22 June 2009

State murder in the Islamic Republic of Iran


christian magazine said...

these are brutal images of what hatred can do... we need to understand that more than religion, what we need to strive to have is love..

Steve Harkonnen said...

Let's all pray for the oppressed citizens of Iran, and let's also pray that this isn't a repeat of Tienemen Square in China.

For years, I've always felt that Iran would implode eventually. Looks like that prediction is coming to frui.tion

Winston the Smithy said...

Do you honestly believe this is an attack on Islam? Do you think this is a protest on changing Iran? What this is, is simply protesters wanting rid of Amadiraniandad and Mousavi in.

If one should care to visit American Thinker they will see an excellent article by Rob Miller on what this is really all about. However to quote from the article:

"Mousavi is not some democracy-minded reformer. All candidates for elective office in Iran are handpicked and only allowed to run for office by the express permission of the Supreme Council of Guardians and its leader Ayatollah Khamenei. All candidates agree to follow orders. On issues that matter to the West -- Iran's quest for nuclear weapons, threats of genocide aimed at Israel, interference in Iraq and Afghanistan, support for Islamist terrorism and any reasonable compromises with the West on these issues -- the two candidates were virtually the same.

Mousavi is a longtime proponent of Islamist triumphalism and terrorism, a hardliner on Iran's illegal nuclear weapons program and an anti-Semite who has called for Israel to be destroyed. He was a key aide to Ayatollah Khomeini during the Islamic revolution in 1979 and played a part in the decision to overrun our embassy and take American diplomats hostage. As Iran's prime minister between 1981-89, Mousavi was vociferously anti-Western and anti-American. He had a major hand in the creation of Hezbollah in Lebanon. His handpicked interior minister, Ali Akbar Mohtashami, was Mousavi's liaison when the Iranian government formed and funded that terrorist group. One of Mohtashami's first major operations was the murder of 240 US Marines in Lebanon."

This is not a march against totalitarianism and Islamic oppression but merely changing one Mullah for another. Oh how easily the west is fooled. They're all Muslims for goodness sake. Their faith is all about death, control and oppression.

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