17 August 2008

Islam: The Sword in the hands of the Russia bear

Following on from: The unraveling of World War III

Amicable diplomacy between the great powers of East & West since the end of the Cold War has now finally gone beyond the brink of acceptability on both sides and thrown the World into a new crisis that divides all Nations into a new Global Military Confrontation with each once again.

The aligning of Nations within the New World Order in the Nuclear age is unfolding because heads of military and governments across the World known there can only be one winner at the end of War just like before the First and Second World War, so they must decide where they stand and who they stand with in the coming days, while what goes on behind the scenes ‘out of sight and mind’ from the general population builds up into the inevitable terrible 21st Century World War.

America the vanguard of Christendom and the most powerful Nation on Earth is at War across the whole Earth, engaged in what has been termed the ‘War on Terror’ against the military wing of the Islamic World who are actively daily seeking to destroy the American homeland and our Western way of life.

Now the Russian bear from the East has arisen from its winter hibernation and sees the weakness of its old Western adversary at the hands of the military wing of the Islamic World that is led by this generations anti-Christ Osama Bin Laden, and holding the Islamic fort in the East and building up its military capability in this present Holy War against America, Israel and the West that is taken directly from the pages of their holy books is the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Islam has become the perfect political weapon in the hands of the Russian bear with which to use to defeat and destroy its arch-nemesis America, the one who crippled and destroyed the power of the East during the Cold War.

The military wing of the Islamic World and those Nation States supporting the War against America either overtly or covertly within the axis-of-evil need the most high-tech weapons of the day from somewhere, so what better geo-political tactical move from Russia than to be the one behind the Islamic Worlds War against the West by supplying the weapons – The fuel for the Islamic fire

Putting Russia in direct conflict with the West during War time.

What will be the geo-political trigger that pushes the button on this new military confrontation between Nation States beyond the brink of confrontation and into all out War in the Nuclear age and World War III?

The Eastern Russian Bear helping the Islamic Republic of Iran build its Nuclear programme and equip its military with the most advanced Russian weaponry so that it can achieve its Apocalyptic aims against Israel is definitely one trigger that cannot be ruled out.

Do America, Israel and the West just sit back and do nothing while the Russian Bear sits back and pours fuel on the Iranian Apocalyptic fire?

The whole of the Islamic World wants to see America and the West destroyed so that the prophetic end time scriptures of Islam can be fulfilled with Islam ruling the Earth, and in the process finish what Hitler started with a new Holocaust against the Jewish people by wiping Israel from the map completely. That Islamic military force is out there in our World today and is pushing forward with the vision of destroying us and our way of life being its motivation and driving force, it is a fact of life that we cannot escape from, it is here within our 21st Century reality on planet Earth, and within our own lands.

It is a new type of Warfare in the 21st Century, in its Holy War against ‘The Civilised World’, a War America has termed as the ‘War on Terror’, and a War we must not lose because of the consequences to our children and grandchildren if we do lose.

Have America and her Allies now flushed the Russian bear out into the open in full view of the World and aligned their military might to show Russia what to expect if it continues its geo-political path in supporting the Islamic Worlds War against America, Israel and the West?

Why should the West sit back and do nothing while Russia arms our enemies who are at War with us seeking to destroy our Western civilization and way of life, this is where the M.A.D (mutually assured destruction) equation comes into the picture and what we are seeing played out in the Worlds eyes is that statement on both sides.

The line in the sand has now been drawn between East & West with the stakes raised to the very highest levels they could go, with the animosity between both sides one of WAR

What restraint does the Russian bear now have, not to continue adding fuel to the Islamic fire in the hope that it will eventually engulf and destroy America and the West, now that a new East v West War is unfolding very openly.

The military wing of the Islamic World is the perfect sword in the hand of the Russian bear with which to strike a death blow against the West with.

Would the Russian bear feed that Islamic fire with Nuclear, Chemical and Biological capabilities from its arms cabinet?

Are there Islamic terrorists in the World today running around the Earth, planning and plotting devastating terrorist attacks against the Western World using 21st Century technology, technology or the know how that has emanated from Russia?

Russia’s War with Gerogia over the Ossetia crossroads, the subsequent threat of a Nuclear strike against Poland after they announced they will stage America’s anti-missile defence shield upon its soil, and now Russia’s arming of its fleet in the Baltic Ocean with Nuclear War heads are all moves by both sides to show that they are now at War once again.

Now the real battle upon the Earth will unfold out of sight and mind until the inevitable arrives and there is a Nuclear exchange somewhere on the globe, either from a Nation State or an Islamic terrorist cell.

Keep your eyes on Iran because that is where the real danger lays.

The War of our times is here, it is unfolding out there in our world, there will be severe consequences for mankind, and there can only be one winner at the end.

Them or us no middle ground!

Decide where you stand, who you stand with, dig in and prepare for what the future holds for you and your family because you cannot escape it.

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