9 August 2008

The New Cold War - The Geopolitical Chess game between Earths two rival Super Powers

Round Two of East v West at The Ossetia cross roads

Daily Mail: Russia 'goes to war' with Georgia

Daily Mail: The most dangerous flashpoint since the Cuban crisis'

Daily Mail: Mass Exodus as 50,00 flee

Daily Mail: The pipeline War

Is this a case in modern times of old rivalries die hard between America and Russia when we look down upon the Earths geopolitical scene of global affairs.

It is true that Earths resources are running dry with oil and gas reserves now being a critical International political issue for every First World Nation on Earth because if you cannot provide fuel for your Nation and its economy then you are no longer a First World Nation, you become a Third World Nation over night and in reality no First World Nation on Earth wants that do they, so what precautionary and preventative measures must be taken and how far are you willing to go for the sake of National interests are the questions.

No energy amongst other things means no transport, no electricity, no running water, no lights and no TV’s. Just imagine what life would be like for our Western Nations if we no longer had that life blood, the oil and gas that power them. Life as we know it now would be gone, with most of us taken back into a pre-modern energy environment where we would be struggling for food and water which would lead to vicious fighting amongst people on the ground, with a clan mentality and only the strong or the prepared would survive in that environment.

Maybe this is a glimpse into our future because the destruction of our Western way of life is well and truly on the agenda of our enemies, but if we fall so will they as we carry enough Nuclear weapons to destroy mankind several times over.

Conflict and rivalries between leaders and peoples is inherent in man and has become an integral part of humanity. Nations have arisen and fallen throughout our history upon planet Earth, and if you take a close inspection of World events today you will see that same thing occurring, only something a little different, something foretold by God’s prophets of old. Revelation unfolding before your eyes as Nations rise against Nations, Kingdoms against Kingdoms, with Wars and rumors of Wars spreading from one end of the Earth to the other.

Those alive today who are awake to the reality of God and His Word are blessed to be living through such times, to see prophetic Biblical events unfolding before their very eyes because we can look up and know that the end draws near, and those who are not, who are asleep to global events will awaken soon enough once a higher level of spiritual truth is revealed.

Armageddon and the coming Apocalypse unfolds as Earths human powers and Kingdoms align themselves for the final conflict, with the conditions set before the foundations of the World within the life story of mankind on Earth like with the present need for oil and gas in today’s time frame of history being just one of the factors that is unwittingly forcing the hands of Global Nations to rise against other Nations and Kingdoms against other Kingdoms exactly as the Living God said it would happen in the end times.

People will deny the reality of end time Biblical prophecy, they will say that throughout history man has thought that their time was the time of the end which is true but never before have all the conditions been met not only from a spiritual perspective but also from a physical perspective. Ancient Biblical prophesy is being fulfilled just as God said it would, like with the Jewish people being gathered from the four corners of the World and establishing their homeland ‘Israel’ the apple of God’s eye, with many more other global events transpiring that are fulfillment of Biblical prophesy written into the pages of the Holy Bible by the Living God, the Lord God of Israel.

The world is becoming over populated, with all of its natural resources running dry with Nations now going to war over these depleting resources like we see with many regional conflicts around the World over oil and gas with the most serious one now being Ossetia with Russia actually going to War over this region, a region that we in the West have a political stake in because there is an oil pipeline running through that Country to our part of the World. We are also living in the Nuclear age where we have the power do destroy the whole of mankind at the switch of a button, and as you are reading this there ‘is’ a global War unfolding upon the Earth – East v West – And there can only be one winner at the end just like with every single war in the past, and it is a case now of them or us, no middle ground.

Round Two of Russia v America plying for World supremacy in the 21st Century, Nation against Nation, and the Islamic World seeking to destroy the Western Judeo/Christian World so that it can establish its religious Kingdom rule upon the Earth, Kingdom against Kingdom, with rumours of Wars around the whole World.

Two serious Wars with unimaginable future consequences unfolding upon the Earth within the fabric of humanity in our lifetime, and two wars aimed at the destruction of our Western Civilisation.

What makes things worse with the military force against us is that the Islamic Kingdom believes it is on a mission from god to take over the whole world and will stop at nothing not even death to achieve its aim, an aim that is targeted against us living in the West and our way of life. The Islamic World believes in its own ‘end time’ scenario where there will be a great war with the Islamic religion winning and the whole World converting to Islamic rule, and there are many many Moslems from around the World who believe that now is that time. The leaders of the Islamic Republic of Iran believe that as a Nation they are going to be the ones to trigger that final conflict of Islam’s Armageddon, they say that to lose a third of their Nation is a price worth paying to wipe Israel from the map, and they are seeking the Nuclear capability to make that vision a reality. If you look at the scenario that is being played out with Russia, Iran, America and Israel you will see that Iran is going to be that trigger because that inevitable military cross roads with Iran reaching the Nuclear threshold is coming up in our not too distant future. Today’s Ossetia cross roads for the oil resource is just one situation that will heighten the animosity between the two great rival Superpowers, and push the boundaries of both sides International political affairs, with Russia being even more willing to support the Islamic World against America, just like America did themselves against Russia during the Cold War, the thing now though is where will it all end?

