18 June 2009

Brothers in Arms

Brothers in arms: Prince William says ‘I want to fight in Afghanistan’, as Harry reveals ambition to return to war zone

Prince William has spoken openly of his desire to fight for his country and dropped the strongest hint yet that he might still be given a frontline role.

The future king, who until now was believed to have been barred from going to war because of his position, revealed yesterday that he 'remains hopeful' he will see active duty before he leaves the military to take up his royal mantle.

William, 26, who is currently training with the RAF to become a search and rescue pilot and hopes to become operational in 2010, said: 'To me, I didn't join the forces to be mollycoddled or treated any differently. As far as I am concerned, in my eyes, if Harry can do it, then I can do it.

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Joanne said...

Of course they want to fight - they are trained to fight, but their presence in battle brings higher risks to those who fight along side them. These two men are the heirs to the throne, even though the power of their throne is being thrown to the gutter within the EU. Prince Charles has both married a divorced woman and a Catholic, which under normal circumstances would mean that he can never take the throne and be the Head of the Church of England - something Prince Charles neglects to take into consideration with his defender of the faiths comment. The next rightful heir should be Prince William. It would be dreadful news if either one of them was taken captive - dreadful.

OT - I don't know if people have noticed, but are there more crimes against random and innocent white British people by Asian men as of late? I just seem to notice more attacks on whites by Asians lately in the papers. This would be something to watch for, because if the British populace now are willing to make a stink about Muslims protesting against their military men etc. that Asian males may be so inclined to seek out defenceless easy targets to inflict revenge on.

Steve Harkonnen said...

I was listening to the news last night on this story and heard the guy say "even with his desire of going into combat it is doubtful the Queen would allow it."

Does she have the right to do that? I can see her concerns but wonder if she'd ever do such a thing or not?

Anonymous said...

"SHE" Sir is a TRAITOR! and also a disgrace to the English People!

Surind said...

Interesting... thanks.

If you are interested in what is going on in Australia, feel free to check out my blog and even link or repost this on your blogs:

More people need to hear what this Iranian asylum seeker has to say.

hellzbellz said...

I think it's very admirable for Prince William to want to serve in an active war zone. And I think he should be able to do it. And for the length of time, in which any other service person would serve....i.e., 1 yr or 18 months.

I know if I was in his position, I would be extremely admanant and do it. Regardless what he's told to do. I do see the other side, of him not being in a combat zone. Since he's the future King...provide the muslims haven't taken over by then.

Isn't William, training to be a pilot? If so, then the probability of his aircraft going down is minimal at best. Therefore, he definitely should serve. Even if he's in a combat jet. I believe the experience would only enrich him in so many ways. And this would make him a better for King for it. But, then I'm American. And don't fully understand how the monarchy works.