17 June 2009

Luton: Smashing the medias white-wing fallacy

If you have read about the anti-extremist protests in Luton in any of the mainstream newspapers you would be led to believe that it is a bunch of right-wing extremists causing trouble for no other reason than because they are a bunch of racists who hate coloured people, and labelling it BNP and NF to support their claims.

That is the media line to explain to the masses what is going on in Luton!

They do not trace back the reasoning behind the uprising, all they do is condemn the uprising against local government, and their extremist friends in the Islamic community as being carried out by a bunch of white-wing racists who dislike Moslems, and anyone else of colour.

As you can see from the picture above, it is of a black man, a man named Craig Mckoy who was on the frontline in the first anti-extremist protest in April, in Luton town centre. Respect to Craig Mckoy and all those others who were present on the frontline of that first protest.

On that day, protesting against Islamic extremists who live in Bury Park Luton in April (13th) Mr McCoy took a police baton straight in the face, that can be seen when watching this video: April 13th protest

If these protests in Luton were nothing more than white-wing racists then why was there a black man present on the frontline of this protest, and why did he take a police baton in the face that left him with a missing tooth and badly cut upper lip.

Either this man is stupid, which I can assure you he is not, or there is more to the story of the events in Luton than what the mainstream media are telling the British public.

If this was anything to do with the BNP then Mr Mckoy would not have taken a baton to his face because the BNP will not allow him to be a part of their political movement, so why would he put his life on the line for them? I personally believe this is a BNP stumbling block towards gaining power, because people like Mr Mckoy are willing to fight for the English/British way of life as much as the next man, so why not give him and those like him the respect that is due to them.

There is a much more worrying aspect to the case of the baton in the face, and that is, if it was a majority white protest as the media are stating, then why did a black man get singled out in the crowd by a mainly white police force?

Was the white police officer who singled out and hit this black man, Mr Mckoy around the face with a baton, a racist, white, police officer?

It isnt nice being labelled as a racist, with the colour of your skin being used against you is it? Whether you are black or white, but that is what the government controlled media are portraying about what is happening in Luton.

White-wing racists attacking a peace loving non-violent Islamic community for no other reason than because they have a different skin colour.

Thank God that it was Craig Mckoy that took the baton in the face that day because it shatters the media myth that they are now wrapping the anti-extremists protests in Luton up in. In the process of it being Mr Mckoy that took the baton, he can thank God that it will now set him up for life with the compensation Thames Valley police are now going to have to pay him due to the fact that one of their officers targetted a black protester and put a baton across his face.

Out of a mass crowd, why target a black man?

A hefty out-of-court settlement is on the cards.

It is about time the media started reporting the truth about what is happening on the ground in Luton and not this anti-white, pro-Moslem, racist propoganda that seems to be coming out every other week about the so called white-wing in Luton.

The black community, the white community, the mixed race community, and sections of the 'Asian' community are all in agreement about Islamic extremism in Luton, and having it removed from our streets, so why call us all white-wing racists who are just causing trouble for racist reasons?

This is not a 'white' issue, this is a 'social' issue that transcends the colour of a man/woman's skin.

If England becomes an Islamic State as these extremists want it to, then it becomes an Islamic State for one and all, no matter what the colour of our skin.

Mr Mckoy has shown where he stands, and has the wounds to prove it.

May God bless him for standing up for the community of Luton where he and his family live, alongside his neighbours of all colour.

This is England!


Joanne said...

What does race have to do with it anyways? Islam is not a race; it is a religion, at the very least. Any person on earth can become a Muslim and anyone can become a Christian, but no one can change the colour of their skin. So if you are white and poor, you are a racist? So if you are brown or black and poor, you are a racist?

People don't seem to realize, but in Africa, there are many Christians, although, they are being targeted by African Muslims for death and beheadings. Just because you have colour to your skin, does not mean you are against white people and vice versa. It is how people think, that makes a difference, not their skin colour. The colour of my skin does not affect how I think. How come these white journalists portray whites as racists, but they themselves who are white, do not portray themselves as racists? These people are traitors and hypocrites.

In that video it is interesting to note that everything that Muslims are themselves, they accuse kuffars as being. This is the same tactic used by socialists the world over. The rule is to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of before they are accused.

Anonymous said...

This report should be sent to all UK media outlets, including the Far Leftwing ones (e.g. BBC, ITV, Guardian, Independent, and others).

