22 August 2008

Oriana Fallaci - The Force of Reason

May you Rest in Peace Orianai Fallaci as those of us in this generation pick up the baton that you left behind and fearlessly run with it, challenging today's falsehood and treason with truth and reason for the sake of the preservation of the Civilised World. 29 June 1929 - 15 September 2006

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(Video: 50 million Moslems in Europe will turn it into a Moslem continent without guns and without bombs. Add Turkey to the EU and that will make it 100 million Moslems)

The Fall of our Civilisation unless we defend it from this modern invasion and Holy War.

The Force of Reason

(Date of written article unknown)

Such is her devastating criticism of Islam that Fallaci has been threatened with criminal prosecution for racism .

The European Arrest Warrant permits any European country to incarcerate any citizen belonging to the European Union . Thus, in addition to their death threats & obscene vilifications, Muslims have pressured the Swiss government to seek Orianas extradition from her own homeland .

Switzerland is not the only country where she risks ending up behind bars, and not merely because of the European Arrest Warrant. Europe has abjectly subordinated individual liberty and its own cultural identity to the diktats of the Arab-Islamic world. Other than guarded trips to Italy, Oriana lives in New York.

Although this gallant lady has been excoriated by the Left, which dominates the European Union, its politicians and judges, its academics and journalists, its news and cultural mediaten...millions of copies of her books have been read and translated into various languages, and they remain best sellers . Why? Because Oriana fearlessly reveals the Truth, She reveals in shocking detail Islam's long history of barbarism, which renders all the more horrifying its invasion and creeping conquest of Europe, not by arms, but by its Policy
of the Womb .

Algerian President Boumedienne brazenly told the UN General Assembly in 1974: One day millions of men will leave the southern hemisphere of this planet to burst into the northern one . But not as friends . Because they will burst in to conquer, and they will conquer by populating it with their children. Victory will come to us from the wombs of our women. [Arafat said the same]

Islamic expansionism, says Fallaci, has always unfolded in the shadow of that strategy. The Policy of the Womb has ever supplemented the policy of the sword . Today Europe is so steeped in pacifism that the threat of Arab terrorism is enough to cow its leaders. Besides, Europe has been inundated (and intimidated) by 35 million Muslims. In every mosque of Europe, the Friday prayer is accompanied by the exhortation with which the imam addresses the Muslim women: Bear at least five children each couple - quite a number, adds
Fallaci, if an immigrant has two wives.

These immigrants despise their host countries . Their imams arrogantly demand that Europe remove public vestiges of Christianity; that Muslims alone teach Islamic studies; that Sharia law govern the people of the Koran; that Muslims without citizenship be allowed to vote!

Oriana tells us that she met Bat Yeor**, from whose work, Eurabia: The Euro- Arab Axis, she draws solid data to expose Europe's suicidal collaboration with the Arab world . [** Bat Ye'or is the Hebrew for 'Daughter of the Nile'. Bat Ye'or is Jewish & was born in Egypt from whence she was either expelled, or fled, during the period (mid 1940's to early 1960's) when nearly 1 million 'Arab' Jews were expelled or had to flee for their lives from the persecution, robbery and killings inflicted upon them by the Arab Moslem majority.] Bat Yoer revealed that a decisive shift in European policy came as a result of the oil crisis following the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, when Europe, at the initiative of France and the Arab League, established the Euro-Arab Dialogue.

Fallaci regards the Euro-Arab Dialogue a contradiction in terms. There can be no dialogue with Islam, the very meaning of which is submission. The Euro-Arab Dialogue is Europe's attempt to counteract the economic and political ascendancy of the United States in world affairs. European leaders saw in the oil and untapped markets of the Arab world the means of checking American imperialism . What they failed to see is that Arab cooperation would not come cheap.

The Euro-Arab Dialogue became institutionalized. Periodic conferences were held on political and economic matters. These conferences produced well- financed Euro-Arab organizations. Cultural and academic exchange programs were also established. Europe, having evolved into the European Union (the EU), metamorphosed into Eurabia, a new force in global affairs .

Under the euphemism of the peace process, the EU made Israel the cornerstone of its relations not only with the Arab regimes, but also with the United States . At the same time, Europe sold itself to Islam for its own security, as a quid pro quo against Islamic terror .

But how could Europe , which stood for Reason and Democracy, ally itself with Islam, the enemy of Reason and Democracy? How could Europe, dominated by the secular Left, become the ally of Islam, a religious creed that despises secularists as infidels, as dogs? How could Europe, decimated by Nazi Germany, bring itself to collaborate with the successors of the Nazis Arabs and Muslims committed not only to Israel s annihilation but also to world conquest? Fallaci will answer these questions, but first she wants to warn us about the ambitions of these new Nazis.

