29 June 2009

Islamic militant Anjem Choudry brainwashing 11 year old English boy

Remember the Moslem convert with serious mental health problems called Nick Reilly who failed to blow himself up in an Exeter cafe?

Further reading: Exeter bomber

Can you see the parallels with this young child and his Moslem handlers who have captured the event on video to gloat over their work, who now have the power to brainwash this child.

If these were Christians caught on video in the middle of the street then there would be calls of child abuse, etc, but because its Choudry, and a bunch of militant Moslems the authorities stay silent.

What are the authorities scared of?


Joanne said...

They are all happy and smiling because they have a little white boy to carry their latest model of suicide bomb. Bloody lovely. These buggers use Muslim children in their own Muslim countries to wear suicide vests to blow up their targets. The children don't have a clue about what they are doing, but these rat bastards don't care about the children or who they kill.

I can only imagine the outrage if a Muslim boy was being converted by a minister to Christianity. They would probably burn down the minister's church for starters.

When the men of a country no longer feel the need or any obligation to defend the young, the old, and their women, then they are truly lost. When the teachings of Christianity are trampled underfoot, then you can be assured that God has great plans to force us to our knees begging for forgiveness and deliverance.

Where are the parents!

Anonymous said...

Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog - Winston Churchill

See how important it is to them to prey on young children, as it is only through the minds of young children that they can nuture this form of satanic worship

Anonymous said...

There are many names for these people like extremists or militants. A more accurate term should be Muslim supremacist. Their worldview is that their religion and their way of life is superior and regard other religions and ways of lives as inferior. They wish to impose their religion and belief system on everyone else. If that is not being a supremacist, then what is?

Anonymous said...

They(the islamic people) are also making use of their fierce genetic characteristic and combined with their equally fierce and aggressive islamic religion to gain an unfair advantage and an almost instant easy life via deceit(ie showing their socalled peaceful facade but at the same time extorting special privileges and corrupting other more developed civilisation). WLIL

Anonymous said...

Something has gone wrong with my Sound so, unfortunately, I can't hear anything at the moment. But I can imagine what's going in.

Where are his parents? And what happened to that other English boy, aged 13 I believe, who converted to Islam in public, and on the internet, a few months ago, with his 'parents' sitting in the audience together with a crowd of jihadists? Have they also converted?

Surely there must be some sort of law against missionarizing in England...especially on innocent children i.e. anyone under the age of 18. Believe me, ask Christian missionaries what happens to them if they are caught propagating their message in Iran, Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.

Their punishment does not end with a ticket back home...usually it ends in violence, even death

Anonymous Lady