The Islamic World throughout history has also been waiting for the Mahdi who they believe will arise onto the World stage at the end times when Moslems from around the World are being oppressed, and that he will unite the Islamic World to fight the oppressors. The Mahdi will be the present day’s example of the prophet Mohamed and there are many Moslems who are traveling from all over the World today to train and fight for Osama Bin Laden because they believe he is the Mahdi ‘the long awaited enlightened one’ and it seems that since his declaration of War against America the Great Satan, the perceived oppressor of the Islamic World, and the wars that have followed in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has been able to unite the Sunni and Shiite strains of the Islamic religion to fight their mutual enemy America the Great Satan, rather than each other, thus putting away 14 hundred years of rivalry and conflict.

Pretty powerful figure within the psyche of the Islamic World to unite them for the global Jihad against the infidel that is taken directly from the pages of their holy books do you not think? And the majority of the Islamic World must also believe that this generation is the precursor to the closing of their book when they look around them, just like many within the Christian World do.

If you look around you, you cannot escape the signs.

Whether people believe in religion or not it doesn’t matter, the two largest religions on Earth both have an end time Apocalypse written into the pages of their Holy books that nobody can escape from, and you only have to take a close inspection of World events to see that what is unfolding on the Earth today in our life times could definitely fit both religions end time scenarios.

We as Christians know how the story ends though. Islam is the devil’s counterfeit so its end time scenario is close but not the perfect fit for mankind and the end time scenario that will close up the last chapter and story of life on Earth as we know it.

If you do not understand religion then you should take a look at what the end time’s mean because you cannot escape it even though you do not believe in religion. Ignorance of the truth is not going to save you from the inevitable eternal plan for mankind on Earth as laid down by Almighty God the one who created life and all things that you can see and that are unseen, you cannot pull the bed sheets over your head and hope that it will all go away.

Just because you do not believe in Him does not mean He is not real, it just means that you have chosen to reject Him, or rejected those who come to you speaking of Him so that you can carry on living in your world of ignorance over this one aspect of the human experience, which is the interaction between mortal man and Almighty God his Creator.

The folly of the lost and blind within mankind when the eternal salvation of their souls that will live on forever is in question, rejected because of earthly pride because believing in Almighty God and accepting His Son Jesus Christ into your life does not fit into your day to day living (What would the neighbors say). The day to day life that is like a twinkling of an eye in the scale of eternity, the life that ended the day you were born into humanity because of the clock that started ticking towards the death of you mortal body. Those of us who have been blessed to be born into this life have a choice whilst we are here to accept the eternal salvation of our souls that comes through the message of the cross, thus being born again, or reject it, the choice is ours to consciously make.

What will God say to those who reject the message out of pride?

Enter into the Kingdom I have prepared for those who knew and loved me, or enter into the place I have prepared for those who rejected me, choosing ignorance over truth?

The eternal dwelling place of your soul is in your hands, Heaven or Hell you decide, because you cannot have it both ways.

The Bible teaches us in Revelation and in other books of the prophets of how the end times will unfold, and it is my personal opinion based upon the facts in my reality that we are now in that time.

In human physical terms we only have to look at the events unfolding upon the Earth to draw a picture from them with the Earths geopolitical scene showing like in every other era we have lived through, that Nation States around the World are each aligning themselves for the current climate upon mankind and the days that lay ahead. The background of the picture of reality that all other pieces are painted onto is that Osama Bin Laden, his Al Qaeda network, and the military wing of the Islamic World have declared War upon America, and America the most powerful Nation on Earth have replied with ‘The War on Terror’. This is the base picture behind our daily reality that our Western World faces, and after the events of 9/11 President Bush said you are either with us or you are with the terrorists. The World was split into two, them or us no middle ground, with Alliances on both sides then being painted onto the canvas of life and reality that speak to those who are willing to listen, telling us what is happening in our World today and what is to come. There are Nations seeking to take a neutral stance and Nations forced into active military alliances, this is the consequences of a World War.

With the stakes being so high because there can only be one winner at the end of war, and with so many different strategic situations being played out to win the war at the same time, it is like a giant game of chess where different strategic moves each have their own consequences and effect geo-political strategies and alliances on both sides. No longer are we small lone tribes fighting for the campsite over the hill near the lake, or the corn field at the base of the mountain to grow wheat for the clan. We now live in a global village with Nation States that are comprised of millions of people and their 21st Century technology, now fighting other Nation States for Earths resources anywhere on the globe to feed their clans. This is the progression of mankind from small localised camp dwellers thousands of years ago to Global Nation States and everything that entails in the modern era.