This she does in an interview of Dr. George Habash, head of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, who carried out the bloodiest terrorist attacks in Europe. From Habash she learned and tells us that the Arabs' enemy was not Israel alone, it was the whole West: America and Europe.

She warns: Our revolution [said Habash] is a part of the world revolution. It is not confined to the reconquest of Palestine. Palestinians are part of the Arab Nation. Therefore the entire Arab Nation must go to war against Europe and America . It must leash a war against the West. And it will. America and Europe don't know that we Arabs are just at the beginning of the beginning. That the best has yet to come. That from now on there will be no peace with the West. To advance step by step. Millimeter by millimeter. Year after year, decade after decade. Determined, stubborn, patient . This is our strategy . A strategy that we shall expand throughout the planet. (pp . 131-132) .

This is not merely a war waged with weapons . Habash also meant a cultural war, the demographic war, the religious war waged by stealing a country from its citizens .

By Islamizing a country's spiritual roots, calling Abraham the first Muslim; denying Jesus crucifixion, but calling him too a Muslim; purveying Islam as the pinnacle of civilization, the source of ethics, the hallmark of philosophy and science and even of democracy. In short: the aim of Islam is to strip away all that the West takes pride in, to desiccate it like the Arabian desert.

Aiding this vast conspiracy is Europe.
Fallaci sees in this conspiracy the most ideological fraud, cultural indecency, moral prostitution, deception, our time has produced. A conspiracy, a plot, made possible by the bankers who invented the farce of the European Union. By the collaborationists and better yet, the traitors who invented the lie of Pacifism. By the hypocrites who invented the fraud of humanitarianism. By the heads of State who do not even comprehend the concept of State. By the intellectuals who do not even ponder the concept of the intellect (p. 137) .

Dominated by the Left, Europe is sick.
It lacks honour and dignity, conscience and courage (Fallaci could rightly have said the same of Israel). America's left-wing intellectuals and cultural elites are tainted by the same sickness.

Fallaci despises the Noam Chomskys and the Michael Moores and their accomplices/traitors who sell us to the enemy. She is at a loss to understand why Ward Churchill, the University of Colorado professor who praised Bin Laden and September 11, was not fired. She disdains the Caviar Left whose humanitarian judges acquit terrorists as easily as they acquit pedophiles.

Fallaci sees in the Left the decadence of contemporary democracies. She cites Alexis de Tocqueville with telling effect: these inert democracies have subordinated freedom to egalitarianism: the senseless denial of
merit, the lack of self-discipline, the demise of honor, and the triumph of pusillanimity .

Freedom has been impoverished when everything can be expressed except the freedom of revealing the truth. Truth inspires the fear of thinking politically incorrect thoughts.

Fallaci also attributes these vices to the Right . She blames the Right for giving Eurabia its imprimatur. She castigates the Right, which has never moved a finger to stop or hold back the growth of the Islamic invasion.

At this point, I must return to some unanswered questions regarding the paradoxical alliance of the Left with Islam. The Left, and here Fallaci means Marxism, is steeped in dogmatism. By purveying its ideology as the one and only path to salvation, the Left resembles a religious creed . Like Islam, the Left is totalitarian.

It divides the world into the Good and the Bad, into comrades and infidel- dogs. And Like Islam, the Left never acknowledges its faults or errors.

Notice how the Left in Israel never acknowledges the monumental blunder of Oslo despite its disastrous consequences. (Fallaci might also have added that both the Left and Islam disdain the nation state or nationalism .

In his tract, The Jewish Question, Marx displays a venomous hatred of Jewish particularism, resurrected in the Left's hatred of Zionism & Israel. Finally, the Left in Europe no longer has the Soviet Union to chart its course. Nor can it champion Europe s almost non-existent proletarian. And so, as our brilliant Oriana has discerned, the Left has turned its vaunted humanitarianism to the impoverished Third World , above all to
Islamdom .

Fallaci concludes with three warnings. First, it's a mistake to believe that Islamic terrorism is the main weapon of the war Muslims have declared on us. Terrorism is only the bloodiest and most barbarous aspect of this war. The most pernicious and catastrophic aspect is the religious war, beginning with immigration. Immigration, not terrorism, she says, is the Trojan Horse that has penetrated and transformed Europe into Eurabia. Citing Bernard Lewis, she warns that by 2100, the whole of Europe will be numerically dominated by Muslims .

Second, Fallaci warns that multiculturalism will not moderate Islam and certainly not the fib of integration. In Europe-Eurabia, the other immigrants more or less integrate. Muslims don't. They don't even care to learn our languages . Glued to their mosques, to their Islamic Centers, to their hostility, better yet their abhorrence and contempt for the West, they only obey the rules and the laws of the Sharia (pp . 301-302).

