14 August 2008

Her Majesties Prison’s: The New Frontline of the British Jihad

The 'Estate' – The British prison system

If we peer over those big high walls and over that looped barbed wire that encircles the tops of those walls and into the ‘Estate’ we see that it now contains prisoners who are far more dangerous than any who have gone before them and that includes individuals like Charles Bronson who has been in solitary confinement for nearly 30 years, and even the likes of the IRA who were once the most dangerous prisoners in the system.

The prison officers who are employed to work in the ‘Estate’ are no longer charged with keeping common criminals and gangsters in check whilst they serve their time, they now have Moslem terrorists to deal with on a daily basis with some of them being there because they have planned to kill themselves while killing innocent people.

Mass murdering suicidal psychopaths who should be in mental institutes for their planned crimes, not in the prison system, but because they are Moslem and their actions are condoned as part and parcel of their religion then are placed within the prison population with the normal criminals and gangsters.

I wouldn’t like to be a prison officer having to deal with large gangs of Moslems with mass murdering suicidal psychopaths amongst their ranks would you?

But that is exactly what is happening now within Her Majesties Prisons and the prison authorities have been forced to draw up emergency plans because of the very real threat of Moslem prisoners taking a prison guard hostage, cutting his head off and then videoing it on their mobile phones.

Do you think they would or whether they are capable of carrying out their threats?

It is fairly early days for the ‘Estate’ and the new breed of Moslem community it now has confined within its walls, but the signs are very telling for what is ahead though as more terrorists end up in the system, the Moslem community grows exponentially, and becomes more radicalized in the process.

Prison is one of the main recruiting grounds for the Jihad, Moslems mix with non-Moslems in the system, and the violent career criminals living along side of them are drawn to the militancy at the core of the religion because of the violent tendencies they themselves have, and it also gives vulnerable prisoners a sense of belonging under the safety of the wings of a Moslem brotherhood.

The radicalization process starts whilst they are inside with the individual being indoctrinated to hate the British State for what it has done to the person, and to hate all those outside of the Moslem group, the Kuffar’s in other words because they are all a part of the same problem, so it is the individual Moslems responsibility to change things for Allah through Jihad. They are then released back out into the community from where they came from after serving their sentence but with a totally different mentality and view of the World around them. They then join with militant Moslem groups on the outside of the ‘Estate’ and become militant Moslems upon our streets, within our society.

Video: From Jail to Jihad

The situation is so serious in HMP Whitemoor which is one of the countries most secure prisons that the Moslem population there which is a third of the 500 prisoners have all but taken control. Staff there say that the Moslem population is acting more like a gang than a religious group, with new non-Moslem inmates warned about the Moslem population before they enter the population. Over the Christmas period the punishment block there was full of prisoners seeking protection from other prisoners, and it has seen 5 deaths in 12 months.

Another one of the Countries most secure prisons HMP Frankland which houses Dhiren Barot Al Qaeda’s British General has also seen serious clashes recently between inmates and staff resulting in serious injuries and the recent vocal threats to behead a prison guard. It started back in October of last year when Barot had boiling water thrown over him by another inmate leaving him scared for life. Then in June the Al Qaeda terrorist who killed a police officer during the ricin plot had his cell set on fire which resulted in a clash between inmates with a prisoner receiving a slash across the face with a home made prison knife and a prison guard ending up with a broken arm. Those involved in this disturbance have been in the punishment block since the incident and just over a week ago the Moslems there rioted after a stand off with guards and caused 20,000 pounds worth of damage.

The most famous of all British prisons that houses Al Qaeda terrorists is HMP Belmarsh in London. This is where Abu Hamza is located and where Al Qaeda’s European Ambassador Abu Qatadar has just been released from.

This example should show those who are following events within Great Britain just how bad things are in the Country and how the State has no control over the situation with regards to the British front of the Jihad. Abu Hamza who is housed in what is supposed to be our most secure prison was able to get a message out pasT all security checks to Al Qaeda’s No.2 Ayman Alzwahiri.

Can you believe it, one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists in a British prison being able to communicate with the top tier of Al Qaeda from his prison cell.

In Great Britain our prison system and the sentences handed down to convicts are nothing like those in America. We don’t have armed guards keeping watching over the prison, its nothing like that here, our prisoners live in what has become like a holiday camp, they get TV’s and game consoles to take away the boredom, with drug addicts ending up in prison because of their crimes then claiming compensation from the government for breaching their human rights by forcing them to do cold turkey. What would the American authorities say about TV’s and games consoles for prisoners, and convicted drug addicts claiming compensation for being forced to come off of drugs?

We also do not keep the most dangerous Islamic terrorists who have ever walked our streets, caged, away from the rest of the prison population for the safety and integrity of National Security, instead they have a free roam around the system and are able to communicate with Al Qaeda from the safety of their prison cells.

When the authorities who are employed to protect the innocent in society and uphold law and order do finally catch Islamic terrorists who are either planning and plotting to cause mass murder or instigating civil strife they get measly sentences and are then released back out into our society to carry on where they left off. Look at the case of Abu Izzadeen for example, he is a known recruiter and radicaliser for the Jihad and he just received 4 years of which he will only serve 2 for his exploits, so we have him to look forward to in the not too distant future, and then look at the case of Abu Qatadar who is said to be one of the most dangerous Islamic terrorists in Europe, freed from prison and then given all the social security benefits available to him at the tax payers expense.

Moslems are taking over every section of Great Britain and the prison system is just one more area, and another frontline. It is a dangerous area because it is the fuel for the Jihad with many young men released from prison with a belly full of hate towards British society and their non-Moslem neighbours.

The ‘Estate’ is a boiling pot of Islamic militants and mass murdering suicidal psychopaths, with the number, and the problem increasing daily, and prison guards who have families employed to oversee this new community who are not equipped or trained to deal with the new problems it has brought with it.

How long until that boiling pot spills over with serious consequences?

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