9 June 2009

Pallywood hits Luton: Lights - Camera - Action

'Pallywood' is the term used for the propaganda media wing of Hamas in Gaza, where they doctor and create fake video footage, in an attempt to damage Israel's image in peoples eyes.

Video: Pallywood

It seems that the same approach is now being used on the streets of Britain, to fool the infidels, and lull them into a false sense of security until they are strong enough to take over and implement Sharia law upon the populace.

That is the religious mandate of Islam after all.

To me, it seemed the perfect media creation to fool the gullible masses. You have to ask the question; how did the cameraman who took the pictures, know to be there to take the photos in the first place? Did he know something was going to happen?

The Daily Mail were on the phone to the leadership of the Mosque all week, telling them about their story on the anti-Islamic extremist protest in Luton after all, so it was the perfect opportunity for them to use the British media as an Islamic propoganda machine.

Further reading: Islam - Moderates V Militants in Luton

I then posted: Luton moderates aren't so moderate after all

The links to the extremist preaching in their Mosque were removed after they realised people had linked to them. However, thankfully, a reader of this blog had downloaded them before they were removed, and uploaded them to a file dowloading site with the links in the comments section for anyone to download and listen to.

I then received a comment from another reader who was present on the day this staged media event took place, which was the day before the Daily Mail article was published trying to link me to the firebombing might I add, and has given another slant on what really went on that day.

Video: Lying to the infidel

People choose to ignore the truth and believe the lies which is exactly what propaganda is about!

Comment taken from Al Qaeda & Hostages

Thank you Anonymous for posting this comment

When walking through Luton on Friday last week, I noticed some English people talking to two policemen, asking why there was a huge police presence there.

I discreetly listened to the exchange for a few minutes, which went along these lines, although not word-for-word of course.

English member of public: "How do you justify the cost of putting about 50 police around the streets in Bury Park today? Why are you here in such numbers when none of you came when I had my house broken into?"

Policeman: "We are here to keep the peace, and provide reassurance to the local community"

Other person, "You are here because all this about the radical Islamics was on TV the other night, and the muslim businessman owner of the new 'shopping plaza' was complaining that all the negative publicity was bad for business."

Policeman: "We just want to reasure the community."

The people went on to say that the whole thing was a set-up for the media and the police had played into their hands, when if the muslims had wanted to, they would simply have used their own force to get ex-Al Mahadjiroun member Sayful Islam off their streets.

There were a large number, maybe a hundred or more, of mainly young men handing out leaflets condemning the Government and non-Muslims. Many wore little crocheted white hats, which might suggest they were from the Bangladeshi mosque.

Bangladesh has a rising problem with militant Islamics as they oppose the "liberal" Banglas, who like music and don't enforce strict Islamic dress-codes.

Then one person pointed out the role of the high-ups enforcing the Police to obey political dictates from central government, instead of doing their duty impartially for all citizens. At that point, Sayful Islam, a fine-boned young man in long dress but with his full islamic-beard trimmed back a few inches appeared, surrounded by a dozen or more young men. He was held in awe by some of these kids, you could see it.

The English pereson said to the police, something like, "Isn't that the man you are here to watch? Why don't you or the locals tell him to piss-off, if they hate him that much?"

The police said nothing, and dozens of youths were handing out their political agitation leaflets, which were being accepted quite readily by the Muslim locals.

Then the person asked the police why they were so interested in protecting this Sayful as he was handing out his Al Quaeda propaganda, when Bury Park was the centre of the Luton drugs trade? And why didn't they ask some of the other teenagers riding around, where they got the cash to buy their expensive cars, and weren't the police looking in the wrong place, as these lads handing out leaflets had been doing it for the last 10 years and nobody bothered to stop them until it got on the telly.

Then some journalists came along and the person walked off, whilst the police just stood there not knowing what was going on.

The most telling thing I noticed is that the locals were taking the leaflets willingly, and not surprisingly, because a lot of them must have been their own children.

This blows the moderate versus militant Islam idea out of the water if you think about it.

More importantly, just why are our police being used to be political buffers between all the diffent points of view amongst the muslims and the the rest of Luton?


Andreas K. said...


Well... I wouldn't really blame the policeman right there in the street.

My father was a cop for more than 35 years (he retired in April this year), so I know their point of view quite well. The thing is, cops get orders and have to follow them.

