8 June 2009

EXCLUSIVE: Part 1 - Al Qaeda & Hostages

One of Britains leading terror experts Glen Jenvey went undercover recently on behalf of 'Defence of the Realm' media to interview Omar Bakri who is the exiled leader of the British wing of militant Islam that is now headed up by Anjem Choudry.

This interview was carried out approximately 1 week before the recent beheading of the British hostage Edwin Dyer in North Africa.

Part 2 of the interview to follow was carried out after Mr Dyer's beheading, and there is a very clear warning on where you should and should not go on holiday this summer.


Anonymous said...

Evil Bakri.

But great reporting im staying in UK this year with my wife and kids as i do not feel safe abroad after reading your report.cant wait for part two!


Anonymous said...

Once a terrorist always a terrorist.
A new Day is Dawning, the sleepy folk are awakening to see that burglars and vandals have wrecked their homes as they slumbered.

"The waters of Truth and Justice and Freedom are once again flowing over this Country."

Anonymous said...

How would Omar Bhakri feel if his kids which you can hear in the background, were kignapped to get the release of British and American hostages?
Perhaps he would think they were "martyrs" dying for his cause?

Anonymous said...

When walking through Luton on Friday last week, I noticed some English people talking to two policemen, asking why there was a huge police precence there.
I discretely listened to the exchange for a few minutes, which went along these lines, although not word for word of course.

English member of public, "How do you justify the cost of putting about 50 police around the streets in Bury Park today? Why are you here in such numbers when none of you came when I had my house broken into?"

polceman, "We are here to keep the peace, and provide reassurance to the local community"

other person, "You are here because all this about the radical Islamics was on TV the other night, and the muslim businessman owner of the new "shopping plaza" was complaining that all the negative publicity was bad for business."

police,"We just want to reaasure the community."
The people went on to say that the whole thing was a set-up for the media and the police had played into their hands, when if the muslims had wanted to, they would simply have used their own force to get ex-Al Mahadjiroun member Shayful Islam off their streets.
There were a large number maybe a hundred of more of mainly young men handing out leaflets condemning the government and non-Muslims, many wore little crocheted white hats, which might suggest they were from the Bangladeshi mosque.
Bangladesh has a rising problem with militant Islamics as they oppose the "liberal" Banglas, who like music and don't enforce strict Islamic dress-codes.
Then one person pointed out the role of the high-ups enforcing the Police to obey political Dictates from central government, instead of doing their duty impartially for all citizens.
At that point, Shayful Islam, a fine-boned young man in long dress but with his full islamic-beard trimmed back a few inches appeared, surrounded by a dozen or more young men. He was held in awe by some of these kids, you could see it.
The English pereson said to the police, something like, "Isn't that the man you are here to watch? Why don't you or the locals tell him to piss-off, if they hate him that much?"
The police said nothing, and dozens of youths were handing out their political agitation leaflets, which were being accepted quite readily by the Muslim locals.
Then the person asked the police why they werew so interested in protecting this Shaful as he was handing out his Al Quaeda propaganda, when Bury Park was the centre of the Luton drugs trade, and why didn't they ask some of the other teenagers riding around where they got the cash to buy there expensive cars, and weren't the police looking in the wrong place, as these lads handing out leaflets had been doing it for the last 10 years and nobody bothered to stop them until it got on the telly.
Then some journalists came along and the person walked off, whilst the police just stood there not knowing what was going on.

The most telling thing I noticed is that the locals were taking the leaflets willingly, and not surprisingly, because a lot of them must have been their own children.

This blows the moderate versus militant Islam idea out of the water if you think about it.
More importantly just why are our police being used to be political buffers between all the diffent points of view amongst the muslims and the the rest of Luton?

Kybeline said...

I wanted to recomend you a topic:
BBC paid some 30,000 apology money to the Muslim Council, as you can read in the National:

Now they did it just like that, because they are good dhimmis. There was no court case, no trial, whether this show might be truely considered an offence.

You find the case on the site of the BBC too. They tell about the apology, but they keep quiet about the money:

I think, that you see now, what is crooked in this apology-business. I made my own blog article about it, but it is actually a british topic and you might find it interesting.

Nice greetings

Anonymous said...

Your doing a great job : part two shows its not safe to go to muslim countrys on hoilday im going to Malta.


Anonymous said...

Maltas a great place, but is under threat from huge numbers of North Afican and Somalian Muslim "refugees" coming in from staging posts such as Syria.
Our idiot governments cannot put two and two together.
We are under a quiet invasion.

Lionheart said...

