community and aimed at the most vulnerable in our Christian society. (Everything written is factual and can be proved). These criminal/terrorist Jihad fighters from the Pakistani Moslem community are Allah’s Militia in Luton, that militia then joins with other sections of the Moslem community to make up an army of Jihad fighters who are hell bent on the complete destruction of Britain and our way of life.

Allah’s Militia in Luton comprises of a large section of the Pakistani Moslem community with all of them working together running their illegal criminal empires. The Pakistani Moslem men have no regard for my non-Moslem community and are all working together at ever level to destroy it for Islam and make themselves wealthy and powerful in the process at the complete expense of my non-Moslm community.

The rest of the Pakistani Moslem community who are not involved in the daily running of criminal acts of war against Britain are still religious Moslem’s who ultimately want the overthrow of the British way of life and society so that Islam and Sharia Law can be implemented. The religious Pakistani Moslems and the Criminal Pakistani Moslems all go together to make up the totality of the Moslem Jihad army in Luton which the peaceful surrounding towns face as the Jihadi’s seek to advance and take over other communities.

Luton was the headquarters for Omar Bakri and Abu Hamza the two most high profile Moslem preachers in Britain. These men were the Voice of Islam and Jihad in Luton for many years; they preached hate, murder and Holy war against the non-Moslem citizens of Britain to their British Moslem audience. Luton was an ideal location for them to descend on because of the strength of the Militia that was already here that had been built up with the money earned through Al Qaeda’s Heroin supply from Al Qaeda in Pakistan. They had security and protection by a heavily armed and organized Pakistani Moslem militia in Luton. Bakri and Hamza were then able to get to work creating and cultivating an army of Moslem men throughout the whole community who utterly despise British life and society who would be willing to work towards the over throw of British life. They helped fuel the fire of Osama Bin Laden’s Jihad against Our Queen, Government and the British people. These preachers were left to their own devices unhindered for 15 – 20 years to recruit for Islam’s war against Britain and the West. The whole of the Pakistani Moslem community of Luton would have heard these preachers of Hate and Holy war and would have been encouraged to fulfill Islam’s aims of Jihad. Jihad and Sharia law are divine obligations to every Moslem so the whole of the Moslem community of Luton have been made aware of their ‘Divine’ duty to Allah which supersedes any man made laws our civilized British society lives under.

The Islamofacsist leaders of the Pakistani Moslem base camp in Luton invited the psychopathic bombers of 7/7 into the town to meet with specific Pakistani Moslems in the community before setting off on their mass murder of innocent human beings in London (please see my article –
Declaration of war), a civil war was then declared on Britain by some of its British born Pakistani Moslem subjects and Luton acted as centre stage.

A civil war against Britian and its peaceful non-Moslem inhabitants has been declared and has been in operation for many years through the expansion of the Luton Pakistani’s criminal enterprises, 7/7 was the open declaration of that war and Luton took centre stage because the Pakistani Moslem encampment of Bury Park Luton believe that they are strong enough here to defend themselves from any backlash. The non-Moslem community is yet to wake up to the bloodthirsty enemy that surrounds them seeking for their total destruction, the ones who have awoken are too scared to do or say anything because of the consequences and others have moved out for the sake of their children. Is this anyway for British citizens to be living in their own country?

This is an invasion by an enemy out to conquer mainland Britain during our generation. The whole of the Moslem community which is built up of many parts, are all working to Islam’s agenda of global domination and conquest. In Luton this includes the religious Islamic suicidal murderous psychopaths wanting to kill us on their way to ‘hell’ and the Pakistani Moslem militia dominating the community through fear and intimidation,
pumping highly addictive Class A drugs 24 hours a day to their addicted slaves and controlling those unfortunate young girls who have been caught up in street prostitution due to drugs.

This is the Islamic enemy my community and country is faced with and the Moslem enemy which has forced my community into ‘Dhimmitude’. Things can only get worse from now unless action is taken and this Pakistani Moslem community’s actions are stamped out. We can never stamp out their ideals of Jihad and Sharia law because these are fundamentals to Islam, but we can stamp out the sources of their ‘wealth’ that has helped them build their guerrilla army over the past 40 years.

