2 June 2009

Daily Mail article removed

As most visitors to this blog will be aware, there was a Daily Mail article published in Saturday May 30th newspaper featuring a picture of me with wording that suggested that I was to blame for the firebombing of the Islamic Centre in Bury Park Luton. This allegation was based upon crests and shields on my blog, and letters the Islamic centre supposedly received before the attack.

I wrote this post late last night (Luton moderates), and first thing this morning the Daily Mail article had been removed from the internet.

I wonder what I said for the Daily Mail to decide to remove their article?

Here is the wording of the article regarding myself:

Shortly before the Islamic Centre, which houses a mosque and school, was set alight, staff received a string of threatening anonymous letters. One warned: 'We know who you are ... we have plenty of pictures of you ... we are watching you ... we will certainly have you for what you did this week' [a reference to the homecoming parade].

A second was littered with references to the crusades, including the name of Reynold de Chatillon, whose brutality towards Muslims in the holy land was infamous.

'Saladdin once preached Jihad against the Christian kingdom, so now we preach our Jihad against Islam!!', ranted the letter, which described Muslims as 'parasites' and 'Allah's vomit'.

A similar coat of arms and Crusader imagery is featured in a notorious anti-Islamic website penned by someone calling himself Lionheart.

Lionheart, we discovered, is Paul Ray, 32. Ray used to run a computer repair shop in nearby Dunstable, but is now unemployed. Last year, he was arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred and is still on bail. Asked if he sent the poisonous letter to the Islamic Centre weeks before it was torched, Ray replied: This is the first I've heard about the letter. The Muslims must be trying to pin the firebombing on me.'

When Tim Stewart, the Daily Mail journalist, spoke to me on the phone about these letters and the link between the shields and crests on them and those on this blog, I said to him that if the Islamic centre had been sent the letters, and there was a direct link to my blog, then why have the police not pulled me in for questioning over it? To this he replied that he didnt know whether they had given the letters to the police or not.

What would be the first thing you gave to the police after this type of attack?

Considering the Daily Mail have printed my name over such a very serious crime, subtly linking me to the attack on a religious building based upon some supposed letters that they dont even know exist, or whether the the police have them or not, isnt it only fair that the authenticity of the letters in question was validated before printing the story, linking me to it, and then allowing millions of people to read it?

It is not very nice, is very dangerous for me, and is extremly damaging in many ways to be linked to such a serious crime, based upon no evidence, and then printed in a national newspaper for the whole country to read.

Do the police have these letters? Or has the knowledge of these letters only come about recently for the Daily Mail article so that they can try and link the fire bombing to me?

I think the investigating officer Detective Inspector Mark Upex has a responsibility to talk to Tim Stewart about what he knows about the letters in question. If they are genuine then how stupid to release such an important piece of evidence into the public domain, and how dare he link me to them. If they are not, then why is Tim Stewart writing about them in the first place, and the Daily Mail editor clearing it for print?

If they are genuine then I have absolutely no qualms about talking to the police so they can eliminate me from their enquiries, and my email is on the side bar of this blog for them to contact me.

Who has ever seen me make mention of Moslems being
'allah's vomit' or 'parasites'?

If these letters are not in the hands of the police then don't you think they should be, and why are they not?

There should also be a criminal investigation over the Daily Mail article to get to the bottom of why the Daily Mail printed their story based upon them, and why I was personally linked to the the arson attack of a religious building in a national newspaper, with criminal charges brought against those who wrote the article.

It is an extremly damaging article, that has very serious implications to me.

How would you like to be the one blamed for bombing a Mosque in Luton considering the tensions on the ground, not just in Luton but across the country?

Tim Stewart and Paul Bracch have made a very serious mistake with their article and the Daily Mail
editor who cleared it is accountable for allowing something so damaging to go to print.

There must be something legally wrong with the article for them to have removed it so quickly from the internet after my post yesterday.

I wonder what the reason is?

It still went out in print across the country and around the World though.

