7 August 2008

The Coming Commander: Obama or McCain

An outside observation from an Englishman’s perspective from across the pond.

The President who emerges as the victor of the Presidential race in America will inherit the reigns of power of the most powerful Nation on Earth at a time it is shrouded in the darkness and heaviness of War and everything that entails within the long shiny halls of American power, a war like no other before since the founding of the Nation with the very existence and future survival of the American homeland and its way of life hanging in the balance. The whole of the Islamic World which is comprised of several billion Moslems chant in one accord “Death to America”, with the serious intent behind those chants to make it a reality in our lifetimes. The nature of modern warfare has brought this War right up to, and upon American soil as the World witnessed on the morning of 9/11.

Planet Earth and mankind are now passing through this great war in the age of global travel and technology, a Clash of Civilisations between the darkness of the 7th Century Islamic World that seeks to take over and dominate the whole world on behalf of their religion and god Allah, and the enlightened Judeo/Christian World, who, guided by the Living God, the Lord God of Israel, will not sit back and allow the darkness and suppression of the Islamic religion to take over and cover our world, subjugating and oppressing the weak, vulnerable, and innocent.

There can only be one winner of this War in the future after mankind has passed through the coming battles and the troubling times Earth will face before we arrive in the future where the victory lays for either side. The War is upon us, we cannot escape it, and it is a War to the end now, the final phase of an age old conflict, them or us, no middle ground.

Osama Bin Laden and his Al Qaeda network control a large part of the military wing of the Islamic World that is spread throughout the Earth and have declared War against America, her Allies, and Israel. They have based their War on the teachings and example of the false prophet Mohamed that are laid down in the Koran. Mohamed taught that it is a Moslems duty towards Allah, to fight Jihad (Holy War) against non-Moslems so as to enforce Allah’s will upon them and their lands, converting them into Moslems, Dhimmis and submitting them to Islamic rule. This is one of the highest religious obligations for any Moslem to carry out, and to die in the path of Jihad is the only one sure way of reaching their paradise with the gift of 72 Virgins for their actions.

In Mohamed’s day Jihad was restricted to where they could travel on horse back, with Mecca and Medina both being conquered and converted by the sword by Mohamed himself along with his followers. Today we live in the age of global travel so there is no restriction to where Islam’s Jihad can take place, and in today’s day, Osama Bin Laden has revived the obligation of Moslems to fight Jihad against the non-Moslems so as to enforce the Islamic religion upon them. He is this generation’s embodiment of Mohamed and rather than seeking to convert little pieces of land for Islam, he is seeking to conquer the whole World and is uniting Moslems from around the world to this quest because it is a fundamental teaching at the core of their religion.

Bin Laden and the Moslem World successfully defended Afghanistan from the Russian Superpower and beat them. He and his global army have now turned their sights on America the Earths only Super/Hyper Power because they know that if the Islamic World can topple America the most powerful Nation on Earth then every other Nation will fall in line under Islamic Dominance and Supremacy.

Chop of the head and the body is dead.

If America is defeated then the whole world will be defeated with the darkness of Islam spread from one end of the Earth to the other under the rule of the Caliphate. The future of our World really does now hang in the balance because of this clash of Civilisations that is why the upcoming American Presidential elections that are approaching daily are so important to the whole of mankind.

Who will lead the most powerful Nation on Earth to victory through this war for the sake of all of us, or who will appease, submit, and surrender to Islamic Dominance and Supremacy through acts and threats of violence, buckling and bowing the Nation, its people and their society to Islamic rule?

You only have to look across the water to England to see what is in store if you pick the wrong President, because for the last 10 years we have been controlled by a small cabal of Marxist revolutionaries, the Liberal Elite who are presently in power who have been appeasing, submitting and surrendering our Nation to Islam at every turn. Step by step, bit by bit, and piece by piece the Islamic Kingdom living here and the Islamic World are converting the Nation, its society and way of life into Islamic rule, transforming it from within into an Islamic State aided and abetted by those same people in power who should be defending the Nation who control the inner power structure of the State.

That same inner power structure of the American Nation that the next President and his underlings will control.

The War being fought against us and our way of life is not a conventional war, it is 4th generational warfare, guerilla war, where the enemy does not have a large air and sea fleet, they lone terrorists, terrorist cells or your everyday good religious Moslem who are living amongst us blending into the shadows and normality of society, feeding from us whilst all along silently subversively attacking us from within seeking to change our way of life and destroy and change the mechanics in place that go towards the functioning of our societies and way of life so that they can enforce their Islamic way of life upon society so that it becomes the new way of life for the land. Murderous terrorist acts are just another form of this guerilla war, a tactic used to terrorise us and force us to submit and surrender to their demands through fear of violence, murder and bloodshed.