On a personal level I would like to put a question out there:- My complete understanding is built from facts and I wonder to myself, am I the only one who sees the gravity, severity and mortal danger my community is facing. Is this a civil war being conducted against innocent British civilians aimed at the destruction of my country that our forefathers have built over the ages through blood, sweat, and tears and if it is, what is the Queen who is Sovereign ruler and head of the Church of England, government, security services and the police doing about it?

I am a Christian British citizen who has been chased out of my community by this invading army for speaking the truth, am I to role over and give in like everyone else and fall into subservience under Islam, give in and move away because no one is listening or go back and stand my ground and defend my community that is rich in Royal history and continue what I am doing. At this moment in time I am completely on my own in the face of this dark heinous cloud of Islam that has engulfed Luton and is spreading.

One thing is certain if this situation is left to continue festering and mutating then it is our children and Grandchildren who are going to suffer. People can turn a blind eye and not get involved but that does not make the problem go away, the problem is still staring everyone in the face and if left it is going to smack our children in the face and probably destroy them. It is our responsibility in our generation to protect our country and its Judeo/Christian way of life which is the inheritance left to us by our forefathers and the inheritance we want to leave to our children. Islam is here openly declaring its aims verbally and physically and we the non-Moslem British people can do nothing to protect ourselves and our children’s futures.

The whole of the Moslem community in Luton despises our British way because it is contrary to Islam and they are either actively destroying my community on a daily basis or they are planning and plotting its destruction. We cannot escape the facts and the Moslem community we are now facing that is hell bent on our murder and destruction is a fact.


Holy War - Al Qaeda's Luton & Dunstable War front


Anonymous said...

20 things you should know about Islam:


Always On Watch said...

As a Christian I can testify that there is no greater motivation upon the Earth than the belief that you are carrying out God’s will. This is the Faith dynamic that drives crazed psychotic maniac Muslims...

Meanwhile and contributing to Islam's taking over the West is the fact that many Christians today are "lukewarm." That term is the best I can use.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother raised sand
when the immigration flood
gates were opened.
She had the pleasure of being
one of the first to have Pakistanis as neighbours.
There were 3 or more families living in a semi-detached
row home that had two bedrooms.
Good thing she's not around today,
she would most likely be avoided,
accused of being a bigot, racist
and a hater of immigrants.
Regardless, staring in the face
of every non believing brit is the
demise of their way of life.
You are looking at the
extinction of your history
as a nation.
If the majority of british civilians do not face this and decide to make it right you are all imperiled.
May God raise up a leader to
lead in freeing your beautiful island of those enemies
who are determined in your total

Anonymous said...

May I just say God bless you Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

I am personally an atheist. I grew up with a science book in my hand. But what ever I support your cause. But what ever maybe if I ever did consider I possibility of religion I would pick the church of England. Being as I am pure British that would be the only one I would follow.


Anonymous said...

It is like war for a lot of children in these schools. But, it is only for poor kids so the politicians can continue to celebrate the diversity.


'My school is like a war-zone'
Our teacher says he was threatened with a knife
Teaching at schools in deprived London boroughs is like working in a war-zone, says one disillusioned young teacher. The 25-year-old, who does not wish to be named for fear of losing his job, says he has been threatened with a range of weapons and kicked and punched for real. "As soon as you walk through the school doors - you have absolutely no idea what will happen - it's like a war-zone. "There's extreme cases of bullying - some teachers are in tears every day.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sorry to post a link from last year, and more sorry it si from the Guardian:


Criminal gangs use Islam to intimidate victims

Hoodlums in south London are calling themselves Muslim Boys to pretend they have links with global terrorism

Rosie Cowan, crime correspondent
Monday March 7, 2005
The Guardian
Teenage criminal gangs in south London are calling themselves the Muslim Boys and claiming to espouse Islam in an attempt to gain street credibility and trade on false perceptions about links to terrorists.
The gangs, who specialise in robbing local drug dealers, are alleged to have forced some members to convert at gunpoint and to pray before going out to commit crimes.
Community leaders are worried about escalating violence and the number of young with access to high-calibre guns.

Anonymous said...

