17 June 2009

Luton Central Mosque fraudsters

Luton & Dunstable Express: Town hall to investigate

An investigation is to be carried out into the financial dealings of the Luton Central Mosque which is the main mosque in Bury Park. The investigation is based on charity grants that have been given to it from tha taxpayer pot to tackle violent extremism within their Islamic community.

If there was no Islamic extremism at the root of the Bury Park community then why give them tens of thousands of pounds to tackle it? Face it; Luton is an Al Qaeda stronghold and some of us live in and around the area.

(Where's the money to tackle the drug war with Al Qaeda heroin they have inflicted upon us over the past 30 years?)

I wonder whether this Mosque removed Mohameds teachings on Warfare (Jihad) against the infidel as a matter of course in making our society a more cohesive society for everyone, or whether they removed their hate-filled sermons that teach them to be seperate from the dirty infidels and that we are descendents of apes and pigs.

If not, what's the point in giving them money? Because this is what Islamic hatred and violence is based on, the life and times of Mohamed their war mongering, child molesting, false prophet. The teachings they are teaching their children, based upon their religion, and how they are to view the world around them.

Film: Undercover Mosque ***Shocking***

Quote: This newspaper has passed on information to borough council chief executive Kevin Crompton in relation to the grants. Mr Crompton said: “Further to our meeting on the basis of information Luton and Dunstable Express shared with me, I have instructed my officers to arrange an urgent meeting with the ICS at which it will be asked to go through its full accounts for the PVE grant. “The meeting will be conducted by my Head of Democratic Services accompanied by a member of the council’s audit team.

If the Luton & Dunstable Express had not passed information to those in local government about the conduct of this Islamic charity in Luton then nothing would be being done to keep track of where British taxpayers money was going. It's like good money being washed down the drain and into the dark unknown world of British Islam in Luton.

Swept out of sight, and mind of those in local government, with the British taxpayer giving the money away to these religious fanatics being held with the utmost contempt by those in authority who use their hard-earned money for their pet social projects like this PVE project, as they engineer our society to fit in line with their social, political ideology.

The Luton & Dunstable Express is the most fairly balanced paper covering Luton & Dunstable, thats why they do not hesitate in covering the stories that are relevant to the community, no matter what side of the divide people and their stories come from. Although, their recent reporting over the English/British communities uprising against the oppression from local government, and hatred and war from the local Islamic community has been pro-Moslem, and anti-the English community, terming us all right-wing extremists.

Toeing the political line!!!

Leaders within the Moslem community think that all they have to do is change leadership and all of their fraudulent activities will be forgotten about, take a read of what the new leader had to say to the newspaper.

"We are starting afresh now", so forget about the past financial irregularities concerning taxpayers money.

And like the good Dhimmi's the local Labour controlled Luton government are, they will do absolutely anything for the sake of 'community cohesion', so once again, the Moslems, get away with blue murder, and laugh in the faces of their generous hosts.

If the shoe was on the other foot what do you realistically think would happen?

But nobody wants to rock the Islamic boat do they?

Looks like Luton & Dunstable Express have though!

Quote: Jangir Khan, who became the Islamic Cultural Society’s new secretary general on May 31 and is also a magistrate in Luton, said: “With the new management committee, we would like to start afresh.

“We have to regulate everything so that the problems faced by the old committee will not be faced by the new committee.
“I can’t comment on what’s happened in the past. It’s too early. I can assure you everything will be done properly in the future.

L & D Express article: Town hall to investigate

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