11 June 2009

Christian Knights

Videos courtesy of ooooOOOTEMPLEROOOooo


Joanne said...

Powerful videos, but lest Muslims complain about being offending by all the crosses, maybe the videos should come with a warning....in case it causes Muslims to melt or turn into mice or something.

Anonymous said...

Before, in the old time, King and Lords was defending there nations and people against Invadors.

Now, we need to fight alone because our own lands Autorities are welcoming Invadors to stand in our own countries and to distroy our heritage.

III Wold War ? It's here and now in our daily life, fighting to preserve our rights and the presarvation of our own christian traditions.

in Uk, in France, in Germany, in Italy ... everywhere in west Europe we are facing the same agression.

Who will help us ? God alone ?

"Christ Roi", tu est mon seul Roi !