A weak Liberal leadership like what we have in England will give in and appease at every opportunity with the ultimate result down the road being the conquest and conversion of your Nation and way of life into Islamic one, just like here in England where they are now talking about introducing Sharia law into the legal system governing the land. The first state sanctioned building blocks towards giving the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain its own autonomy upon the British Isles and it is the Liberal’s in power giving it to them.

What does the future hold for England as the Islamic Kingdom grows here?

Pick the wrong President with a Liberal heart and he is going to sleep walk you into an Islamic State just like here in England.

You cannot negotiate with the military wing of the Islamic World that is at War seeking the total destruction of our way of life, and it is extreme folly to even think such thoughts but the Liberal mind thinks that everyone thinks like them and that we can all get along like a happy little family and live happily ever after, and they will give away the house and all of its contents to the guests in the process of believing in this ideal.

If only it we could all get on, but it will never happen, and our Islamic enemy will not turn back from its path of war, that’s why this has been dubbed the long war because those that know the reality of what we face know that this is a battle to the end now because of the murderous suicidal religious motivation behind our enemy. Our Islamic enemy is motivated by the desire to fulfill his religion as a divine obligation and wants to die in the process of fulfilling that obligation, which is to destroy our Western World so that Islam can take it over, and death will not stand in their way, they are actually seeking death as part of their path.

The Liberal mind just cannot see this truth and will not believe this truth even though it is staring them in the face, their minds are diseased with a form of mental illness. They say that there is a close line between genius and madness, that’s why even though Liberal’s have a slight mental illness they are still intelligent enough to become leaders of people.

Imagine having the most powerful Nation on Earth having a Liberal in power at a time of War, and not just any war, a war against the American homeland on her own soil, at a time when the future of the whole World and its way of life now hangs in the balance.

Mankind will be in peril because Liberals do not have a backbone and prefer to surrender and appease rather than standing up to the bully. Look across the water to see what today’s surrender and appeasement looks like Lionheartuk.com

No surrender is what is in the ‘heart and soul’ of the English people.

There can only be one winner at the end of this war, them or us, no middle ground.

When I was in America over Christmas the TV stations were playing the primaries all day every day, with the candidates for each party traveling across America to gain support for their chance to compete in the race to the White House. On my travels I spoke to many people about who would they like to see win and 8 times out of 10 the name Obama came back to me or Democrat.

It seems that the brainwashing propaganda machine behind Obama has been very successful, he comes to the American people hot on the heels of the Islamic Worlds demonizing of President Bush, with the World placing many gullible American people on a Liberal guilt trip about American foreign affairs so they are literally dying for a change, and what is Obama’s campaign message?

Change Change Change

Being English I obviously didn’t take much notice of this I was just curious as to people’s thoughts on the subject, it will be the next American President after all and it was all over the TV wherever you went all day every day when I was there so I couldn’t escape it.

Here in England and I should imagine all throughout Europe the general population doesn’t give two hoots about who is going to win the Presidency in America, most people don’t realise how it is going to affect them. It is in the back of their mind that it is happening because we get very small news snippets now and again, but it is not something at the front of our minds, the mentality is ‘Its over there its got nothing to do with us’. When you sit back and think about it properly in light of what I have written so far, it does have a lot to do with us because there is a War raging upon the Earth, and not just in War zones like Afghanistan and Iraq where most Western Countries have troops, we now have large Moslem populations in every Country in the West who are engaged in urban guerilla warfare, and the next President is going to inherit the leadership responsibilities of fighting this Global War against our Islamic enemies that has been dubbed the ‘War on Terror’.

If the World really knew the reality of what we face who do you think people would want to see leading the ‘War on Terror’ for the sake of our World and its way of life?

A Liberal with Islamic cultural roots or an American ex-prisoner of War.

I can see the American peoples willingness to have a black president to get over the guilt of the Civil rights movement and Obama fits the picture perfect, he is of mixed race with a white mother and a black father so he bridges the divide, perfect for those behind the multi cultural dream which is a tool of the Marxists to wage war and destroy society for their agenda just like what has happened within England. Every single think tank even the present British governments own think tanks are publicly stating that multi culturalism has failed, causing division, segregation and conflict within society.