I hope the journalists in question have
'perverted the course of justice' by their actions, and that they will be charged over it, or if not this charge, then some other charge.

I know Glen Jenvey has his own case against the Daily Mail for linking him to the article for absolutely no reason at all.


Isaiah 54:17
No weapon formed against you shall prosper, And every tongue which rises against you in judgment You shall condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, And their righteousness is from Me,” Says the LORD.


Joanne said...

Lionheart, sue them for damages and for promoting hatred against you and your life, and demand for a retraction to be placed in their paper apologizing for their misinformation about yourself.

The target on your back already exists from these Muslims, but this so-called journalist purposely added fuel to the fire, which could very well cost you your life.

These guys put this stuff in print believing people such as yourself won't do anything about it. Do we think they would implicate a Muslim, without expecting a lawsuit on their hands? They are cowards and bully people with a stroke of their pen.

crusader1119 said...

Well said Paul.
They (the mail) are linking you because your still on bail for trumped up charges but really its a move by those that want to discredit you because your making some noise. They (the government) dont want us (the majority) to speak up for ourselves and if we do we are told its racist.Colour isnt the issue here!
Sue them. If they pay you off we know they were told to print that story. Hmmm.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Well, here you said it right here:

Tim Stewart and Paul Bracch have made a very serious mistake with their article and the Daily Mail editor who cleared it is accountable for allowing something so damaging to go to print.

I would go after those two with a legal knife and fork if I were you. They've clearly committed libel and have also endangered your life.

If Stewart and Bracch are reading this, I hope Lionheart goes after you and your stinking leftist liberal rag of a newspaper.

Steve Harkonnen said...

"They (the government) dont want us (the majority) to speak up for ourselves and if we do we are told its racist."

Crusader pins the number one problem in Britain today - the people's inability to speak out against their government. It's sad, really. I hope that one day the people of the UK stand up - and if necessary, chase the MP's out into the streets where the masses can have their way with them.

The Prodigal Soldier said...

More warriors will be needed. Revolution is comming very soon.
I hope we're ready. Wish we could work together.

Anonymous said...

It so simple - Sue them for defamation.

Make yourself a rich man courtesy of the corrupt press.

J. Hank Rearden said...


Christendom is with you. God bless you.

Only those who want to destroy Britan are now allowed to operate freely. Is it now a crime to want to save your country? I watched with amazement as the police protected the rat b's as they protested the troop's homecoming in Luton. But ofcourse no muslim is arrested .... evidently only those who speak the truth are a danger to community cohesion ... what BS.

Your blog is opening the eyes of the world. May God give you strength to keep fighting the good fight.

San Jose, California, USA

Anonymous said...

The page you have requested does not exist or is no longer available."

Paul, if it's still in print form then get them to make a public apology or sue them. Do not let them get away with this, they threaten you so they threaten all of us.

Set the Lion on them!

Anonymous said...

Lionheart you need to come to terms with the fact that it was your british government that let the pakistani people emigrate to the UK and your just jealous that the pakistani people are wealthier and living better lives than you. You are scum in your own country. People of all breeds and nationalities sell drugs. I don't hear you raising concerns about any other race or nationality selling drugs. You need to get away from your computer and get out a bit more and get a life you sad pathetic loser.

Lionheart said...

The Heroin Jihad


Anonymous said...

A huge percentage of pakistanis (and muslims in general) are dependant on state welfare. Many of the rest are running cash businesses,and pay little or no tax. They are a drain on society.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 04-Jun-2009 01:41:00

Although hard to prove, how much of the British Pakistani population's wealth is down to the informal lending system of Hawala?

Link to wiki entry of Hawala

The only source of capital that non-Pakistani's have is via bank whereas Pakistani's can get money either from the traditional banking system and the Hawala system which is a lot less stringent.

Nobody is suggesting that Pakistani people don't work as hard as non-Pakistani's but due to Hawala, there is a suspicion that they are not playing on a level playing field when getting funding which is the essential ingredient in creating wealth. If Hawala didn't exist then this argument would not come up.