Its all true. I am 15 and theres lots of race riots in my school. They hush it up for a month and then it all kicks of again. By the way my schools in dagenham, east london. I could fill your blog for hours about it



Having spent so much time on this amazing, yet alarming, account of life in Luton, I do hope you will put it to good use.

I recommend you spend some time editing it to make sure it is as good as possible, email it to newspapers and blogs, print it off and deliver it to political leaders and royal family members.

Unfortunately, our blogs tend to be read mainly by the converted and enlightened.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

I worked on the Luton News in 1961 as a young (Canadian) reporter. It was a nice town and I made a lot of friends. Your description of it now is truly horrifying. What is happening there, will happen elsewhere, just as soon as Muslim mothers have enough babies.

In Canada, the former Liberal government figured it could keep elected forever by bringing in new waves of immigrants. There is now a Conservative government, but the State has plenty of inertia.

Like the British people, Canadians are completely oblivious to the problem that is creeping up on them.

Keep up the good work.

raz said...

A deep insight into the serious problems that we are now facing and how the whole Jihad process works.

Perhaps some of the Readers would like to listen to the interview you did with Atlas Shrugs Radio Show.

Anonymous said...

listen mate get your facts right
this is how u spell muslem not moslem
and only 2 ppl have the cresent tatoos "not all the moslems"
my advise to you is learn about islam and find out what islam REALLY is.
just because you hate the pakistani criminals in luton doesnt mean islam and pakistanis are all beasts.
and most of the stuff you mentioned is all not true!

Lionheart said...

i personally know of 5 with the tattoo so that makes you a liar or a nobody that knows nothing.

Anonymous said...

im a pakistani muslim and i just want to say that u are all pieces of swine shit, but its fucking hilarious to read what u cunts are writting, if u motherfuckers just post your face on this site half the crazy paki gangsters in luton will butcher ur asses up u pussy mamma's boyz, but im not a criminal or a gangster but its funny 2 see ur narrow minded cunt like attitudes u pussy cockless wankers

Anonymous said...

Are we really? Why would that be? Is it because he is not extolling the better virtues (of which I am certain there are many) of Islam?

"if u motherfuckers just post your face on this site half the crazy paki gangsters in luton will butcher ur asses up u pussy mamma's boyz"

1. Do you really think people would post their face?

2. Interesting point about "half the crazy paki gangsters in luton" - whether you meant this seriously or not, are you not simply proving Lionheart to be right? He is vehemently against it, and yet you use this as a form of defence - some would see this as an admission that he (Lionheart) is right.

3. Do you expect to be taken seriously when you swear in nearly every other word?

3b. Language is a thing of beauty - surely you can express your views (whatever they may be) without retreating behind a veil of expletives?

3c. Your vocabulary is obviously varied - how many swear words do you know?

Anonymous said...

lineheart let me start by telling your how big of a motherfucker u are and that goes for any1 whos in support of this basted.
a paki must have cum out of your mouth whilst shafting u from behind for you to discreminate against paki like this.

im from luton and im white. ive got pakistani neighbours and trust me i couldnt have imagined that pakistanis were this nice.
when ever they have a function or a party they invite me round. when they cook a dish they offer me some.
this is pure race hate what ure doing. ure trying to make something happen in luton and that is not good. pakistanis are not bad at all. everyone has black sheep in every community. what about our white migs would u call them saints.
u low life race hateing motherfucker. wish i could personaly put a gernade up ure loose ass hole......

Anonymous said...

whats all this bulls.it about "WHATS HAPPENED TO FREDOM OF SPEECH" you fucking morans that when out of the window way back when you started chargeing muslims for speeking the truth. what happened to freeedom of speech back then?

this fucking turd beer drinking faggot is adding fuel to the dormant fire by cybering theses comments abouts muslims.

no muslims aint all perfect and thats goes to say about any other religion or race infact. but cumon what good is this prat doing by doing all this.
taxis takeaways you all need need them. seriously think about it in luton if all the pakistani taxi drivers went on strike for just 1 day it would cause a cotostafic transportation breakdown. think about it.....

luton town do need people like him being white black muslim non muslim it dont matter. we dont need people like him ditubing the little peace that we have remaining in this town.

string him to death.......

Anonymous said...

Muhamedans is the correct spelling of Moslem.
There are so many things about Islam that the so called Muslim writers who have commented here, either don't know or are in denial about.
You admit that Luton is full of "Pakistani Gangsters," and you swear and cuss, but not one of you can actually prove that what is said here is untrue.
The facts may be uncomfortable for you to admit to, that the ultimate aim of Islam is to conquer the world to impose Sharia.
But how much more uncomfortable for those who do not share your racial and religious perspective?
Why do you think that the British should accept your views and your loosely hidden hatred of us?
Do you think that Britons have no right to their own views and culture.
Lets face it, you all enjoy the good things of living in Britain or you would not be here.
So why do you have such a grudge against the British.
British means of the line of the Anglo Saxon, Viking, Celtic and Latin influence of past generations.
You may think you are British, but the truth is, you will always support Pakistan before Britain.
I suspect that many of you will be very uncomfortable to live under Sharia, if your brothers ever got it established here.
That will never happen though.

Anonymous said...

So this blog by chance.

What a load of bollocks matey.

There is no hidden state in Luton. Bury Park is a area in Luton where rent was cheap for early ethnic communities to settle in. Naturally the houses were bought; as you all know how hardworking and economically intelligent communities are from South Asia. So ask yourself the question; what was the face of Bury Park pre asian community in Luton. Was aparade of empty shops - loosing out to the big high street super - shops opening up. The COmmunity was a mix of Irish, W. Indian and Asian and indigenous. No one drove no one out. The bankrupt closed up slums of dunstable road were bought through blood and sweat money - hard earned.

Today this area is a bustling metropolis; a bazaar of rich spices, colours accomodating the new immigrants from Europe - The Polish who happily mingle with the larger community.

Luton was built by the immigrants; Us the Irish, and the West Indians and later the Asians.

As someone with limited knowledge on Islam, Allah means One God in Arabic; are you not just promoting the english term for one god above Arabic. Hate mongers like this always try to create a indifference by making blind ignorant sheep focus on "alien" words to their psyche.

As for the beligerent abuse from the pakistani lad; responding to the hateful messages this site is promoting. This hate monger uses his words as representation of the wider community. I have the understanding he is a young lad but do not play propaganda tactics and promote senseless, untrue hate please.

Asians are nice people in Luton, I ahve lived and worked with them. We share festivities, occasions. At work they always share their food, unlike most english folks ( :) ). They never grumble and just get on with the work; yes the asian young folk are rowdy but is that not the same for you english folk; is this not part of the yob culture of this country.

People take this chaps views with a pinch of salt.

This is not christianity; this is damn right unacceptable behaviour.

I realise how dangerous this man is and his blog. Be very weary of this chappy.

Take care folks

Anonymous said...

someone spoke of what British means;

you speak off; what British means mix of many cultures. Are you saying Britain is only for europeans?.

Because you describe a country heavily influenced from the outside as opposed to evoloved from inside.

Then where does Christianity fit in to this as it is from the Middle East.

Now are you going to say Jesus was as white as the next fella with blue eyes and long silky brown hair.

Look in to yourself to see all the inconsistencies, ignorance and hate - don't label it anywhere else.

I surprised this site is up.

If it were an ethnic guy posting a blog like this; he would have been arrested and the blog brought down.

Thats prejudice there in itself.

People with half an ounce of intelligence should come to Luton and see for yourself.

It is a town with very little racial prejudice thank god for that.

Hope it stays this way; but people through media and Lionheart and cronies like this wish it otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Still no Islamic supporter visting this blog has been able to, or even tried to show that was has been said about Islam's intentions to rule Europe, America and eventually the world, is true or not.
If just one visiting Muslim were able to quote the Koran, where it says that all people are equal, including those who are not Muslim, I would change my views.
If just one Muslim would come here to say that all Christians and Jews, the People of the Book, and all Idolators, that is the Sikhs, the Hindus and other non Muslims were equal to the Muslims, then I would change my views.
The trouble is, the Holy Quaran states clearly so many times that the ultimate destiny for Mankind is Submission to Sharia Law.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 14-May-2008 10:35:00...