In the 80s there was huge protest here in Austria in Hainburg against building a dam to produce electricity. The dam would have destroyed a one of the most magnificent natural treasures we have in Austria. The people protested, blocked the area. The government stepped in, sent the police and had the people removed by force.

My father wasn't there, but he said that, while sympathizing with the people, he would still have to follow the orders to remove them. Orders are orders.

Note: the protestors won in the end, the dam wasn't built.

I'm sure that many British cops sympathize with the people protesting against the muslim infiltration of our societies and the destruction of said societies by the political left. But what are they supposed to do? If they don't follow orders they get sacked or moved to the ass end of nowhere. Trust me, the cops know how bad the situation really is. The cops in the street know how everything is going down the sewers. They see it every day. They have to deal with the "enrichment" of our societies on a daily basis.

My father served in my home town, which has ~22,000 inhabitants. The police stations in it are small. But even there the same happened. My father is the type of "live and let live". But whenever I visited my parents and he had just come home from work he would often just ramble "those damn assholes", referring to... yes... people who refuse to follow our laws and also refuse to integrate themselves into our society. This small town has an every growing number of such people, thanks to the political left.

And the cops have to deal with it. They follow orders, sure, but many are angry and sympathize with the political right and the people who protest.

One note about the "enrichment of our societies": German left wing politicians are actually using this term when it comes to muslim immigrants who refuse to integrate themselves into our societies. Yes, these people are enriching our cultures. Yes, this is coming from the same people who always say that all cultures are equal. Apparently, all cultures are equal except their own. Sometimes I really wonder what makes my culture so inferior that it has to be "enriched" by arab tribes. I can't think of anything. Oh wait... yes... Hitler. German and Austrian history and culture are, effectively, reduced to Hitler, brought to you by the political left. Lovely, eh? Forget that we have more than 1,000 years of history. Hitler. Hitler. Hitler. HITLER! It goes so far that patriotism is bad. Love your country? NAZI! Patriotism is only, somewhat, allowed during large sports events. And even there some leftists here are unhappy over people showing German and Austrian flags.

Anonymous said...

Good comments Andreas, all Europe is under the same growing threat.
You are right about the police though, they cannot avoid following orders, I think the comment befotre was about the fact that the police are being used politically by government figures.

Joanne said...

Sorry, the coppers don't get a break. They are very well equipped to organize themselves and demonstrate on the streets when their pay is concerned, but they are suppose to be given a break when they have to follow orders because they are orders. Rubbage. Police have their priorities, and it is their employment and their pay; otherwise, if they gave a rat's ass about what their orders were, they would unite and make a stand....but they don't. The Gestapo were given orders, and I'm sure they rationalized their way into accepting and carrying out the orders too; where will the British police draw the line or will they ever draw the line?

I have principles; I am not going to go against my principles and my people. Perhaps if the police actually had faith and uniting, took a stand, they would actually make a difference.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart as usual on his blog bullshit is talking a load of shit, a english member of public was asking these questions to the police , alright you joker, all you are doing is trying to gather all the racists you can and cause trouble. If i was to ever find you lionheart aka pussycat i'd kick your fucking head in. racist pussy. All muslims are not the same so dont stick them under the same umbrella. You were driven out of your job, bullshit you little pussy, you thought might as well claim social coz your business was going under. bury park aint no drug capital al qeada capital as you say, you dont know shit pussycat, you aint no lionheart your a little pussy like the fools who stand out bury park post office chanting ther crap.

Lionheart said...

Must have struck a nerve with this post.

Take a read of these 2 articles.

Town at the end of the terrorist trail

Luton: Heroin Jihad

I suppose the infidel Defence Secretary must be a liar like myself.

Luton: Al Qaeda enclave

These Moslems like the commentator above who is from Bury Park, think we are all as stupid as him.

We are not all from the delusional Liberal Left wing in society, with our heads in the sand thinking this Islamic enrichment is adding to our Country.

Some of us see it as it is!

Infiltration, Islamification, and attempted Conquest.

Joanne said...

"All muslims are not the same so dont stick them under the same umbrella." by Anonymous

So is that the "kick your f***ing head in" umbrella or the 'blow you to smithereens' umbrella or perhaps, the 'slit your throat and cut your head off' umbrella?

Whichever, they all meet the same objective.

Andreas K. said...

Joanne, you can't compare the GESTAPO with today's police. Honestly, the comparison is redundant.