I remember reading somewhere that Obama has a Marxist backing him so it seems that the Liberal agenda of multi culturalism is going to be forced upon the American people if Obama does get into power, and you have to ask the question whose purpose does multi-culturalism serve?

The white Americans and African Americans have had their problems over the years just like in England but over time and much struggle and upheaval together the problems have been, and are being, worked out. The only ones who gain from multi culturalism are those of the Islamic religion. We allow them into our countries in large numbers and then tell them they can live how they want to live which is completely separate and contrary to how we live. We then eventually have to change our way of life to fit theirs, and if we disagree we are classed as racists, while all along the heart and soul of the Islamic religion is one of War and conquest against the non-Moslems and their lands that they are now living in.

No one can escape this fact although the propaganda is spewed out that ‘Islam is a religion of peace’.

If the American people wanted to elect a black President then I personally would be behind Colin Powell 100% because this is a good man and a strong leader, definitely not a weak willed Liberal who has Cultural Islamic roots.

Bit of a joke really when you sit back and think about it, a Liberal with Cultural Islamic roots potentially becoming the next ‘Commander in Chief’ of America the most powerful Nation on Earth at a time that it is at War for the survival and future existence of our World and its way of life against the Islamic World.

The American people have been brainwashed with Obama and many are going to be voting on feelings rather than reality come November.

The American people woke up on the morning of 9/11 when they saw the planes slam into the World Trade Centre and then many went straight back to sleep again and because nothing has happened since upon American soil. Tthey do not realise the significance, the meaning or the importance of what is really actually happening in the real world outside of their front doors, and the real murderous intent that is aimed at destroying their country as a Nation from the Islamic World. They have been led into a false sense of security and back to sleep for political purposes. Until that is, that the next Al Qaeda terror attack happens which will probably be bigger than the last, but by then it might be too late and they will have voted into power a Liberal with Islamic roots and his underlings who will bend over backwards to appease and surrender the Nation to the Islamic religion under threats of violence, bloodshed and murder.

Then Islam will be in a position of dominance and supremacy over the most powerful Nation on Earth exactly as it presently is in England, then the real cultural war and invasion will begin.

Obama uses his Christian faith as a means to gain support and show the American people that he is on their side when it comes to the religious divide between Islam, Christianity and Judaism. How could he not be on their side if he’s a Christian many people will think, but just because you’re a Christian doesn’t mean that you cannot be a weak willed Liberal who bends over backwards for Moslems in some warped mentally deranged idealistic dream. Look at the example of the Christian peacemaker Norman Kember who was kidnapped, held hostage and later freed in Iraq. This man has just put up bail money to have Abu Qatadar Al Qaeda’s European Ambassador freed from prison, who after 24 hours released a 72 page tract urging his followers to murder and humiliate non-Moslems.

Just because he professes Christianity doesn’t mean your safe from his Liberal madness as the example of Norman Kember proves.

You cannot take the facts away that Obama has cultural Islamic roots, he has family in Africa who are Moslem and when he was younger I believe he himself was Moslem, or learnt about the Islamic religion. Then growing up in America he embraced Christianity, but this doesn’t take away his close affinity and cultural family ties with the ‘religion of peace’, so does not view the religion how we view it which is that it is a death cult led by a 7th Century blood thirsty warmonger who has told his followers to destroy our Judeo/Christian Civilisation.

The perfect candidate for the Islamic World to have in the White House don’t you think?

One part of the Islamic master plan is to attack our lands and then the Islamic Kingdom living amongst us comes out denying the acts were part of their religion, then they come out with the BUT, but we can understand why, its because of this, its because of that, so they tell us that if we change this, and change that, then the attacks wont happen again. In England this approach has worked perfectly, 7/7 happened and then the Liberal government bent over backwards to change things and be more accommodating to Islam and Moslems in society, that’s why Sharia law is almost upon us, and we have Al Qaeda terrorists freed back into our society.

What happens when America is attacked again if Obama is in the White House?

Is he going to hunt these people down and pay back like for like or is he going to understand their grievances because he has his cultural Islamic ties and roots, with him then changing Americas foreign and domestic politics so as to be more accommodating and welcoming to the Islamic religion and its Moslem followers?

Appeasement and surrender in other words, exactly what Liberal’s are made of, which puts the American Nation in a weak position in this long War - One step towards defeat.

We cannot escape the clouds of War that are enveloping us and on the horizon, and even though the Civilised Western World does not realise it, we are relying on America to lead us in this War, so the next President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces is important to all of us, that’s why the American people have no choice but to vote McCain into the White House.

If not God help us all.

Lionheart of England

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