Third, contrary to one of her admirers, Daniel Pipes, Fallaci rejects the idea of a Moderate Islam. Moderate Islam is another invention of ours. Another illusion fabricated by naivetor Quislingness or misplaced realpolitk. Moderate Islam does not exist. Islam is in the Koran - in nothing but the Koran.

And the Koran is the Mein Kamp of a religion which has always aimed to eliminate others .

One last word. Oriana Fallaci has for some years been stricken with cancer. The courage and wisdom and dedication displayed in her books are therefore all the more extraordinary.

She entitled the second book of her trilogy "The Force of Reason" because she regards Reason as the key to human freedom and dignity. Although she fears that the force of reason in the West is succumbing to the force of unreason - Islam, her books are a precious legacy of the human spirit and therefore a promise that Reason will ultimately prevail.


Anonymous said...

Europeans, lost in the belief that somehow they are protected by their appointed representatives, have in fact been auctioned in the slave-market.
America is not the strong country it was, for it has allowed worms to breed in it;s belly.
The New World is increasingly focussed around China and India, while America plays dangerous politics with a resolute Russia.
Europe is headed by a herd of lick-spittle Liberalia, who instead of securing the borders of Europe, are determined to ineffectively rattle tin-swords with the Russian Empire, whilst lacking in everything it would take to do war with them.
Milliband brazenly chides Russia over Georgia, yet has encouraged the invasion of Britain by alien forces.
We are facing potential economic collapse, yet we are led by the blind.
Britain is in great danger, and that danger is within our borders as much as without.

Anonymous said...

This piece must have been written quite a while ago and is misleading. I think you should tell your readers that Fallaci died in September 2006

Lionheart said...

Thank you for the advice anonymous.

Anonymous said...

The first most important step is to elect a nationlist party capable of withdrawing us from the E.U. and rebuilding our borders.
None of the major parties in the UK are willing to do this in spite of claims of 'serving' their constituants and knowing the majority want this.
Money talks and keeps us in the E.U. Only a party committed to preserving the U.K. and not be swayed by all the bribery on offer will restore this country to its former glory. Nothing is irreversable.

Findalis said...

If Europeans don't awaken to the reality of Islam in the next few years, they will be lost. The same goes true for Great Britain. But I see hopeful signs coming out of Great Britain. If you can defeat Labour in the next election and gain a party that will confront and stop this madness, then your nation will be saved.

I pray for your nation and you, Lionheart. For the freedoms you have and the ones that are being destroyed.

Anonymous said...

findalis..... as a brit i thank you for wishing our country well. Even if we have a hung parliament at the next election it would be better than what we have now..

Our freedoms have been taken away from us.

Findalis said...

I cry for Great Britain Crusader. For the Britain I knew before Labour destroyed it. For the Britain of Keats, Byron, and Austin. For the simple things like having tea at 4 or dining on Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding (which my daughter has learned to make very well). I cry for the Mother Nation of mine. It was the ideals of British Freedom that gave rise to the United States.

And I pray. I pray for the day when you too will be able to hold your heads up once again, in any part of your nation and proclaim loudly, with a clear voice:

I am English, and I am a proud Christain!

And not have some towel headed, follower of a pedophile scream racism and threaten you.

G-d Bless Great Britain!
G-d Bless Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II!

Anonymous said...

A shame I have to post here not even allowing my URL or much of anything esle to be shown. Call me "anonymous # 10" just for referential purposes.
I truly bleed for England. I don't see much hope, unfortuantely. Your nation is riddled with a cancer for which the only cure is long forsaken by the majority.
My country, the U.S., isn't to far behind. Canada is heavily infested with radical Islam under many guises. The first volleys have already been fired in the latter two countries and everyone is infatuated with entetaining themselves. We have all sealed our own doom. Islam, for now, will prevail as Satan firms up his grip before the end times.
The picture is incredibly clear. A myopic world drifts in a fog.
I salute you "Lionheart".

Anonymous said...

stop giving them asylum, stop giving them freebies, stop giving them special welfare money, stop kowtowing to their culture, stop doing business with them, ask them to go back to their beloved mecca and grow their own food, stop doing favours for them, stop listening to their sob stories, stop depending on them on anything,stop pitying them, stop being friendly with them,stop employing them, stop trading with them,stop teaching them any technology, stop concentrating on them and start to concentrate on our own welfare. all these actions would helps to stop their assault on our western civilisation, stop their insult/bullying on our good nature and stop their evil infiltration/bad influence. we also have to beware that china and india and many asian countries may be giving them a financial lifeline to expand their oppressive and suppressive radicalism.