GESTAPO was more than a normal police force. They were a thought police, similar to the Japanese Kempeitai (and the other units used in national-socialist Japan under Tojo and Hirohito.)

Honestly, I find the comparison offensive.

What is a normal cop on the streets supposed to do? Refuse orders?

Of course they care about their job and pay. Who wouldn't? Many of them have families. You can't feed your kids with political views. You can't pay your rent with it. That's how it is.

Sure, make your stand, lose your job. What then?

If the British cops would do what you suggest, what do you think would happen?

I can tell you.

The same as in Germany.

The police of Berlin has announced that candidates for the police academies in Berlin, who have an immigration background, are not required to pass an exam on the German language anymore. German candidates still have to pass it.

The police was pushed into this by the politicians.

This idea will be a catastrophe. Cops have an awful lot of paperwork. If these new "officers" can't even use proper German... oh dear. Chaos.

Sure, make your stand, lose your job, for the politicians you are not important. If 1,000 cops would do that in the UK, they would be replaced, simple as that. Do you really think that any of the left-wing politicians gives a damn? There are enough willing tools around to keep them in power. So they just cater to them.

Similar can be observed with nurses in Germany. Certain politicians want to lower the requirements you need to fullfil if you want to join a nursing school. Of course those requirements will only be lowered for candidates with immigration background.

I'm working in security now and I would not risk my job over a political opinion. No, I wouldn't. You know why? Because this job right now is the one thing that enables me to go back to university and with that I'm out of this country on the long run. Because there are more important things for me. If I lose it because of standing up for my political opinion, because I have to make a stand, I will lose the chance to get out of here. And yes, I've pretty much given up on Austria. The people are sheep and believe anything the government tells them. To hell with them. I won't stay here. After seeing the leftists and the islamo-fascists marching through our streets (througout Europe, mind you), screaming "Death to the Jews!" and "Hamas! Hamas! Jews into the gas!" and NOBODY protesting agaisnt it... I've stopped seeing myself as Austrian. I will not stand up for a country, a people who allow something like that.

Note: but if I would run through the streets screaming "Hitler was great!" I'd get locked up. Only dead Jews matter to the politicians. They cry their crocodile tears in Auschwitz while sympathizing with Iran's dreams of a new Holocaust.

Though, Joanne, do you know what kind of crap the average cop sees every day? I know a few cops here in Vienna, and many of them are angry because of the abuse they constantly take from all sides.

Malmö in Sweden is a great example. In certain areas of the town police only enters with two cars anymore. One car for taking care of the problem. The other to protect the cars. That's how things are.

Or, this happened in Germany: a handful of wannabe jihadis tried to kill two cops. They wanted to take their guns and play jihad. The attempt was foiled and the attackers pretty much walked away with a slap on the wrist.

Who really wants to be a cop today anymore? You have to be highly masochist for that job nowadays.

Andreas K. said...

@ Anonymous, 18:20:00:

If all muslims are not the same, why have they all been dancing in the streets after 9-11? Why are they not standing up against the terror? Why are they treating their women like crap? Why are they not standing up against honor killings? Why are they not standing up against the fascism in muslim countries?


Oh and... islam is not a race. It's an ideology. Thus Lionheart can't be racist.

Oh, and before I forget it: islam, literally, means "submission".

I will not submit. You'll have to kill me.

Anonymous said...

I think you white people need to take a look at yourselves first and when it comes to domestic violence you whites are the best. There are figures to prove it. Why can't you people get on with your lives and let others get on with theirs. Lionheart is a sad little prick who used to be a drug dealer so basically he was a part of this so called 'Heroin Jihad'. He made his money and wealth off illegal drugs but you people are blinded by his bullshit.

Lionheart said...

When i was younger growing up, yes i did start out my life on a different set of tracks which has never been denied.

When i saw the light i stepped off of those tracks and onto the right tracks that lead into eternal life.

Whilst on the old tracks doing the old things i never once sold heroin or crack because in my mind those people selling those substances are KNOWINGLY killing people.

Funny how its Pakistani Moslems aligned with Al Qaeda who control the trade.

Killing the infidels, and making vast sums of money in the process.

Heroin: The Golden Sword of Jihad

Joanne said...