As to Lionheart highlighting Pakistani Muslims selling Heroin, he is doing it in the context of Luton only. He has provided ample proof of this. Did he make the suggestion that only Pakistani Muslims are selling Heroin throughout Great Britain or the world?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous - Seeking to attract attention to his cause is EXACTLY what Paul is rightly and unapologetically doing... And with ever growing success if recent events are anything to go by!

Your semi-literate rant perfectly illustrates, as chronicled throughout the pages of this blog, the disrespect and scorn you and your ilk hold towards the people of this country whose backs you choose to prosper on.

Outside of the current ineffectual Government, which is firmly shackled by political correctness and blinkered, multicultural idealisms... How long did you expect the ordinary people of this, your host country, to tolerate your attitude?

The tide is turning.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 04-Jun-2009 13:22:00

Not sure if you are the same person who posted at 04-Jun-2009 01:41:00. Why don't you register a nick and post your grievousness so we can all understand?

Anonymous said...

They're a danger to public security and who knows which of them are terrorists or pushers of hate? Back the lot of them before more mayhem comes.

Anonymous said...

The Pakistani people may be wealthy, but so what, they don't have to go around bullying, intimidating and terrorising other people.

View of WLIL

Anonymous said...

Pakistanis wealthy? Some are. Most aren't. As a mortgage broker I have dealt with a number of the over the years (I don't deal with them now).Of all the self employed ones I have met,I've never seen any of the make more than a token payment of tax,and,almost without exception,milk the system for all its worth. To find one NOT claiming working family's tax credit is a real rareity.
We are mugs for putting up with it,but I believe that will change before long.

Anonymous said...

The pakistani people do not disrespect the English people or England as a country. The English people have no respect for themselves in the first place. Just look at the way English people live. Leave home when your 16 and your kids stick u in a care home when your 65. England has one of the highest rate of underage pregnancies. Your governments corrupt as everyones now seen. Now it makes sense how the heroin that your always on about, gets into this country in the first place. Someones letting it in somewhere!! You work like dogs Monday to Friday and come Saturday you've drank all you earnt leaving you to live like a tramp till the next weekend. Thats why your all thieves and mug grannys. I've seen your videos of the protests in Luton and it seems that everyone was drunk and raving at the time. Your all born, bred and raised pussys. How many of them English would have protested when they were sober?? You don't see muslims getting pissed and protesting through town like that do you??

Anonymous said...

Anonymouse:You ask: "How many of them English would have protested when they were sober?? You don't see muslims getting pissed and protesting through town like that do you??"

Well, chum, you DO see Muslims protesting all over the place, and their 'protests' are full of vile insults, bloodthirsty threats such as: Be Prepared for the Real Holocaust, Kill the Queen, Death to those who insult Islam...and a scores of other ravings and rantings by an extremely unhealthy section of today's 'british' public.

Them insolent foreigners don't need to get 'pissed' with forbidden alcohol (which, by the way, a lot of Moslems actually like to tipple or two almost as much as those who are not forbidden to partake of it), often together with a variety of hard drugs on top of it. Of course, they were either born that way (their particular DNA is known to be full of piss - and worse) or
'educated' to be that way before they're out of nappies.

What would you feel like if in your native Islamic country, Christian immigrants (of course this is all imaginary because Christians...or Jews, Hindus, Sikhs...are not allowed to live in your tolerant countries, right?)behaved like you lot do here?

You wouldn't just have a peaceful protest-march, you'd be bursting into their quarter, crashing into their homes, businesses and churches, burning them down while massacring everyone you got hold of whether adults, old people, children & even babies as you raped, and then also murdered, their womenfolk.

Put a sock in it and go away once and for all.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Christians are forbidden to get drunk. Thats what YOUR bible says!!! Muslim protesters are not the chavs in hoodies marching through Luton town centre pissed out there heads screaming are they? I bet half of them didn't have a clue what was going on. They just wanted to get pissed. Sad fuckers. Your DNAs known to be identical to a pigs and pigs fuck they're own mothers and eat they're own shit.

