3 August 2008

MI5 admit they cannot contain the Islamic threat

Further reading: MI5 report from Nov 2006

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Afghani militants hunted on UK streets

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Glen Jenvey threatened with arrest


Anonymous said...

Add these buns to the thousands of Afghan and Arab Mudjhadeen in Bosnia and KOsovo, and when the dam breaks the British Public will experience what even Hitler could not achieve,.. War on the Streets of Britain.
Thank God you and the good folks like you are shouting from the hill-tops.
Pleas God wake up the British people to what is happening.

Anonymous said...

I had missed the full text of this report.
This man made a detailed and honest assessment from his viewpoint as a veteran of intelligence agencies.
What he said does in no way contradict what you have said.
He would like the people to understand what the threats are, you bet the politicians want the opposite.
His words at the end sum up a lot.

"16. My Service is dedicated to tackling the deadly manifestations of terrorism. Tackling its roots is the work of us all."

For a gardener to tackle weeds, he has to know what they are and what they look like, also their habits and where they like to grow in the garden.
Thanks for pointing us to some of the answers, Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

Should be an enlightening program on BBC Radio 4 Tuesday 5th August, 9.00AM and repeated at 21.00.
"The Choice."
Michael Beurk interviews
GEERT WILDERS, the Dutch anti-Islamification, anti Sharia MP in Dutch Parliament.
Under 24 hour armed guard this brave man speaks out on the topics covered by Lionheart. (another brave man.)
His stance includes the stopping of Muslim immigration into Europe.
This is the first step to allowing the influence of the terrorists to gain less recruits, and stop the radical Imams coming into UK to spew their hate filled sermons and lectures.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Glen Jenvey website please?

Lionheart said...

www.johnathangaltfilms.com coming soon.

mississippimud2007 said...

lionheart, I haven't texted with you in a while. Hope you are doing well.