The Great Siege of Malta - Part 1

1565 and the ‘Great Siege’ on the tiny Island of Malta will always live in infamy within the bloody annuls of Christian/Muslim Holy War. A tiny band of Christian Knights of the ‘Sovereign Order of St John’ who devolved from the Knights Hospitalliers after the Crusades and led by the legendary hero of the Order Grandmaster Jean Parisot De La Vallette accompanied by approximately 4000 supporting soldiers from Spain, Italy, Greece, and from amongst the Maltese population successfully defended the Island from invasion by a 40,000 strong Islamic Armada that was sent by the Ottoman Sultan ‘Suleiman the Magnificent’ to wipe Malta and its inhabitants from the Earth. Suleiman was believed to be the most powerful figure on the planet at that time whose titles included Vice-Regent of God on Earth, Lord of the Lords of East and West, whose realm stretched from the Gates of Vienna to the Gardens of Babylon, and from Budapest to Aden. In sharp contrast his adversary in the embodiment of Grandmaster La Vallette was the leader of a small band of Knights who formed the ‘Order of St John’, otherwise known as the Knights of Malta. They were materially poor in comparison to the Ottoman Empire, but rich in their faith and commitment and responsibilities in defending Christendom from the aggression of the Islamic World. They had been forced to set up home on the tiny Island of Malta after being expelled by the Sultan from the Island of Rhodes 14 years prior in 1522 after a siege there that had lasted 6 months. In 1530 they were given the Island of Malta by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V in return for one falcon to be sent annually to the Viceroy of Sicily and for a solemn mass to be celebrated on All Saints Day. Allowing the Knights safe passage from Rhodes after the siege there was one of the Sultans greatest mistakes because they were able to set up home, regroup and rebuild on the Island of Malta making it their new headquarters. Malta is located centrally in the Mediterranean Sea which at that time was an important trading route between East & West. This gave God’s Knights the opportunity to exploit the Islamic Worlds trading routes and attack their merchant ships that were carrying great wealth and human prizes crossing through their new territory. It was this piracy inflicted on the Ottoman Empire by the Knights that was to eventually force the hand of the Sultan with him no longer able to bear the thought of Christian Knights attacking his ships, confiscating his goods and taking his servants as prisoners. So he amassed the greatest armada know to man since antiquity to destroy the ‘Sovereign Order of St John’ and desecrate the island.

Lionheart said...

The Great Siege of Malta - Part 2

The future of Christian Europe and the whole of Christendom were now at stake with the ‘battle of the ages’ that echoes throughout history about to unfold on this tiny Island, with the defence of Christian Europe resting in the hands of Grandmaster La Vallette and his fellow Knights. Queen Elizabeth I was said to have remarked: “If the Turks should prevail against the Isle of Malta, it is uncertain what further peril might follow the rest of Christendom”. If Malta fell then the Ottoman Empire led by the Sultan could march on Sicily, then right up and into Rome home of the Roman Catholic Church, and then on and into the whole of Europe. It was dawn on Friday 18 May 1565 when the Turkish armada finally arrived on the shores of Malta first anchoring at Marsaxlokk 10 kilometers away from the Grand Harbour. Due to the size of the Armada sent the Ottoman armies thought that this was going to be a quick defeat of this small band of Christian Knights, little did they realise the skill and bravery of all of the Knights and soldiers they were about to face, right up to the Grandmaster who at 70+ years of age inspired and led his troops from the front in the battle for Birgu, and the fortifications they had constructed to defend their island against just such an assault from the Islamic world. Fort St Elmo was the first stronghold to be attacked, 100 Knights and 500 soldiers manned the Fort until it was eventually reduced to rubble with what was left of it being taken by the Sultans Muslim troops. Then in July the attack on the Senglea peninsula came which was thwarted by the cannons at the foot of Fort St Angelo with up to 800 Muslim enemies dead in the water and the rest in retreat. Then came the battle for Fort St Michael and Birgu where fierce fighting ensued with the Turkish armies eventually breaching the walls only to be forced back by the defending Knights and soldiers. It is here that Grandmaster La Vallete led his troops and was wounded in battle with a stone commemorating his heroics still there to this day. The Turks eventually retreated fearing a relief force had arrived after one of their field hospitals was attacked by a Commander stationed in Mdina. Come September the weather was changing and one of the leaders of the Turkish armies commanded an assault on the ‘silent city’ of Mdina. When the tired battle weary Muslim troops arrived they could see in the distance hundreds of Knights dressed in full regalia waiting for them, which in reality was only ordinary Maltese men and women dressed in disguise to scare the advancing troops. It worked, the Turks had had enough by this point so decided to turn back and accept defeat, leaving the field of battle on the 8th September 1565 which coincided with the day of the ‘feast of the Birth of the Virgin Mary’. On a separate part of the Island St Paul’s bay Don Garcia had finally arrived with a further 8000 troops to support the Knights and engaged in one last battle with the Turks on 11th September 1565 before the greatest Armada known to man left the island of Malta defeated by the ‘Grace of God’ at the hands of 700 of His Knights. The legendary hero Grandmaster Jean Parisot De La Vallette along with his small band of brave Knights who lived under the shadow of Almighty God had successfully defended their island against the Vice Regent of God on Earth, Lord of the Lords of East and West, and in turn saved Christendom from an unknown fate. The memory and the legend of these brave Christian Knights of the ‘Order of St John’, or the Knights of Malta as they are otherwise known lives on and speaks to us in this generation about a time past, present and future where Christian/Muslim Holy War rages upon the Earth. LH