If no one else will do it, can I? I have their emails, including individual reporters.

Might also be a good idea to send it to the BNP leaders, especially the 2 who won seats in the EU and ask them why they deny patriotic dark-skinned Christians the right to join their party....not to speak of those 'unspeakable' Jews who are also patriotic and far from happy with the racist, belligerent, intolerant Islamists whose axes (literally) are aimed at ALL non-Moslem British heads, whatever 'colour' or whatever other religious (or non-religious) beliefs they have.

Or am I tilting at windmills and having a Midsummer Night's dream...?

Anonymous Lady

P.S. If anyone reading this marvellous blog can contact Mr. McCoy, please give him my best wishes and hopes that he recovers soon, and goes on to greater patriotic British things.

Lionheart said...

Please do what you can Anonymous lady, any help is appreciated.

I am sure Mr Mckoy will read your comment.

God bless you

Anonymous said...

Ah ... perhaps the black man, Mr Mckoy, protesting the Islamization of Luton, and Britain, doesn't fit the Left's narrative of a racist, white BNP that is the cause of all the problems.
Damn, that is scary; that your police might target Mr Mckoy to serve as an example.

God help you, Britain.


Anonymous said...

Jewish people are welcome to join the BNP, in fact there is a BNP Jewish councillor in Epping Forest, Pat Richardson. The British People's party are anti-semitic, and BNP members are not allowed to join them for this reason.

J. Hank Rearden said...

If you have not read 1984, read it now as it provides the template for what your elites, and ours here in the U.S. are trying to do to us. Anon you said,

"Ah ... perhaps the black man, Mr Mckoy, protesting the Islamization of Luton, and Britain, doesn't fit the Left's narrative of a racist, white BNP that is the cause of all the problems."

By the definition [of the Left] Mr. Mckoy is not Black, how could he be? If he is against the left and against the islamization of Luton he can not be Black by definition, only whites can be racists like that, hence Mr. Mckoy can not be black. And Joanne commented

"How come these white journalists portray whites as racists, but they themselves who are white, do not portray themselves as racists?"

But all whites are racists, don't understand Joanne? This is Orwellian newspeak, I call it multi-culti speak, [liberally paraphrasing Orwell now] it is the ability to hold two totally contradictory thoughts in your mind and believe both are completely true. Their purpose [the multi-cultis] is to create a mode of expression for their world view and lay down a pattern of mental habits and thinking upon our culture to the point where all other modes of thinking and thought are impossible. They don't want us to think, at least not how we think now for multi-culti orthodoxy means not thinking and eventually not needing to think at all. Just obey.

This is why they drive us nuts, they have no logic or consistency in their arguments, it is their strategy. It can not be reasoned with. But I think there is still hope, we need to get the word out, communicate, attend the protests, read the blogs, post to them, understand that you are not alone.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth, as Lionheart does, becomes a revolutionary act.

Anonymous said...

J. Hank Rearden @ 18-Jun-2009 15:09:00

Unfortunately, your comments are all too true and Mr McKoy will be portrayed with some derogatory remark similar to ones detailed in the link here which contains the following comments from the Guardians commentisfree site:

"The contempt in which Guardian readers hold George W Bush's leadership of America spilled over into racism following an article in November last year. Readers continually referred to Condoleezza Rice, the US Secretary of State, as President Bush's Aunt Jemima, a derogatory reference, taken from a food trademark, that is meant to portray Ms Rice as obsequiously servile to white Americans.

Other readers accused her of "mass murder" and "being a reactionary puppet for whites who need to showcase a black face to disguise their racism"."

Make no doubt about it, the liberal left establishment will be gunning for Mr McKoy in the same way as they are doing to to yourself Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

Joanne is right:

"The rule is to accuse others of what they themselves are guilty of before they are accused."

As far as i know it is called AGITPROP.This propaganda tactic was thaught to bosnian muslims during Tito's rule.And they thaught it to the palestinians.And this is the diffucult part of the whole PC-MC mess.how are you going to convince the brainwashed masses about intolerant islam when the own media feeds the people with the same accusations directed at Brittons?in the bosnian war muslims were raping Serbian women and did not allow them to abort the bastards if the women got pregnant.In there own words "so that little muslims will be bred".Now i read exactly the same story turned around:Serbs have done that, so that little soldiers will be bred.Always accuse the others of what you were doing yourself.Communist propaganda teachings at their best.Socialism ,this sickness of the 20th century must die already.