1 June 2009

Luton moderates aren't so moderate after all

Continuing on from: Luton - Moderates V Militants

It's all about public opinion and perceptions.

"The battle for hearts & minds"

The Islamic Centre in Luton that was firebombed knew that the Daily Mail was going to be printing a story on Saturday, regarding the anti-extremist protest held the previous Sunday May 24th that turned into a rampage on the streets of Luton.

People from within the Mosque told the reporter that they had been sent threatening letters with crests and shields like those on this blog. I said to the reporter that if that was the case, and that people thought it was me based on these letters, and crests, then the police should question me. I was told that they might not have given the letters to the police. If you were sent threatening letters and then had your home firebombed, then the letters would be the first thing to be produced. If they were not, and only now they are being spoken about then its quite logical to say that some one is trying to apportion blame.

Is that perverting the course of justice?

So the leaders within the Islamic Centre knew the story was going to be printed in the Daily Mail on the Saturday, and then lo and behold, on the Friday after prayers when they are all fired up with religious fervour, they took to the streets to 'make some noise' for the cameras.

Photographers were on the scene with some good pictures taken pretty quickly dont you think?

Seems to be an organised media campaign to influence public opinion.

They even had me fooled for a moment. We will have to wait and see if they put their names to having these militants interned for the safety of our society first though.

Will be very telling!

It has now come to my attention that this Mosque in the heart of Bury Park that promotes itself as a voice of moderation within the Islamic community of Luton, is in fact a raging neo-nazi, Jew hating, holocaust supporting, hot bed of Islamic terror and Jihad.

We the British people have these types of alien warring religious fanatics the length and breadth of our country now, each playing their own 'war game' wherever they are, against our infidel Christian society.

Here is the proof of what is being preached in this Luton pit, courtesy of Jihad Watch

Click link: Jews will be destroyed by Allahs soldiers

Click link: Women are deficient

The Daily Mail articles about the anti-extremist protest in Luton, and the moderates V militants is nothing but propaganda, and they have used me as a scape goat trying to link me to the firebombing.

The journalist is a TRAITOR!!!

And SHAME on the Daily Mail editor who cleared this Left Wing vitriol!!!


Anonymous said...

How do you explain your involvement with the Hooligan Central Facebook site?

Lionheart said...

Not that its got anything to do with you, but Seasider Marshy who is an author from Wales, and who set up the group, added me onto the group so that i could inform and educate the group members.

Anonymous said...

I'm pleased to see you appear to have recovered from your temporary bout of insanity.
If one copper and two plastic bobbies can hold back a mob of 300 they didn't appear very motivated to me.
And just look at how the press treated the two incidents.
when a group of British people protest about radical islam they are labled white racist extremists football hooligans, when 300 muslims protest they are referred to as moderates.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, I think that what probably happened was that this was staged event. The "moderates" performing Taquiyah in front of the cameras to put on a show for the British public.
They know that the British are rising and fear deportation and the end of their cushy life styles made on the backs of hardworking British. That demo by the English in Luton scared the living daylights out of them, so they had to get the English back on their side.

They should've won best actors award.

Plus its ludicrous that journos can actually make up half of their columns by using random and indirect links on a social networking site, in your case facebook. Facebook for heaven's sake!!!! Who the hell cares!

Lionheart you are doing a tremendous job! I really need to get back to blogging.

Lionheart said...

Method in the madness Urban11

Agreed anonymous: "The "moderates" performing Taquiyah in front of the cameras to put on a show for the British public.
They know that the British are rising and fear deportation and the end of their cushy life styles made on the backs of hardworking British."

We will have to see how this plays out now to see what a section of the Moslem community in Britain wants.

Anonymous said...

They are nasters of subterfuge and invention.
The authorities are hand-tied in dealing with them, due to political correctness and fear.
The Police just want to wash their hands of their responsibilities, knowing full well how they gang together and lie and connive to wriggle out of any situation.
This deno they had, was staged, and staged just as well as the fake fire at the indocrination-centre, (sorry, islamic school,) which even they themselves will admit privately was a put-up job.
In just the same way that the Insurance Companies will not question the thousands of false claims by taxi-drivers for "whiplash neck-injury" they will not dare look into the self-inflicted arson on the centre in question.
There are plenty of solicitors who will take their case on for the money, and this gives a veneer of respectabilty to false claims.
Why, indeed there are dozens of "Claims Specialists" shops in Bury Park, who do just that, specialise in making Indsurance claims.
They have it wrapped up, methinks.

If they have letters the Police have not seen, then they are hiding something, possibly the fact they are forgeries, and forensics would prove so.
They are also PERVERTING the course of JUSTICE, by witholding this evidence, and I hope the POlice look into this, though I doubt they have the inclination to look under the dirty carpets
This is what happens when you allow such imbalances in Society to develop.
The Path ahead is long and arduous, but the destination is clear.
Just as the double standards of our politicians have taken years for the public to get a handle on, so to, one day, thre cheats and lies will fall away and the public will see the situation for what it is.
Then the doo-do will hit the fan.
A messy business.
I challenge the authorities to ask for these undeclared letters, and see what happens.

Anonymous said...

"Not that its got anything to do with you, but Seasider Marshy who is an author from Wales, and who set up the group, added me onto the group so that i could inform and educate the group members."

It has everything to do with law-abiding people. Inciting people to perform criminal acts is hardly christian is it?

So a football hooligan invited you to be an admin on a site whose purpose is to let other hooligans organize criminal activity or boast about such activities. And your role is to do what, divert their attention to attacking Muslims rather than each other? I think you owe the peole of Luton an explanation.