It is pretty logical that eventually mankind would reach a point of destruction, and the question is; are we now at that point?

The other picture that has emerged on the background of the canvass of life and reality is a revived Russian Superpower dusting itself down from its defeat at the hands of America after the Cold War. An arch nemesis with a grudge to bear who can see the weakness and decadence of its Western enemy at the hands of the revived Islamic World that is on fire for Jihad (Holy War) against America, and is making strategic partnerships with certain parts of the Islamic World aligning itself for the days that lay ahead against its old enemy.

I am not a Biblical scholar but I picked up information along the way and it is a known fact within Bible prophecy that in the ‘end times’ there will be a great battle, the last battle of planet Earth at a place Armageddon in Israel. It is widely believed, as a common consensus throughout the Church that Russia will play a part in this last great battle.

If we look at what is happening around the trigger of the coming Apocalypse which is the Islamic Republic of Iran and its Nuclear ambitions that could bring on all out Nuclear War and take the present World War to the next level then we can see very clearly a pivotal point of global affairs and geo-political strategic alliances between the Earths Superpowers of East and West.

Russia knows America is in a weak position because of its War against the global guerilla army of Al Qaeda and its frontlines in Iraq and Afghanistan so it is not in a position to directly confront Russia about anything. Iran is at War with America in Iraq which is an open secret; it wants to wipe the Nation of Israel from the face of the Earth and is receiving much of its Nuclear technology to go Nuclear from Russia. America have said that they will support Israeli interests in the region with the whole America’s military might, and Israel have recently conducted training sessions on blowing up Iran’s Nuclear programme over the Mediterranean sea. At the same time Russia have supplied Iran with much of its latest weaponry with which to defend itself from any attempts by Israel or America to destroy the Iranian Nuclear programme, so here we see a pivotal conflict and trigger to the Apocalypse that will inevitable lead the current War raging on the Earth to its next stage, with America supporting Israel and Russia supporting Iran, exactly the same type of scenario that played out during the Cold War where as Nation States they never went to War with each other because of the M.A.D factor but went to War through other conflicts.

Listen carefully to President Bushes speech to the Israeli Knesset: Happy 60th

This is geo-political military chess game between the Earths Superpowers, but with the stakes being unquantifiably higher this time than the last, with what is at stake being not just our Judeo/Christian Western way of life, it now includes the last of the Earths natural resources.

How far will both sides of this present World War go in the Nuclear age, and what are we as mankind going to pass through? Before the Second World War our forefathers didn’t want what was coming, denied what was coming, and then were forced to endure what befell them, exactly as today in our generation.

The lessons of modern warfare were learnt on both sides of East v West during the Cold War with the M.A.D factor being what came out of it. You bomb me ill bomb you are were all gone. Now though America faces an invisible enemy on the ground that is driven by religion and death which seeks to destroy her at all costs no matter how long it takes. This enemy is not a Nation State it is a global guerilla army of Moslems from around the World who are all joined by their ideology and desire to destroy America so the M.A.D factor does not come into the equation. If you were Russia and wanted to see you arch nemesis America destroyed then would you allow some of your rouge Nuclear scientists and stolen Nuclear technology somehow find its way into the hands of this global guerilla Islamic army and then into the backpack or suitcase of some crazed Moslem suicide bomber?

A powerful strategic alliance for Russia to destroy her enemy do you not think?

Just like the Islamic World was a strategic partner for America during the Cold War.

The War is the same which is for global supremacy and for the future survival of each Nation it is just the conditions in which the war is being fought are different.

Now that Russia have openly gone to War with Georgia over Ossetia which houses an oil pipeline to the West, the stakes between the Earths two great Superpowers have just risen, with the stakes in all the other geo-political scenarios rising too. Each step taken on both sides leads us closer to the inevitable.

The Chess game between East v West has begun with the butterfly effect on our futures.

For me personally I am just thankful that my life is in Christ, with my mind fixed upon heaven. He has told me how the story of creation will end, He will be victorious over His enemies and the enemies of His people, and that when I personally die I will go to the place He has prepared for those who know Him and love Him – Paradise

Life does have a higher meaning and a purpose than you live and die, its just whether you chose to learn about that higher meaning and purpose whilst your alive or you choose to reject it, it is a personal decision, one thing we cannot escape from are the facts pertaining to the world in which we live and the reality that it creates for our present moment and for our futures.

The darkness of our times approaches, and the defenders of our present Civilisation America are about to elect a new President: The Coming Commander

Will they swap an American King for an American King or will the American people end up with a pawn?

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Anonymous said...

No, Lionheart, you are not stupid, just confused by all these idiots who put blasphemous comments on your blog.

Ignore buck williams, george, kinderling and all the others! They are the spawn of Satan attempting to lead you to the path od evil.

And heark to this lovely song and my true Words:
A wonderful Savior
is Jesus my Lord,
He taketh my
burden away,
He holdeth me up, and
I shall not be moved,
He giveth me
strength as my day.

The phrase in the stanza that says “He taketh my burden away” refers to the burden of sin that we all bear. Jesus came to lift that burden and to carry it away from His people forever. These verses have something to say about that.

In this passage, we are given the guidelines for carrying out the annual Day of Atonement. This was the highest and holiest day on the Jewish religious calender. It was on this day that the High Priest was allowed to enter the Holy of Holies and sprinkle blood on the mercy seat to atone for the sins of the people. Another vital part of the rituals of the day was the sending away of the scapegoat. This symbolized the taking away of the sin of the people.

It is this aspect of the Day of Atonement that I want on focus on this morning and by doing so, I want us to see that Jesus Christ has done in perfection what this Old Testament ritual could only do in symbol. My desire is to show us this morning that Jesus is our Scapegoat.

We are familiar with scapegoats in our culture. We see them all the time, especially in politics. Someone will make a mistake, and another person will step forward to carry the blame. Sometimes, criminals claim that they are nothing more than a scapegoat. They want us to believe that they are innocent and that people have just transferred the blame to them because they were handy. The idea of a scapegoat is not a new one. In fact, the idea originated with God.

Look into the Scriptures today and get a glimpse of Jesus in this ancient Israelite ritual.

Lionheart, I want you to remember always this thought: “He Taketh Our Burden Away”.

Lionheart said...

You muddy my work Kinderling, you, Neocom and Ducky, so after over 18 months i have decided to moderate the comments.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Lionheart, you are right. The illiterate, abusive, blasphemous rubbish that has been sent to you in comments does detract from your own writing and you should moderate it out.
It would also be a good idea for you to set Blogger so that anonymous comments are automatically rejected. People who do not give a name are always destructive and sometimes criminal.

Lionheart said...

Thanks Lucy.

This post was very important considering all of the implications to our World and what is going on on the ground across it so i didnt want the rubbish being written to dirty it thats why i put on the moderate button.

It is the first time in over 18 months because i thought it best to let people say what they want to say aslong as it was meaningful and not too virulent with swear words.

Ok i missed a few but most have been removed.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Lionheart: It's your blog so you are entitled to do what you want. I do not agree with Lucy, though, that all should have to identify themselves to contribute to a public forum. Big Brother is watching and our government is as Stalinist as they come; the only reason they have not brought as much misery as Stalin is that they began from a more civilised startpoint.

The challenge for Christians is to match the endtime scriptures to world politics today. I think we are just slightly too far from the return of Jesus Christ to this earth (Acts 1:11) to be able to do this in fine detail - which is why a lot of overconfident commentators have made mistaken predictions from these scriptures. The hardest part is deconfusing oneself about how to read these verses. I know of no better book than "When Jesus Returns" by David Pawson. He compares all the main schools of thought (most people belong to one school and ignore the others), then makes his own way through these scriptures - and he knows the whole Bible well, not just these parts of it.


Lionheart said...

Agreed on both points there Gospeller thats why i have left the anonymous function on.

I have a lot of good commentators who post under anonymous like yourself and Anonymous Jewish Lady.

And nobody knows the time of Christs return not even the angels in heaven, but we can look around and see when the time draws near.

God bless

Anonymous said...

Lionheart: Nobody knew the date of Christ's return at the time those verses were written 2000 years ago, but today those who understand scripture and world politics will know it 7 years in advance. Also, although we don't know the year, we do know the time of year - Tabernacles, the one Old Testament festival yet to find fulfilment in Christ, and the harvest festival in the autumn.

I'll stick my neck out far enough to say that the timescale is decades. Too much is prophesied for it to fit into a few years (eg, a world dictator); but events have been accelerating - as Daniel foretold - since the Industrial Revolution began 250 years ago, so that the timescale is less than centuries. We already have a world financial system and globalisation is proceeding. 'Decades' is an appropriate timescale, intermediate between Years and Centuries.

Of course our own way of life could end very suddenly if a war breaks out. There is only one way to be safe, and that is in Christ.

Anonymous said...

About Obama: there is a lot of rumour flying round about his beliefs. This looks to me to be a good site that gives verifiable and in-depth info:



Joanne said...

You'd think America and Europe could go to the aid of a Christian nation for once - Georgia. It infuriates me that people have decided that no one will go up against Russia, the bully, to save Georgia - where is the hope in that? I think some muscle-flexing is in order to make Russia back down.

I have a feeling, push come to shove, that McCain would stick America's neck out. He understands the seriousness of the situation and how important it is to prevent Russia was gaining control of the pipeline going through Georgia.