30 June 2009

Promo video: Birmingham protest July 4th


Anonymous said...

More Information is needed. I wouldn't have heard of this protest without this blog but even after watching the video I don't know exactly when or where it is taking place.

I'm sure if information and publicity was made more available to the mainstream then the numbers turning up would be much, much higher.

Anonymous said...

Any chance you can put meeting place and time on the start of the vid?


Anonymous said...

The 4th July 2009 the door opens and it all REALLY begins HAPPY 4TH JULY dreamers LC- S

Anonymous said...

its starts at 3pm on the 4th of july the meeting place is the bull statue outsyd the west mall of the bull ring in birmingham city centre if you are comming along it is askd that people bring England flags and banners to help promote what we are protesting about

axe said...

As an ex inner city brummie i will be attending and sent it to all my links in the West Midlands.

Digga said...

Just a bit of info for you from a Brummie anti-islamist. The West Midlands police can be aggressive and violent. Stay calm and dont be provoked. The Bull Ring Shopping Centre is private property so be prepared to move a few yards to the junction of Corporation St and New st(public area). Keep the protest peaceful. I would advise not to wear face masks. We need this anti-extremist campaign to be long term and credible. See you there.

Anonymous said...

fuk , dirty white boys cum 2 town 2moro ur guna get your heads smashed-muslim 4 life here 2 stay. take ova ur country and u cant do shit bout it-urll get your heads smashed in just like oldham and bradford.

Anonymous said...

umm yu guys need tu stop beiin so
fxckin narrow minded.

and hu ever that prikk was sayin muslims in uk support the taliban.. No we dont. It's jus a few muslims hu r like this but the majority arent.

iim a muslim + im british.
Always will be. & yu sad lowlyfs hu hav tyme tu make vids like dis ent gnna change that. :)

Anonymous said...

Good evidence here (anon 3/7)for the intensions of the good pure Mulims (that's sarcasm by the way, extemists don't get it though, no scence of humour thats why they're always hating and killing people) that will turn up with covered faces to kill maime and intimidate and cry if they're arrested and say a white person called them a nasty name, but, think they have the right to preach evil on the streets of the UK without objection.

We hear such as Kaii 3/7,only the minority far too often but the silent minority (so they say they are anyway) will abuse organisers on web sites but not stand up and do anything about the so called minority that makes a mockery of their religion. Shame on them.

I hope the dmonstration goes peacefully, in stark contrast to the impure hate fuelled insane rantings and blood lust of the heratics who pass themselves off as Muslims and some REAL Mulims come out from behind their Mothers skirts in support too.

Anonymous said...

I will be there! It's time for a change, pull out your colours and march right on up to the Bull statue outside the Bullring at 3pm

Max_Archives said...

Lionheart? Ha ha ha you total fucking idiots.

I'm a white English male, disgusted with racist bullshit rammed down our throats by morons like the imbeciles on this (and lets not beat around the bush here) pro-nazi website.

Our country has an intricate fabric of mixed races and religious beliefs. It's the foundation of our culture. The people on here seem to be incapable of differentiating between a small minority cell of extremists, and a religious faith as a whole.

If you want to be accurate about all of this, Christians from the whole of Europe started this with the crusades, which was a religious holocaust blind to reason.

You clearly all lack the intelligence to understand our heritage. From reading some of the bullshit on this website, it's clear that all you want is a fight. One sided arguements with no intelligence. You give white British people a bad name, you total pricks!

I speak for a good majority of white British people when I say that people like you make me sick to the fucking guts.

YOU are the problem with this society.

YOU are the fear that breeds amongst it's people.

YOU are the hate-mongers that think a different religious perspective makes a person an instant threat.

YOU are reason this country has lost it's way, and YOU will be the death of it.

You disgust me more than words could ever explain.

Oh and one last thing for you right-wing, flag waving, brain dead thugs. Lionheart was the name history has given to Richard I, king of England in the Plantagenet era. He was French, he is quoted to have despised England and it's people, and he was a homosexual. Good work there on choosing your name!

Oh yeah - and when you're waving your St. Georges flags about like the window licking retards you are, remember that if he did even exist, St. George was a turk.

So to sum up, have a lovely day waving your Turkish flags under the name of a French, English-hating homosexual.

Now do us all a favour, and go kill yourselves

Anonymous said...

saw ur riot
IT WAS HILAROUS how many of u where there um ....TEN aha
but still glad to see that u scraped together a single brain cell to come up wiv any view. the thing i find so funny is ur probably all bleedin the country dry from the benefits u recieve. i say keep the muslims and throw u out u inbreds. clear u really stand up for urselfs, still u ran away when the police vans came aha. UNFORTUNATELTY we arent all as retarded as u and dont think so narrow minded. also ur banners sucked. nice to see the roughest of the rough have nothing better to do other than watch sky one and create a football like riot in brum town centre. UM WHY DONT U GO BACK TO ICELAND OR KWIK SAVE WHERE U BELONG and leave the islamic society alone.

Anonymous said...

i was once in a pizza hut in coventry, a muslim man and women were in there eating miding there own business ect ect, now obviously she had to lift her vale so she was able to eat, now, what happend next was completely disgusting, she lidted it up the slightest bit to far, and the man went and hit her round the face. she pretty much fell off her chair. this is not what we want our country to become, as all the are doing is runing our towns, trying to change our laws and scaring alot of people. they all deserve to go back to their own fucking country instead of swarming our streets, they have never done anything good for us, not one thing, but they go around thinking they own the fucking place. i lost a very close family friend because of those fucking wankstains, he was on his way home from afghanistan, and those fucking twats blew him up. and its you fucking muslim scum who need your heads smashed in.

Anonymous said...

Next one is 8th august in brum apprently and too that left wing scum bag hes a fucking digrace to our country it wasn't a riot it was suppose to be a protest against MUSLIM SCUMBAGS the police were a fucking disgrace chasing them away and not letting them march what the fuck had they done in all fairness ?:@!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you can possibly generalise an entire race and religion of people. The majority of muslims are peaceful, caring lovely people.. like the majority of white british people are too. Personally, if you're going to lower yourselves to the level of terrorists by staging hate-filled protests, then I honestly don't think you and your narrow minds should deserve to be in this country. You leave the happy, loving muslims and us happy, loving british people alone to live in peace.