Lionheart said...

My walk with God (which is my Christianity), is my walk with God, and it has absolutely nothing to do with you.

You are not in spiritual authority over me, to make statements about my standing in God.

He is the one who will judge me when my time comes, and you and your words will mean nothing when it happens 'anonymous'.

So you think i owe the people of Luton an explanation?

2 1/2 years of my blog, and my own personal testimony is explanation enough.

I did'nt carry out 7/7, i am not a part of an Al Qaeda enclave in Luton, i am not pumping the young people of Luton with Al Qaeda heroin, i am not plotting a holy war to take over Christian England from Luton.

Its them over there, the Moslems, who are 3rd and 4th generation Pakistani's.

What future do people want for Britain?

There is only so much people can take before their righteous anger bursts.

The spokesman for UPL who i have the utmost respect for will be giving the people of Luton an explanation on Friday when he is on the One Show with Sayful Islam and the head of the firebombed Islamic centre, talking about what is now happening in our society, in the locality of Luton.

You are blind and stupid anonymous!!!

The wider English/British community do not want what is now happening, it has been forced upon them by militant Islam, so try and beat me up all you like, i stand on solid ground!!!

And its Christian ground, part of Queen Elizabeths Realm.

What future do people want? And what type of community do people want their children to grow up in?

The lines have been drawn!

You should be ashamed of yourself.

Go beat up the radical Moslems on their forums with your self righteous attitude.

Joanne said...

The following is from Jihad Watch -

""PM Erdogan: The Term 'Moderate Islam' Is Ugly And Offensive; There Is No Moderate Islam; Islam Is Islam," from the MEMRI Blog (thanks to Mackie):

Speaking at Kanal D TV’s Arena program, PM Erdogan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP and said, ‘These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.” "

Anonymous said...

Nothing to do with self-righteousness. By involving yourself with Hooligan Central you are involving yourself with criminal activity. No proper Christian or indeed any law abiding Brit of whatever creed could possibly involve themselves in criminal goings on, unless this image of yours is a sham to fool your more gullible chums across the pond. I am not sure why you referred to the browner members of
your community. My concern was about why a small town was subjected to an invasion by yobs. You do not deny that you had a small part in that, as I far as I can see. The other annoying thing is that you have made it difficult for real patriots to enjoy St Georges day events and similar, lest they be infested by the likes of your mob.

I do not think that we need to wait for God to judge you. Luton Magistrates Court could probably do that at a more convenient time.

Lionheart said...

Real Patriots?

Is that what you are then?

A real patriot who does nothing for the future of his country other than protect the rise of the Islamic religion in our midst.

St George would be proud of you!

We both know what the dragon represented dont we?

How is me being involved with 'Hooligan Central', by way of having admin rights so i can email people, "being involved in criminal activity"?

Defending myself, my community, and my country from the Jihad is a crime in the eyes of so called patriots like you.

What are you an Islamic patriot?

Anonymous said...

This morning at 10.30 AM (Israel time), I was watching FoxNews's satirical 'Redeye' show and enjoying it as usual. Suddenly, during a more serious discussion on the dangers of Islamic terror & Moslem dreams of world conquest,
the subject of 'moderate' Muslims versus the dangerous, fanatic ones came up.

Greg Gutfeld, the very amusing and canny boss of the programme, suddenly mentioned that moderate Muslims had confronted their fanatic co-religionists 'in Luton.' He pronounced it Luton (as per its spelling) not LOOTON, as we Brits pronounce it.

Notwithstanding the difference in pronunciation between American English and British English (remember the old song: "You say Tomatoe and I say Tomatah..."?) I was delighted that your campaign is at last showing results even abroad. Now even huge America know about a little English town called Luton (Greg pronounced it Lutton not Looton as Brits call it) where brave and worried Lootoners have taken a first, tentative but courageous step towards freeing their land and society from the many existential dangers presented by Imperialistic Islam in their midst.

My congratulations, and may you go from strength to strength, and may God protect and guide you in the right direction and on the path to success.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

It's Pallywood.

Congratulations on your courage and righteousness.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Click link: Jews will be destroyed by Allahs soldiers

Click link: Women are deficient

Re: The above links.

The muslim website has now hidden them.

Anonymous said...

Here are the two files that the muslim site is trying to hide.

Putting Women Are Deficient In Their Intellect In Its Proper Context


The Prophesy Of The Utter Destruction Of The Yahood


Lionheart said...

Thank you anonymous for helping this blog post by saving and uploading the audio messages that prove this Mosque is preaching a message of hatred against our fellow peaceful Jewish residents, and how these so-called moderates view women within their society.

And these people want to live under Sharia Law in this Country, are actively engaged in implementing it, with parts of it already in place to govern their own society, mainly over how they treat their women.

The stepping stones to the Islamification of Great Britain and the messages of what will happen in the future when we get there.

When our children and grandchildren have grown up.

Their children being born into a dominant Islamic society.

Our little daughters (Princesses) being treated like this because of today's leaders in our country.

They are enemies of the British people by their actions against us, and what they are allowing to happen.

Throw me in prison for speaking the truth, and standing up for the future of this Country.

But you cannot deny what i say because it is based upon facts, which are the cornerstone of reality.

God bless you anonoymous.

Lionheart said...

Sharia Law is just like the London the London gangsters 'The Krays' rule, says Lord Tebbit.


Anonymous said...

Lionheart, I look forward to you taking a place in Westminster one day. If that is what you choose.
I have been saying the tide will turn for a long time, and this day, it has.
The future will be fraught with danger, but there is no doubt, that the heritage of Britain will be reclaimed.