"The Gestapo were given orders, and I'm sure they rationalized their way into accepting and carrying out the orders too; where will the British police draw the line or will they ever draw the line?" by me

"Joanne, you can't compare the GESTAPO with today's police. Honestly, the comparison is redundant." by Andreas

First off Andreas, I am not comparing the Gestapo to the British police, I am comparing two groups of armed, organized groups who obeyed and obey orders. I do NOT believe the British police are anything like the Gestapo in the least, but as you've mentioned how bad it is in Austria, Germany, Sweden, etc., there may come the time as things worsen in Britain that they may come to a point in their career, if it hasn't happened already, where their orders go beyond what they are willing to do and they will have to make a decision. My question is where will they draw the line?

The British Police, metaphorically speaking, are frogs in a pot of water and as the water boils and becomes hotter, each new order that comes down the pipe gets a little more bizarre and the police each and every time have to make a decision to obey the orders or not. Currently British police have their priorities, which aren't necessarily attending the home invasion of an elderly person in progess, but attending a Muslim household because of an apparent hate complaint. The police attend the Muslim household knowing an elderly person may be beated or killed in the home invasion, but they still attend to the hate complaint first. Yes, they are following orders. Do they feel good about it - probably not, but they do it anyways.

If you are a doctor, for example, and abstain from providing abortions because you want to uphold your oath and believe abortion is murder, but a law is passed where you can no longer abstain and must provide abortions to all those who come to you or else you will lose your licence. What do you do? Do you perform abortions or do you change careers? Some people will actually perform those abortions because they need that job and have a family to feed. Sorry, but sooner or later, we have to make the big decisions. I would like to know where the police will draw the line or if they will even draw the line?

United we stand, divided we fall. If the police are sick of what is going on in Britain, then they should unite and be a voice against the insanity....or they can just keep following their orders. Shameful.

Joanne said...

Anonymous - the difference between 'white' people involved in domestic violence and Muslim people involved in domestic violence is that we have laws against domestic violence; in Sharia Law, you have laws that not only support domestic violence, but promote domestic violence against women and children. You are sick mothers from the get go; at least, we have enough common sense to figure out that domestic violence is wrong and to have laws to protect people. You can't even figure out that sodomizing and raping children, beating and raping women, killing, lying, and pushing drugs is evil. You have honour killings - well, you don't have any honour to protect in the first place. Repent your evil ways, ask Jesus Christ to forgive you, and refrain from your sinful ways.

Lionheart - many of the greatest disciples and prophets in the Bible were at one time great sinners, but changed their ways and are beckons of light to us all. You are chosen by God, there is no doubt.

Joanne said...

"....,but changed their ways and are beckons of light to us all." by me

Actually, I meant "are 'beacons' of light," but 'beckons of light' works too.

Lionheart said...

Thank you Joanne...

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 11-Jun-2009 12:29:00

Some of your comments in this site:

"I think you white people need to take a look at yourselves first and when it comes to domestic violence you whites are the best. There are figures to prove it. "

04-Jun-2009 01:41:00

"your just jealous that the pakistani people are wealthier and living better lives than you. You are scum in your own country. "

04-Jun-2009 13:22:00


07-Jun-2009 17:10:00

"The pakistani people do not disrespect the English people or England as a country. The English people have no respect for themselves in the first place. Just look at the way English people live. Leave home when your 16 and your kids stick u in a care home when your 65. England has one of the highest rate of underage pregnancies. Your governments corrupt as everyones now seen. Now it makes sense how the heroin that your always on about, gets into this country in the first place. Someones letting it in somewhere!! You work like dogs Monday to Friday and come Saturday you've drank all you earnt leaving you to live like a tramp till the next weekend. Thats why your all thieves and mug grannys. I've seen your videos of the protests in Luton and it seems that everyone was drunk and raving at the time. Your all born, bred and raised pussys. How many of them English would have protested when they were sober?? You don't see muslims getting pissed and protesting through town like that do you??"

Explanation of racism - link here :

"Racism is the belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race"

By your comments, you make the claim that Pakistani people are superior to white people by providing generalities. By this, you run the claim of being racist yourself.

For interest if you can, check out the documentary 'A Conversation about Race' by Craig Bodeker. It is very revealing how the race industry works:

A Conversation about Race link

Anonymous said...

Why don't the anonymous who posted on the 11 Jun 2009 12:29:00 try the black hellhole,if he/she hate the white people so much. His/her hateful speech exhibited an extreme unjustified madness against white people is clearly unacceptable and most incompatible with our gentle western civilised society.