27 June 2009

Video: Anti-extremist protest in the heart of Londonistan June 27th 2009

More to follow...


Anonymous said...

You are not a Knight you have no authority and when it starts you and your Vichy Christian sychophants of the Zionist Israeli Murders are going down. What about all the women and children murdered in Gaza FOOL!? Mousavi was the agent that caused the deaths of the marines in lebanon in 1982. Now you want the UK sheeple to supoport this Mossad murderer! Fuck You and your shit Blog - nothing more than a Yid Dissint' arse paper factory!

Lionheart said...

Must be doing something right to have incesed your Moslem mind, to have not been able to contain yourself from writing a comment here.

My authority comes from above anonymous. We live in a new age, with God doing a new thing on the Earth with His people who are willing to defend Christendom from the hordes of savages in the embodiment of 'religious moslems', who have emerged on our land from their Islamic hell holes.

I do remember Ayman Al Zwahiri calling the 7/7 suicide psychopaths 'Knights', which shows how deluded you Moslems really are.

The women and children caught up in the bloodshed in Gaza is because of the actions of the militant movement of Hamas which is calling for the complete destruction and removal of Israel.

May Almighty God bless, preserve, protect and sustain Israel, the Jewish peoples homeland, and remove or neautralise the cancer of Islam with her borders.

Winston the Smithy said...

Lionheart in my post to you you will notice that Mousavi is no different to Amadiraniandad. There will be no revolution in Iran. The people are Muhammadans and have been indoctrinated to revere and follow his every word. I feel no sympathy for them. They are merely protesting to change one totalitarian oppressor with another, both incredibly anti western.

Remove all Muslims from the West, build a big wall to separate them from us and cut off all aid and contact then watch Islam obliterate itself. We are keeping the likes of Iran alive with which to continually hate us and want to destroy us.

As much as I agree with the first posters views on Mousavi, his views on the Palestinian people is greatly wrong. I believe that there should be an Israel as it's every right and more to be there than Syria, Lebanon, Iraq or Jordan does. More so, if the Palestinians want land let the latter countries yield instead of Israel. After all, all the lands mentioned are Muslim and the Palestinians would be right at home there.

I've also written on this on my blog here

The Destruction of Britain

Guy Macher said...

These cowards who hide their names, posting anonymously, and hide in the streets behind veils pretending to be women.

Keep up the crusade, Lionheart. we will rid the world of this blight yet.

Joanne said...

There seems to be more police than protesters in the video - seems like a bit of overkill.

As for Anonymous, your God is Satan, and sorry to be the one who tells you, but he loses and he knows it too. I guess the joke is on you.

Anonymous said...

Didn't look much like the London I grew up in. We are being colonized by a load of brain-dead welfare sucking savages. It's not difficult to see why ZaNuLab import these barbarians,they virtually all vote for them,but I despair about that old Etonian prat Cameron. If I were his parents, I'd sue Eton,as their boy doesn't seem to have the brains he was born with.

RZL - Radio Zone Libre said...

Resistance Now !

I add your blog to my website.

RZL - Radio Zone Libre


Anonymous said...

Lionheart i think its time to stop calling islam a religion.islam is nothing but mohamads excuse for exterminating the quraysh tribe ,which rejected him as a child.he received commands from his god whenever it suited him.when he wanted to rob the jews ,allah spontanouesly told him to do so,when he wanted to kill the jews an instant message arrived from allah.

if not already familiar to you ,i highly recommend: