12 August 2008

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Video: Moslem flag burners in London

This blog has been a window on my personal reality in relation to the Al Qaeda’s declaration of War against Great Britain from Luton which is around the area where I live which was the start of point of the Moslem psychopaths on the morning of 7/7 2005 when they declared War on the people of Great Britain on behalf of Al Qaeda, it was also the focal point of the biggest anti-terror operation in British history ‘operation crevice’, it is one scene within Great Britian where the Pakistani Moslem street Jihad with Heroin that comes direct from the poppy fields of Afghanistan is happening, where the local community is being aggressively targeted with this poison and chemical weapon by organized gangs of Pakistani Moslems, and it also contains my perception on the reality of today’s Global Jihad that has been declared against us that effects every Nation on Earth, specifically aimed at those of us living in the West and Israel to destroy our Civilisation.

For over 18 months now, I have given others the opportunity to look and see through my window for themselves about this present serious situation that has a direct bearing on their children and grandchildren’s futures and the future of our Western way of life for them to make up their own minds based on the information given. Hopefully helping the blind eyes to see, and the deaf ears to hear what is really going on within this one aspect of life. That which is brushed under the carpet of reality by the Liberal Elite in power by their State sanctioned propaganda, out of sight and out of mind from the people, then they themselves do not have to deal with it, like the human ostriches with their heads buried in the sand that they are.

If I could see the future and told you that your house was going to burn down and kill everyone inside then you would look around you to see if it could really happen based on the information you have been given, then you would either ignore the warning or take preventative steps to stop it from happening to protect yourselves and your families lives would you not?

It is exactly the same with the present situation surrounding us with Moslems, their Islamic religion and the Global Jihad that they have declared against us to destroy our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation, and my blog along with every other blog and website out there is just that, a warning about the greatest peril of our time with the future of our Civilisation now hanging in the balance.

Different era’s and time frames of history have had there own problems to face, for example the last Century saw the First World War, the Second World War, and the Cold War during its life, and now at the turn of this new Century we in this generation have the Global Jihad to contend with in the Nuclear age.

The future we face is inevitable based upon the present facts surrounding us, each day we are walking into the future together and all that it contains based upon the present facts, and if people are not aware of the present facts surrounding them now because they are living in ignorance, void of the truth, then they cannot prepare for what is coming and believe me we cannot escape what is coming, it is inevitable, that is why this blog along with every other one like it out there is important, and the reason why I am now asking for those who follow my blog and enjoy reading it to help keep this window open, and help me to expand it so we can reach a bigger audience.

When I say we made Reuters I mean all those who follow this blog and all those who contribute in the comments section. Everyone who I know personally who reads my blog has always commented on the comments people have left behind, which shows that those comments are just as important to this blog as my posts because they help expand them, bringing differences of opinion to what is written, and why I always put them up on the frontpage when they are relevant.

Who are the ones who will ultimately be on the receiving end of this generation’s ignorance and inaction?

It will be the British peoples children and grandchildren, and when I say British I do not mean British Moslem’s in that category because all ‘religious Moslems’ renounce everything Britain stands for because it goes against the fundamentals of their religion. They are each working together towards turning our Nation into an Islamic State. They are not British they are Moslem, yet love to class themselves as British as part of ‘taqiyya’ (lying to the infidel in Jihad) because it is what we want to hear from them, whilst all along working silently and subversively to undermine everything that it means to be British. Those who carry the label Moslem but are not religious should take a step back and take a long hard think about whether or not they really are Moslem or not because to be a Moslem means you accept and condone everything the false prophet Mohamed did, he is your highest ideal of moral conduct pertaining to every day life and he was a child molesting bloodthirsty warmonger who loved nothing more than chopping his enemies heads off after battle, raping the innocent wives and taking them and their children into slavery as war booty. Those today like Osama Bin Laden and all religious Moslems from around the World are following in those exact same 7th Century footsteps here in the 21st Century and want all of mankind to join them back there because their religion tells them we must and if we do not comply then they are allowed to murder us under some religious decree for denying what they falsely believe to be truth.

Video: Sex with children is ok in Islam

My blog isn’t the best written work you will read because I am not a journalist or a professional writer, I am someone who only just finished school with no real qualifications who has found himself in the middle of extraordinary circumstances within every day life and has done his best through 21st Century technology to help others to see what he sees for their own sake and for the sake of others, because if together we do not stand up and defend ourselves and our Nations from this modern invasion by this religious military political force comprised of 7th Century thinking murderous savages that are now in our midst seeking to conquer our lands as they have done throughout history then they will eventually achieve what they are aiming to achieve for their religion.

RUSI which is one of the most distinguished military think tanks in the World did not tell Her Majesties Government that it must make the ‘Defence of the Realm’ its No.1 priority for nothing.

Think about it for a moment, why would one of the Worlds top military think tank’s be that concerned about the present environment and conditions we are living in today within British society, that it has publicly had to tell Her Majesties Government that it must make ‘Defence of the Realm’ its No.1 priority.

Serious stuff don’t you think, with some very serious problems out there within the fabric of day to day British life that threatens the very life and future existence of the Nation? And what happens if ‘Defence of the Realm’ is not the governments No.1 priority?

Video: Moslem protest in London

The window on my reality opened the day that my life was threatened by Pakistani drug dealing Moslems from Bury Park Luton who are aligned with Al Qaeda and who are at War with my Country. I could have rolled over and disappeared into the shadows like a timid little mouse (coward) never to be seen again because of their threats against my life but why should I, this is my Country, the Country my forefathers put their lives on the line defending in their generation for Queen and Country so why should I shirk from those exact same responsibilities today in my generation when confronted face to face with an enemy that wants to murder me, destroy my homeland and take it over just like the Nazi’s during the Second World War?

Those Moslem savages over their in that Islamic community called Fortress Bury Park who helped blow up London on the morning of 7/7 killing 52 innocent people and wounding over 700 started this with me by threatening my life. Yes them over there who have trained Al Qaeda terrorists walking the streets amongst them, the same community that has seen its Moslem sons killed in Afghanistan fighting against coalition troops, the locality that has seen Abu Hamza and Omar Bakri raising an army of Moslems born in Britain from amongst its streets to fight against their host Country as a part of the Jihad, the same Pakistani Moslems who are pumping the community I come from with Al Qaeda’s heroin, killing my friends and destroying others.

I don’t see or hear anyone else saying anything about what is really going on, on the ground down here!!!

The only thing different with today’s war being fought against us is that our Islamic enemy is 3 million strong in our own land, in communities very close to each and every one of us in England, and not in some far off foreign land where we can forget about it and leave it to someone else to deal with, someone else’s son or daughter who is serving in the armed forces.

I had no idea what was happening out there in the big wide World or what was going to happen in the big wide World outside of my tiny little town mentality when I was growing up, I was a wayward youth living on the path to destruction until one day the truth and reality of Almighty God was reveled to me which stopped me dead in my tracks and made me convert into a Christian. At that moment in my life I was given knowledge about certain things that were coming up in life which opened my eyes to the reality of one aspect on life that God wanted me to see, and it is this that has made me start writing about what I see, and influences what I write.

Knowing the Living God, the Lord God of Israel, the God of Christianity had called me for a plan and for a purpose on Earth, and knowing without any ounce of doubt in my mind that He was real, when my life was threatened by the drug dealing gangs of Pakistani Moslem’s from Bury Park Luton, and now those with the militant Islamic mindset from amongst them and the Al Qaeda trained and wanna be Al Qaeda Moslem who are also living there, I did not back down even though I stand alone except for my God because the vast majority of the wider community from which I come from are all cowards living under a state of ‘Dhimmitude’ through fear, under Moslem dominance because of their violence and threats of violence towards us the kuffar, I would not back down and shirk the responsibility to my God, to those around me and to the future generations of my community and country by disappearing into the shadows, and my blog is my evidence for all to see.

Where do you stand and who do you stand with is the question now?

Those from my community only have to think to themselves about who they know who is either dead now from a Heroin overdose, who is in prison due to Pakistani Moslem drugs, whose life is ravaged by heroin, and all the known factual international Islamic terrorist links emanating from Bury Park Luton including the events of 7/7 to know that my words are true.

So who is wrong and who is right, and who is in denial?

No one can escape from reality no matter how hard they try unless they run to a quiet corner of the country and bury their heads in the sand leaving family and friends behind in the 21st Century urban guerilla war zone.
To escape from reality is to live a lie, and leave the problems to your children when it is your responsibility as an intelligent adult to protect and nurture your children and their environment ready for their futures.

You cannot run and hide for ever, and if you are not going to do what needs to be done now then who will? Is it the ‘leave it to someone else’ attitude again?

You can live your life of pleasure and enjoyment now but just remember you are being surrounded by a determined alien culture and religion that is seeking to take over the country and change our way of life into an Islamic one, who are actively daily achieving their aims in our life times, so when you have a moment of clarity during your life of pleasure and enjoyment take a step back, look at your children and grandchildren and think about them and their futures and what it is going to be like for them in the not too distant future, then decide where you stand and who you stand with, and show it by your actions.

Seriously ask yourself this; what if I am right about the majority of what I write about with regards to Islam, and my perception? Hadn’t you better check it our just in case? Or are you going to bury your head in the sand?

The Moslems know I am right, it’s just the British people who for some reason have a hard time believing it, fear probably because when you know something to be true it means you have to do something about it, and are you personally willing to do something about it?

Video: Undercover Mosque

It has been hard work keeping this window open for the past 18 months as many people who I have met along they way, who have personally helped me know, but by the grace of God it is still open, I am still here alive, not in prison, and my writings are now reaching a much wider audience thanks to the likes of Roger over at Radarsite.

The rug of life was ripped from under my feet 2 years ago when the Pakistani Moslem drug dealers from Bury Park threatened my life for helping the police arrest and imprison one of their Moslem heroin street dealers. For my own safety and survival I had to close my business down, move home and go into bankruptcy so as to protect myself because I am better alive than dead with a knife stuck in me.

For the record speaking to the police under any circumstances about Moslem criminality is not ‘grassing’, it is your duty as a British citizen for the protection and preservation of the British homeland at a time of Civil War, it is a National Security issue not a criminality issue. I know the rules of the streets because I lived and grew up there, and I personally never broke those rules whilst living there, so I do know what I am talking about. Moslem criminality is a part of the Jihad (Holy War) to take our Country over and anyone who works with them is a traitor who threatens all of our safety and that includes those leaking information into their hands (just remember God sees all things); where as normal criminality amongst the non-Moslem community is just that ‘criminality’ with no religious intent behind it.

It was after the threats that I opened up this window for others to look through and see what is going on, on the ground where I live here in England, the locality where Al Qaeda used as their first frontline to declare War against the people of Britain on the morning of 7/7 2005. My blog gives an insight into the daily life of that community over there Fortress Bury Park and the paramilitary army of Moslems on the streets there who are conducting a street Jihad with chemical weapons namely Al Qaeda’s heroin.

I then became the hunted by the Pakistani Moslem wolves, and have been hunted ever since but even though there is one of me and I have still moved pretty much freely around my home community they have not been able to silence and remove me, instead my voice has just got louder and clearer, with everything I have written regarding what is happening on the ground where I live being confirmed for all those who are watching and following the reality my window shows. The wolves and the gamekeepers hunt the Lion and neither can do the job because this Lion serves the King – Jesus - the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

My blog is a window on one frontline in the 21st Century urban guerilla war that is unfolding within Great Britain, and if the Pakistani Moslem degradation and destruction is not turned back then what will be the outcome? My community that is steeped in Christian and English Royal history will be taken over more than it already is by Moslems, as the Jihad spreads out from Bury Park Luton. Those in Leighton Buzzard only have to look about them and see the Taxi Cartel from Luton amongst them now, the Luton Chicken & Chip shops opening up in their midst, and the streets awash with Heroin and Crack.

The writing is on the Wall and you have got to be illiterate not to be able to read it, and too scared to do anything about it, but I know there are Lions amongst you!!!

I have kept this blog open over the past 18 months at much personal risk to myself and with no money because I cannot work properly due to my circumstances. Thankfully I have had good people along the way who have stepped forward at different times and helped me financially which has helped keep food on the table but it doesn’t last forever. I have gone from having to sleep in a car, sleep on someone’s floor, to people who didn’t even know me opening up their homes to me, then to a bail address and then off again because the police is so infiltrated by Moslems its not safe to have your name and address on their computer system. If you didn’t know the British government are forcing the police to recruit as many Moslems as possible and because of this we now have Al Qaeda working amongst their ranks, and Moslems whose allegiance is to Allah and not the Crown so its better to stay alive than be kept on a police leash for something so petty especially in today’s day and age within Great Britain when the heart of the Nation has been penetrated by our Islamic enemies.

Release me over something so trivial as standing up for myself, my community and my Country so that I can come home, or put out an international arrest warrant and force me to take political asylum.

Not only have I had Pakistani Moslems arrestedwanting to kill me for the past 18 months for what I have written about them I have also been arrested by Bedfordshire police for the those same writings on my blog. If you read my writings you will see that they are not that bad, calling Moslems savages is not bad in my eyes based upon the facts. I have not called for violence, I have not glorified in violence, I have just written about the facts based upon my perception and I was arrested for it, and I am still on bail for it now.

I lost the whole of my old comfortable way of life that I lived, I lost my home, my business, I became homeless, living with death threats, destitute and then arrested, and all along I kept this window open for others to read about Islam’s Jihad against us. I have worked from anywhere I could get an internet connection from, which includes for a time local libraries wherever I could find one; the police even have evidence for their case file on me, of me working from a public library computer. I am unable to sit at home in the comfort and security of my own home lounging back on the nice conformable computer chair drinking tea and writing posts and answering emails to my hearts content, I have to use the net when and where I can and at the moment I am working from a roof because internet cafes and coffee shops cost money which I do not have.

These are just some of the sacrifices and consequences I have had to face and go through because I have been willing to stand up and stand my ground in the face of Pakistani Moslem threats and intimidation and write about it for others from around the world to read.

What are you willing to do and what sacrifices are you willing to make for the sake of your children, grandchildren and their futures?

This blog has served its purpose, I have exhausted everything I can do on it so it is now time to expand it and make it more professional so that the window can grow and the information can reach more people, this is the reason why I have written this post now asking for financial help from people who arrive here.

If you like this blog, you like the writings on it, and you like the heart and soul behind it, and you want to help keep the window open for the sake of others then please think about helping by making a contribution. Any amount will help, if everyone who arrived here put 1 dollar, 1 pound or 1 euro to the effort then it would help keep this window on reality open.

I cannot do what you do because you are doing it, you cannot do what I am doing because I am doing it, but together we can do something and help raise awareness of the serious and perilous situation of Western World now faces from the Islamic World.

I am willing to be killed for my beliefs, and I am willing to go to prison for those same beliefs as my actions clearly prove, if you are not willing to put yourself into the position I am in but you believe in everything I am saying then the least you can do is stand behind me and help as I put myself in the firing line to speak openly and honestly about Islam’s Holy War against us, our children, and our way of life on behalf of you and your children.

Show by your actions where you stand and who you stand with.

I am aiming to have a professional website up and running in September www.defenceoftherealm.net but I need help to make it a reality.

’Defence of the Realm’ will specifically be a window on the Jihad in England, but it will also report on the Jihad from all over the World because what effects other parts of the World effects the Realm. The Realm in which I live has friends, Allies and family from all over the World and what one goes through we all go through because we make up the Civilised World. The future of all of our personal World’s and their future way of life is now at stake as the Islamic religion comes against us in the name of Allah and the ‘Global Jihad’ to destroy our way of life so that they can establish the Caliphate from one end of the Earth to the other which is taken directly from the pages of their holy books.

There can only be one winner at the end of this war once the dust has settled, them or us, no middle ground.

Video: Islam’s War against the West

Blogging does not pay the bills and after 18 months of nothing from working nearly all day every day on most of my posts for a long time, being homeless going from place to place and keeping this window open for others to read, it is time to either make this professional and get help and support from people or give up and close this window for good and move on.

Let me know if you’re standing with me by helping me so that together we can move forward to the next level.

Please help by hitting the donation button at the top right of the page and donate a small contribution.

I received this comment today on one of my old posts which is like a ‘divine seal’ given by God to close up and put into context what is written above for all those who are reading this so that you know the reality of my position.

This is real life and the consequences are real just like for those fighting on our behalf out in Afghanistan and Iraq. While they do, who is back home defending their women and children?

Al Qaeda and their supporters are not just over there in Afghanistan and Iraq, they are amongst us blending into our own society, and this is the new War of the 21st Century, the urban guerilla War – The War of our times

The comment is from: A message to fortress Bury Park

Your absolutely nuts! Im’ from the same town as you and the propaganda you drop into your text is almost un-bloody-believable. I know your whole story and believe me I am not an "Aggressor" but one day someone will find you..trust me. If not now, then later...if not in England, then America. You could never run from the words of hate you are putting out against my religion..

You got threatened because you snitched on some kid that pushing something to feed himself and his family...These orginisations have no links with Al Qaeda to then ship their money back to them after working hard to earn it?..What kind of fucking stupidness?. You have absolutely NO comprehension of REAL JIHAD... Jihad is the commitment to doing your action...Jihad could be frail man making the effort to go to mosque...

Your lies infuriate me beyond belief and ill dance on your grave the day they murder you...

This person says he is not an ‘aggressor’ and then goes on about people finding me and that he will dance about on my grave when I have been murdered, that sounds quite aggressive to me.

I have not written anything nearly as bad as that on my blog yet I have been arrested.

This person is what people call a moderate, he is not the ‘aggressor’, he is the moderate, but he accepts and believes in the actions of the aggressor as his words clearly show, so in reality there is no moderate Moslems although the Liberal Elite try promoting such lies to the gullible British sheep people. They are all of the same mould with the life and example of Mohamed as their heart and soul. There are those who carry the label Moslem though who are no more Moslem than I am an alien from outer space, its just they have carried the label from birth.

Video: Mohamed was a warmonger

He talks about my writings being propaganda, but anyone in their right mind who knows all the facts about the Islamic terrorism scene in Luton will know that my words are true, or just look through my blog and you will see, and everything on my blog has been confirmed anyway.

He views selling heroin by Pakistani Moslems as acceptable behavior because he is using the proceeds to feed his family even though it is killing people, so here it shows the way they have a total disregard for the Kuffar (me and you).

He says these drug gangs have no links with Al Qaeda and says that I am stupid for thinking such things because why would they send “their hard earned money” hard earned drug money might I add (as if it is an honorable business), back to Al Qaeda.

95% of the heroin on the streets of the UK comes from the poppy fields of Afghanistan, it travels through to Pakistan and then ends up on our streets, it is controlled by Al Qaeda because it is a financial resource with which to fight Jihad with and my blog goes into great detail about this.

He says he knows ‘my whole story’ and looks forward to dancing on my grave when they murder me. So this proves that the Bury Park community is talking about me, and it seems that is all they can do ‘talk’. Any one who knows the reality of what I talk about will know that of course they want to murder me but what can I do? My writings are my response “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”.

This along with my police arrest and everything in between should give you a little glimpse into my personal situation and the reason why I am asking now for your help and support.

Somebody has got to say something about their murder and hatred haven’t they?

A message to Al Qaeda in Britain: Just remember you are a long long way from home, yes our pathetic government houses you, feeds you, clothes you, educates you and gives you money while all along you want to kill us, destroy our way of life and the Western Civilisation in which we live, but you are in our land now and you are surrounded because behind every door throughout the Country outside of your Islamic Kingdom upon our soil there is a ‘heart and mind’ that belongs to the Realm.

You are protected from the British people by the laws you hate so much but it wont be long before the gate is opened and the Lions are allowed to take back their domain, especially not now there is a future King of England whose own personal emblem as the 1000th Royal Knight of the Garter is that of a Lion. The same future King along with his young Lion of a brother who you and your brothers have targeted for murder.

Somene somewhere must be forcing restraint because the likes of Choudry and Qatadar are still walking the streets, but you cannot restrain the righteous anger and indignation of the English Lions forever.

As I have said above, just as Al Qaeda are fighting our troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, they are also amongst us upon our streets, this is the reality within 21st Century British life. We are stuck between a rock and a hard place, no body wants it but them, so the inevitable is just that ‘inevitable’.

The day of the Islamic wolves desecrating and destroying the English flock is coming to an end mark my words on that because the innocent, the weak and the vulnerable are relying on us to defend them from you.

If we do not then who will?

Deus Vult

Lionheart of England

Support the ‘Heart and Soul’ behind this blog and help take it to the next level.


Anonymous said...

That sober (and sobering) RUSI report can be seen online here:


Incidentally the phrase "defence of the realm" does not occur in it - that was a description by a newspaper reporter.

Anonymous said...

Those non-Muslims that think you are "stirring things up" are living in a fool's paradise.
People living within the Metropolitan areas where the Muslim is always concentrated are the most obviously affected. Those people living outside in the country areas are living on borrowed time, for though they may have moved there to escape the problems associated with what is happening to Britain's towns and cities, it is coming there way too, and faster than they would like to think.
Those Muslims that do not bother much with the deatils of political Islamic aims are kidding themselves as well.
There are many living in towns like Luton, that conveniently ignore thre differences thast their religion forces upon those that follow Islam correctly.
Like there are many "lapsede Catholics, who go to Mass once a week, but have little else to do with their religion, so there are many Moslims who live with a loosely applied attitude to proper observance of their religion.
Unfortunately, they will be early casualties of the highly motivated propogators of Jihad.
Jihad may be claimed by the outward appearance of Islam as any actions where struggle wins them brownie points within their religious beliefs, but they also know, that what is reffered to by the Immams that preach regularly about the problems faced by the "Ummah" the world community of Islam, know that Jihad has a much more relevant and attractive meanining.
The prize of this Jihad is the greast milk-cow of Western civilisation, and all the potential that promises.
Wewstern Democracies are falling sick under the guidance of a hybrid creation, a "test-tube" baby, a mutant cross-breed of liberalism and socialist political thinking.
This is self evident when one observes the likes of the hypocritical self worshipping narcissist Paddy Ashdown former leader of the Liberal Democrats in England.
He and his gang found no problem of whipping up the notion of attacking Christrian Serbia over it's dealings with the Muslim invader-settleres from Albanian Muslims, and putting to trila at the Hague warcrimes courts, but has so far cravenly shrunk awy from even so much as serious verbal criticim of the MUslim government of Darfur which pits Arab Muslim against black AQfrican Muslim, in an orgy of mutilation, starvation and baby-burning.
These sicko sychophantics who worship the Untited Natiuons and it's corrupt and impotent reresentatives, have the temerity to criticise what suits them politically but turn a blind eye to what is umissable cruelty and suffering.
While the British public remain confusede and unaware of how they are being manipulated into slavery, you have come out from the shadows with a light blazing. You ahve opened the door and a great ruch of wind has sent the candles flickering. By exposing yourself to danger, you have given hope to those that are watching the battle against Britain unfold upon their world.
We must support you if we can.

Lionheart said...

Thank you anonymous.

The Islamic religion is on the ground in England strong and healthy due to the Welfare State and Political Correctness seeking to fulfill its religious mandate upon the Earth for what it was created, on behalf of the god (idol) whom it serves.

The writing is on the wall yet most people choose to ignore it. They ignore it at their children and grandchildrens peril because they might be sitting safe and comfortable now in their 'ignorance' but we are all walking into the future based upon the present facts in our daily reality.

Facts are the corner stone of reality!!!

The Islamic religion is here and is working towards, and preaching, turning our Nation into an Islamic State and those in power over us are helping them along with the process.


Here is an article about those who want to run and hide in the countryside to get away from what our towns and cities face.


And here is any article stating that we soon to be the most densly populated Country in Europe.


What future picture does your mind see for the life and times of the United Kingdom?

Anonymous said...

Socialism and liberalism are the same, Anonymous (14/8/08, 00:56 hours). Soo is communism. We think of socialism as diluted communism, but a glance at the 19th century founding documents of socialism and communism reveals that their goals are identical. They differ only on how to achieve them. (Communism by revolution, socialism by universal suffrage and the ballot box, since the "working class" outnumber the rest.) Recall that when Blair ditched "clause 4" only a few years ago he had most of the Labour party against him. They are now achieving its aims by more subtle means. But the society they are creating is not viable in God's eyes, which is why He is sending Islam as judgement.


Anonymous said...

Saint Michael the Archangel,
defend us in battle.
Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.
May God rebuke him, we humbly pray;
and do Thou, O Prince of the Heavenly Host -
by the Divine Power of God -
cast into hell, satan and all the evil spirits,
who roam throughout the world seeking the ruin of souls.


Anonymous said...


Your preach and sacrifice will not be in vain.

San Martin, Bs.As., AR

Ana Rebecca1027 said...


I dont have very intelligent words to tell you..my brain is tired today, but I do want to say this.. I am a simple American gal who happens to love our Country and our Allies in the U.K. I just wanted to come by and let you know our Support for you and your Country still stands Tall and Strong. We are still here by your side Supporting you and your Mission as it is America's Mission as well!

Passing this along on my other sites my dear Ally!
My best to you!

Your Infidel friend from your extended family in America,
San Diego, CA U.S.A. : )

Anonymous said...

I can tell from the heading to your blog that you respect the great Book of Revelation.
But you must be very careful not to misinterpret its wise words.
In some ways interpreting Revelation is like a jig-saw, we must first find the corner pieces, an obvious example is the Lamb and the rider on the white horse in chapter 19 who is the exalted Christ, then there are other symbols which are defined in the book such as the lampstands and the dragon. From these we go on to more obscure symbols but which are clearly based on parts of the OT such as the seven trumpets and bowls which are modelled on the plagues on the Egyptians and the beast out of the earth which is based on Daniel's visions. It is clear then that it is possible to make a framework from the less obscure within which we can fit the more obscure. It is unlikely that we can complete the whole jig-saw but if the framework is correct we should at least grasp a portion of the whole picture.

This commentary assumes that the keys to its interpretation lie in the OT and NT scripture, but that a NT interpretation is required. It assumes that it is symbolic unless clearly meant to be literal. It assumes that the book's author is God and that it is written to the church throughout the ages from the writing of the letter to the second coming. The content primarily concerns the fate of the church and of her enemies. The symbology allows it to be interpreted in the light of the current historical situation throughout church history without being specific to a particular event, although there are specific events recorded such as the birth of Christ and the second coming. Many of the events recorded in the book are parallel with other events in the book. The book can viewed from the point of view of events in the past, current events and future events, all are meaningful.

Anonymous said...

Paul, what happened to your quest for asylum? Why did you go back to the UK before it was all complete? Or did you complete the paperwork and it failed to go through? You still haven't given us any update and many would like to know what happened.