22 June 2009

Dunstable: The Moslem man, his 16 year old girl friend and the £3/4 million cocaine seizure

Foreword: There has been a drugs bust in my local community, a haul of cocaine with a street value of nearly £3/4 million pounds.

A 22 year old Moslem man from Bury Park, Luton, was arrested with a 16 year old girl.

Everyone who is involved in the drugs scene locally knows that the main drugs of supply from the Pakistani Moslem networks from Bury Park, Luton, are heroin and crack cocaine - brown & white

The most addictive, most destructive and most profitable of all street drugs.

They wash up large amounts of cocaine like in this seizure, which transforms it into crack cocaine, thus maximising the profit margins on their product, and maximising the addictive impact on their clientele.

I wonder how long this batch would have lasted in the local community, and proves the town is awash with drugs that are controlled by the Moslems from Luton who are aligned to Al Qaeda, who are at war by proxy with our society locally and nationally through these Moslems on street level.

The Islamic ideology of Jihad against the infidel, is Jihad no matter what form it comes in.

Take a read of what they do to our little girls which is endemic with Pakistani communities, and the drugs trade: Mothers of prevention

Take a read of what has been allowed to happen in the community right near a school, with a Moslem that has a proven factual track record of the issues I am pointing out here: Death threat

Parents should take heed of the polices warning here 'check your children' because young teenage girls who maybe under the influence of alcohol on a weekend, are very susceptible to predatory older men who have the 'chat up lines' and show them some attention. The ones who like picking up little infidel white children and sexually abusing them whilst driving about in their sports cars, and who are the ones with the sports cars? The ones with the money from the drugs trade. Who controls a large section of the drugs trade in Bedfordshire? And what is endemic with parts of the Pakistani Moslem community, and their desire to abuse and rape infidel white children because it is a form of sexual gratification that is sanctioned in Islam?

Mohamed their ideological leader who they all submit to, was a warmongering child molester, who with some warped imagination, married a child when she was six then had sex with her when she was nine.

Moslems believe that if Mohamed did it they can do it, which is part of the cultural enrichment Islam has brought to our once civilised Christian society.

Luton: Child marriages

The truth is there for all to see but most people like to live in denial and criticise the truth rather than accepting it.

Luton online

Batch is 'extremely' pure

Beds Police now say cocaine seized from a house in Dunstable is worth much more than originally thought.

Officers discovered 3.5kg of the drug in Chiltern Road on Wednesday, June 10, and estimated its street value at £200,000.

But after laboratory testing, it transpired that the level of purity in the seizure is extremely high, at 70 per cent.

Officers would normally expect to see 20 per cent cocaine to 80 per cent of other powders in the average street deal of the drug.

Therefore the seizure has a street value of almost £700,000.

Police have charged Mohammed Umar, 22, of Jubilee Court, Chiltern Road, Dunstable, and a 16-year-old girl from Dunstable with possession with intent to supply cannabis and possession with intent to supply cocaine, in relation to the find.

They appeared in court on Friday and were remanded in custody to appear again on Friday, June 19.

If you have information about drugs in your area then you can contact Beds Police through the local Safer Neighbourhood Team or through Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 anonymously.


Jozka Mikhailov said...

Hmm.. some of the links dont work, do they not want the people to see the information for what is really happening?

Do you think it would be okay for me to post a page like this on boards around trainstations, just as a publication?

Anonymous said...

They use young English girls, often street-girls to hide their drugs stashes around at their houses.
They never usually have more than what has been ordered by the punters.
This guy was just a small part of a much larger enterprise, and I guess, internationl drugs barons.
There are probably another 100 pushers out there in Luton with access to the "warehouse" suppliers.
It seems that amongst the Pakistani population, the drug of choice is cocaine for their personal consumption.
It seems that it is permissable in their eyes, because the koranic rules say that drugs which diminish the brain-action are "haram" or forbidden, so they may avoid drinking alcohol, though many do drink, but they think coke is OK because theyc can still run their businesses while high.
Hence steroids and gym-workouts are very popular anongst them, as well.
I think your publicity is helping to push the police to take more action against them.
Good on ya L. H.

Anonymous said...

LOL when I read this, it only makes me laugh!!!! so many haters, you can keep on hating. Pakistani this and that? Im not a pakistani but Islam is growing throughout the world, the more you try to stigmatise Islam and our beloved prophet with such hate, the more poeple would question it and would read in to and seek knowledge from Islam, eventually they see the love and peace.
You do get some idiots that drive around in fancy cars that attracts younger girls, they happen be be english becase simply... they are easy, everybody knows that.
Solidarity between BNP and Jewish community?. HAHAHA
Nick Griffen called the Holacust a hoax and now lets kiss ass so we could screw over the Islamic community?

Anonymous said...

Why, even socalled moderate islamic people send out so much hate vibes. The worst behaved asian that I personally came across was a ("peaceful" looking but turned out to be a real tyrant) islamic tyrant from indonesia. islamic followers stigmatised themselves by their subtle and obvious exhibit of extreme, obssessive, irrational behaviour. The fact is, islamic culture stinks. Honestly, I am not bothered which way the islamic people are going or where their religion is heading towards to, as long as they are out of my way and out of my sight. WLIL

Anonymous said...

Islamic types only love you if you give in to them.
If you resist them they unite against you.
"You can be our friends if you give us what we want, your money and your Nation."