26 February 2007

Not in my name 'Tony Blair' & your Dhimmi government.

Take note the Conservative party.

Thank you 'Pissed off enough to vote BNP' for posting this comment on the comment section of my blog.

It sums up perfectly and completely the state of the United Kingdom because of the growing Islamic Kingdom we the British people are being confronted with in Our own Country.

The British tax-payer's are paying for the destruction of Our country while the Moslems calling for Jihad are milking and defrauding Our benefit system and Country with the one aim in mind, 'Moslem dominance' and implementation of 'Sharia law' as rule of law for Our land.

'Not in my name' Tony Blair and your Dhimmi Labour Government.


Massive housing demand from rapidly immigrating and breeding Muzbots has made private housing unnaffordable and council housing unnattainable for British working class couples in urban areas.Middle class white flight from Muslim infested cities has increased property prices in rural areas beyond the abilities of local young people to buy. Hence decent British people can't afford to have children whereas welfare-parasites breed like cockroaches. Whole areas of British cities have become unsafe for women and children due to sexual harassment.Rape gangs and pedophile gangs operate with impunity.National Health Service overwhelmed by Muslims with genetic disorders and mental illness caused by generations of cousin marriage. Huge strain on educational system due to influx of illiterate inbred Muslims.Institutionalised bullying of Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Chinese and Jewish children in state schools.Cash-strapped Local Education Authorities forced to pay massively inflated prices to Muslim slaughtermen for Halal meat. Enormous drain on taxpayers caused by welfare parasites who think that Kaffirs owe them a living.Constant fear of being blown up on public transport.Erosion of civil liberties and crippling costs of security to protect us from these vermin.Huge areas of British cities are no-go areas.Drug dealing, prostitution, protection rackets and all manner of scams designed to parasitise the Kuffaars. European national identities being destroyed by unholy alliance of Muslim Ummah and petrodollar-bribed Eurocrats. School children being deprived of their cultural heritage due to Muzbot demands to ban singing, music, drama, history, piglet, Christmas etc.

We wait in anticipation for an 'Oliver Cromwell' blog to arise.


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Anonymous said...

There are many things missing from the list such as:
the riots (2001 Bradford, Burnley, Oldham, etc.), plus recent ritos in Preston, Windsor, etc.;
the terrorist attacks in 2005;
the cost of security;
the perversion of democracy (postal voting fraud, etc.);
the corruption of the police;
the loss of civil liberties because of the muslims;
the many victims of sexual abuse by muslims in the professions (e.g. doctors, dentists, etc.);
the disproportinate extent to which muslims kill people on the roads;
the heroin trade and associated misery/ruining of lives and society;
the perversion of the whole legal system;
inablitiy to speak freely;
kids arrested for speaking out against this madness;
BNP leader arrested for speaking out against this madness;
the fear amongst people (of civil war, terrorism, arrest, etc.);
the real prospect of those maters people fear;
the 'silencing' and 'inhibition' of God and the harm to people's souls.(last but not least)