Have you read the Talmud lately? If we accept that the apparently anti-gentilic remarks contained therein are misunderstandings based on remarks taken out of context, why can we not accept this of Muslim literature?

I assume you are not a believer in any faith yourself - since a basic characteristic of most religions is that its adherents generally consider it the correct way to worship God, thus setting those of other belief outside.

Christians believe that only those who believe that Christ died for their sins will be "saved" - all others will go to Hell.

Why single out Muslims with your questions? It is applicable to us all.

Anonymous said...

It needs to be pointed out to the drones who view lionhearts blog as a source of inspiration that the following applies in Luton;

NO Racial Tension
NO Religous Intolerance
A Hard Working Asian Community who over the years have transformed a region called Bury Park to a metropolis of colourful shops, previously these shops lay barren and waste and bankrupt.
If there is a drug epidemic it is the same as all large Urban Towns and Cities up and down the country, therefore a national crisis that exists in ALL communities.

Are there Asian drug gang, I don't know but will not dispute this as it is probably true but are there White drug dealers, West Indian, Polish for that matter - I am sure this is true too.

Drugs has no place in any religion.
Do not lay the blame of a drugs culture to any religious belief.

Drugs is popular "western culture", it has become a lifestyle. The poorer nations of the world do not have the issues we have, why because there is disposable income to buy fancy drugs which are marketed as being cool to our young.

Lionheart is an agent of the BNP - far right who have an agenda they pursue up an down the country to create SOCIAL IN - COHESION between communities.

Yes Asian communitites to come across affluent to some white suburbs. Ask yourslef why, becuase there is an over dependencey on state welfare by certain communities who really do not ned it and can go out and make a living.

Asian first generation worked hard for their children, made their wealth, bought into business and property.

I will be the first to say Asian Young are wayward abusing the hard earned money of their elders.

BUT! to call this an Islamic issue is wholly inaccurate.

"Many" Young Asian are part of an ever increasing British Yob Culture, a class that doe snot see fit to work but enjoy a lifestyle which is expensive involving drink and drug.

This is a culture prevalent in all communities.

Do not mistake British Yob Culture with an Islamic Issue.

Yes there are growing concerns of "radicalisation" of Brit - Muslim like Brit - Irish in the 60's 70's and 80's.

Ask yourself why are young british muslim disfranchised with the larger community.

Negative Stereotyping.
Scape Goats of a wider Economic/Political struggle.
Complete distortion of their belief.
Putting their everyday life, culture belief under a microscope and sensationalising ( Like you do on this blog ) differences.

Pick up the Koran First and Old Testament.

Read it back to back and you will see little differences.

I too was sceptic of the Koran due to the Media frenzy soon after 9/11 about certain paragraphs.

Instead of listening to others and knowing my asian muslim friends as being good people, I read it.

If you put the verses in to context they refer to that time and events based on attacks against muslims.

Islam is a religion of tolerance but also a religion that allows the weak to defend themself.

It is the same for Judaism and Christianity. Christians display the right to self defend through out history.

Look at the Iraq War and Afghanistan War - based on the premise of self defence with total disregard of INNOCENT Lives.

So do not point the finger at any ONE community, look at yourself at all of us we are all not white than white.

Let me repeat this one last time, Lion heart is a BNP activist. For our American cousins this means Fascist - Nationalist Party like the Nazi's were.

Do not feed on his inconsistencies and filth. His story on muslim taxi driver's as drug dealers and Al Qaeda operatives.

I think not, unlike "possibly" you Lion Heart these guys are working hard all night, exposed to the dangers of the street to which people like Lionheart contribute through his "INCITEMENT".

Luton is a wonderful place, hardworking people from migrant backgrounds.

Luton does need investment to bring more jobs and industry into it but I believe the council is trying.

But to blame lack of jobs, poor roads or any other issue on the muslim community is insane.

Intelligent people always see through the blackness of the blackest lies.

Lionheart is a fraud and insanely criminal in his depicts of Luton.

Good day.

Lionheart said...

I couldnt even be bothered to read all of that garbage above.

An agent of the BNP, what do they have a secret service now?

I am a free agent and everyone who knows me knows that.