9 June 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Part 2 - Al Qaeda to kidnap tourists

Update 11/06/09 - Attacking infidel tourists is legitimate

Glen Jenvey went undercover recently posing as a British journalist, to speak with Omar Bakri, head of the British wing of Al Qaeda's Global Jihad that is now headed up in our country by Anjem Choudry.

This interview was a follow on from Part 1: Al Qaeda & Hostages after Edwin Dyer was beheaded by Al Qaeda in North Africa because the British government would not release Osama Bin Laden's European ambassador Abu Qatada who is currently in prison awaiting extradition back to Jordan to face terror charges there.

Omar Bakri has stated that any non-Moslems entering Islamic lands now face the risk of being kidnapped and imprisoned, with the risk of being beheaded like Mr Dyer.

Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey, all popular holiday destinations where British and Western tourists have already been targeted by Al Qaeda, have all been singled out as places that are now vulnerable for tourists.

Travel to these places, and any other Islamic country at your own peril.

Further reading:
Being British was a capital crime in the eyes of Edwin Dyer’s Al-Qaeda killer


Anonymous said...

Egypt, Morocco, and Turkey if they kill British Holiday makers Bakri and Choudary should be on interpol wanted lists.

Anonymous said...

Anyone going on holiday to a muslim country must be utterly stupid. It's bad enough paying tax over here to subsidise muslims without going to their countries and giving them more of your money.

Anonymous said...

Hostage holiday!

My wife and kids will not be going to Turkey now i have read this.

Jim from London.

Lionheart said...

Lets hope they dont say "it will never happen to me" Jim, or dont be so silly, it will be alright.

I am sure many people say very similar things all the time, and then the unthinkable happens.

Its always better to be safe than sorry, because when your sorry it can be too late.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

My wife has said she want's to go to Devon now as she's so upset.we will never put our kids in danger.

Richard Leeds.

Joanne said...

It absolutely irks me that these people live in our lands, expect to have subsidized living on the wealth and hard labour of the indigenous peoples, and then balk at when they are institutionalized for committing or planning to commit heinous acts. They thoroughly disgust me, about as much as those who have made it all possible for them to take advantage of our every law.

I'd kick the whole lot of them out.

I feel so sorry for this fella who was beheaded and his loved ones. Al Queda is the military arm of Islam and people should bloody well wake up to this fact.

hellzbellz said...

I cannot believe that Anjem Choudry isn't in prison, or even brought up on ANY hate crimes, that the UK has. This guy is such an asshole and hell bent on turning the UK into sharia law. He promotes and emphasizes using violence to gain their agenda and so much more. I bet the UK police isn't even surveillence him or have an open investigation on this muslim asshole.

Will be a matter of time, I suppose till he slips up and is hopefully charged and incarcerated for a long long time. If Choudry was residing in the USA. He would've been in prison by now. I can't stand this dude. And he actually is mentioned on our news outlet (mostly Fox) quite a bit. And Fox news doesn't hesistate for a moment to say 'muslim terrorist' and words like that.

Though our own government has frowned on using certain words regarding islam, terrorist or muslim when it actually pertains to the matter. The media here can use whatever wording they desire.

As for traveling to any muslim nation. A person would have to be out of their mind to consider going there. Even if the nation is supposedly secular like Turkey or Lebanon. Those fanatics will hear a persons accent. And then the muslims will begin to think of how to kidnap them...even children. Muslims are barbaric, it's in their nature and bloodline for over thousands of years. Dipolmacy will never work with muslims. All they know is violence, killing and death. Therefore, it's necessary to meet them on their level. This is the only way and manner to deal with muslims. Wherever they reside...even in our own lands.

Though muslims seem to be everywhere in Europe. It's not too late to deal with them. And they must be dealt with and accordingly.