Anonymous said...

I personally come across a supposedly educated pakistani moslem doctor in malaysia who behaved worse than a drunkard and scum. another suppposedly educated malay moslem nurse(and seemingly wife of a pakistani who heaped abuse after abuse at me at a workplace in saudi arabia.I could go on with endless examples of moslems misbehaviour. why do we sane people have to put with those moslems inhumane nastiness, through no fault of ours. enough is enough.
why should we not get pissed off when we were mistreated by moslem? even the most gentle person will get pissed off. some of us become recluse and some of us go to the pub and have a drink. nothing wrong in having a drink, if that means it helps us to stay sane, through all the insanity of this world.

View of WLIL

Anonymous said...

08-Jun-2009 00:08:00

You are the reason why this blog exists.
You have shown just how much hate and racism you hold towards white English or any other non-Muslim people.

Let me show you several Pakistani heroin and cocaine users and pushers.
There are plenty in Luton.
ALL heroin comes from Afghan/Pakistan.
Large quantities come through Luton.
Business empires have been built on heroin money in Luton.
Pakiatani landlords with dozens of houses worth tens of millions, all supported by British government through Social Seccurity pay-outs to the tenants, or from Eastern European tenants who come here to work.

The VAST majority of British, Scots, Welsh, do not get drunk or are single mothers, you sad loser.
Those that are, are created by the Socialist Labour Party policies of helping immigrants and you haters, whilst refusing help to indigenous British.
You lot with yur "American Chicken" shops and your pizza joints are the real losers.
You even eat the shit you sell to us.
In fact I don't think that there is a Pakisatani male who knows how to cook proper food for themselves, that's why you need to enslave your women to the home to be your servants.
Go to Bury Park at night and what do you see?
ALL male Muslims wandering about the chicken joints and driving around in loud flash cars, because you have not anything else in your lives.
You don't even believe in the Koram.
If you did you would support Sayful Islam and his mates as they hand out leaflets telling the real aim of Islam, "to conquer the Western world, and fly the flag of Islam over 10 Downing Street."
You let them suckers do your dirty work for you, while you make money from selling alcohol to foolish whites, from the dozens of shops you own. Yoe lot do not make money from selling bread or sugar in those shops, it all comes from selling booze, which is illegal to Islam.
So that makes another jihad.
Not only the heroin jihad, but also the booze jihad,
Hippocritical liars.
Two-faced gangsters and pimps for a pseudo-religion, which is actually a political system, governing your lives, but only when it suits you.
Allah has a place for you, it is called Hell.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, you simply must make a complaint to the Press Complaints Commisssion.
You start by writng to the Editor of the newspaper, asking him to explain himself for allowing defamation by association.
He will have to write back and at that point you contact the PCC.
You can publish the replies for all to see, if you like.
Don't let it slip, even get your lawyer to write, as it will have predjudiced your case.
By taking the story down. it does not remove their liability, because there are plenty of witnesses who have seen it, and it will be archived.
They would not remove the story, except on advice from their lawyers.
They have proved themselves guilty in my view.

Anonymous said...

To the twit above, that says the Bible forbids to get drunk, Iwould love to see the specific qoute.
All sensible religions preach moderation.
Jesus, the Messiah of the Bible, turned water into wine, by a miracle.
A the Muslims belive in Jesu Isa, supposedly, why do they not partake of wine? (Though many do, on the quiet.)
And more importantly, why doea this twit think it's OK to sell forbidden alcohol, and profit from it?
Please quote the Q'ran where it explains this?
You can't can you?
Go back to bed you dullard.

Anonymous said...

You people get so defensive about alcohol!!! hahahaha. Seems like its the story of your lives. CHEERS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Who is 'you people' that the anonymous of 11 Jun 2009, is referring to? Who is 'defensive about alcohol'? Are people not allowed to talk about alcohol?