18 August 2008

The Product: British Islam & The Third Generation Moslem’s

Guilty: The youngest ever Moslem Terrorist in Britain

This product of Islamic terror in Britain was involved with the cell that had intimate details on the Royal Family.

The Liberal Elite who currently reside over the reigns of power within Great Britain cry ‘Islam is a religion of peace’ and use their State tools of propaganda to enforce this consensus upon the gullible tax paying British sheep people, duping the Nation into a false sense of security over this new religious Kingdom that is building itself up upon our beautiful green shores.

If Islam was truly a ‘religion of peace’ then surely one of the leaders of the main Islamic organisations in our Country that helps control a large section of the Islamic Kingdom of Great Britain would make sure his descendents followed in those so-called peaceful footsteps of his religion do you not think?

Unless of course Holy War against the infidel was sanctioned within the religion that no Islamic scholar could deny to their Moslem relatives or community, but only to the infidels by using taqiyya, ‘the art of deception’ in Jihad.

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He is the archetypal third generation Moslem living in Britain who has learned about the life and times of Mohamed and Jihad against the kuffar while sitting on his grandfather’s knee whilst growing up here. His grandfather is Sheikh Yakub Munshi, president of the Islamic Research Institute of Great Britain at the Markazi Mosque in Dewsbury, so we have him to thank for cultivating this ideological Al Qaeda terrorist living in our midst.

This Al Qaeda terrorist is just one of many out there in our Country, blended into the fabric of our society, and trying to enforce their Islamic way of life upon our Nation. He has been convicted today but will probably get a very light sentence because of all of the glowing references he will get from his family contacts, and then he will be back out on our streets sooner than you know it, straight back to where he left off except far more radical and with a lot more hatred towards British society just like every other one of them who have been released back out into our society before him.

Excerpt: For nearly a year the teenager, whose grandfather is a leading Islamic scholar, led a double life.
By day he attended lessons at the local comprehensive and did as he was told, but in the evening he spent hours surfing jihadist sites and distributing material to others as part of what the Crown branded a 'worldwide conspiracy' to 'wipe out' non-Muslims.

This is the nature of the enemy we face, they smile in our faces one minute and behind our backs they plot to murder us and take our country over. One more example of the 21st Century Islamic urban guerilla soldier out their in our midst today that we face, just like every single one that has gone before him and every single one that will come after him. Take the NHS failed car bombers for example, one day they were healing British citizens and the next they were trying to kill them, with their colleagues unable to believe they could do such a thing because they were such nice people.

I wonder how many they did kill while working in the hospital, and how many more British citizens are being killed on a daily basis by Moslems working in the NHS?

All religious Moslems are a threat to the National Security of Great Britain, and we have them working within every sphere of British life now, with the ‘heart of the Nation’ penetrated by them.

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It is a complete joke that people still believe Islam is a ‘religion of peace’, and that British citizens still defend Islam and Moslems in our midst, protecting the bloodthirsty Islamic beast that wants to wipe all non-Moslems from the Earth and make the whole world Islamic. This is the core fundamental religious driving force that is at the centre of their religion that all Moslems must work towards implementing if they are good Moslems and want to reach their paradise. You cannot escape this fact no matter how much you want to believe ‘Islam means peace’ and its only a ‘small minority’ because that is what the British government have told you.

People need to wake up because our Judeo/Christian Western World is under attack from within by this large hostile savage and barbaric force that is seeking to conquer our Civilisation; what if they achieve their vision and take our enlightened World into a New Islamic Dark Age?

This third generation Moslem is a prime example of someone following what his religion teaches him just like every other religious Moslem out there today living within Great Britain and throughout our Western World.

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You only have to look at how their relatives back in their ancestral homelands view us to realise how those living amongst us view us. They smile in our faces, pretend they are our peaceful friends, and proclaim ‘Islam means peace’ while all along behind our backs and behind closed doors they plan and plot their eventual take over of our Country and the enforcement of Sharia law across our land, and upon our women and children.

If you have future descendents living in the West then you should take a long hard look about this present situation regarding the Islamic religion for yourself, and not just listen to the rubbish the government tells you.

Jihad against the infidel to convert them and their lands into Islamic rule by the sword is what Mohamed himself did in his life time which is documented in their holy books, and they must each follow his example today with their daily lives so that their Islamic religion can one day rule the World exactly as their books teach them it will.

You say it could never happen and I say you are someone who is ignorant of the facts, who knows nothing about the subject, and is passing a baseless opinion on something you know absolutely nothing about, an ostrich with your head in the sand.

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Daily Mail

Guilty: Britain's youngest ever terrorist who had guide to death and explosives in his home

Britain's youngest terrorist was behind bars today after a guide to death and explosives was found in the schoolboy's home.

Hammaad Munshi, just 16 and taking GCSEs when arrested, was part of a cell of cyber groomers that set out to brainwash the vulnerable to kill 'non-believers'.

For nearly a year the teenager, whose grandfather is a leading Islamic scholar, led a double life.

By day he attended lessons at the local comprehensive and did as he was told, but in the evening he spent hours surfing jihadist sites and distributing material to others as part of what the Crown branded a 'worldwide conspiracy' to 'wipe out' non-Muslims.

London's Blackfriars Crown Court heard it contained detailed instructions about making napalm, other high explosives, detonators, and grenades, and 'how to kill'.

He was 15 when recruited by Aabid Khan, 23, a 'key player' in radicalising the impressionable and vulnerable here and abroad with his message of 'violent jihad'.

They lived 10 miles apart, phoned each other during 2005 and 2006, and swapped documents about 'black powder explosives'.

Khan wanted to fulfil the teenager's wish to go abroad and 'fight jihad', and during one internet exchange discussed how the schoolboy might smuggle a sword through airport security.

The Dewsbury-born teenager was detained a day after Khan as he and friends returned from local Westborough High School.

The IT whizz-kid - whose online Arabic profile 'fidadee' means a 'person ready to sacrifice themselves for a particular cause' - ran a website selling hunting knives and Islamic flags and was the cell's computer specialist.

Two bags of ball-bearings - the shrapnel of choice for suicide bombers - were found in one of his pockets.

On his PC were al Qaida propaganda videos and recordings promoting 'murder and destruction'.

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