15 August 2008

Earths 21st Century Military Confrontation: East v West

The unraveling of World War III

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The Ossetia cross roads

The political and military stakes between East and West have now started to heat up since the Ossetia cross roads with America striking a deal with Poland over it hosting a anti-missile defence shield upon its soil to protect the West from a missile attack from rogue Nations or Al Qaeda.

At this moment in time, in reality Russia is the only Nation capable of a serious missile attack against the West so any anti-missile defence shield upon Polish soil is a strategic build up of military arms by America for the new confrontation with Russia that is unfolding.

War: Round 2 of East v West

Russia have now replied to this deal between America and Poland by stating that Poland is now 100% in the firing line for Nuclear attack, and that it would be attacked as a first priority if there was a war with America.

Referring to the missile shield, General Nogovitsyn said that Russia's military doctrine sanctions the use of nuclear weapons "against the allies of countries having nuclear weapons if they in some way help them," Interfax said.

In my opinion this deal with Poland and the war between Russia and Georgia at the Ossetia cross roads is just the aligning of the pawns ready for the real pivotal battle of today’s global conflict which is Iran v Israel.

The World cannot escape the Iran v Israel question so in a geo-political sense for Nations behind the scenes they each must show where they stand and who the stand with within the new order of things as Nations once again rise against Nations.

The leader of the Civilised World in today’s global confrontation is America the most powerful Nation on Earth so Nation States are either with them or against them in the new order of things, there is no middle ground because what will the consequence for planet Earth be if America and the Free World loses today’s World War?

In the Nuclear age with all possible scenarios on the table, what is the ultimate price to pay to win at all costs? And what will the possible consequences be (use your imagination)?

We narrowly escaped a Nuclear exchange during the Cold War, do you think we will be so lucky this time when you look at all of the factors?

All the pieces of the geo-political chess game between East v West are all starting to align themselves in the gaze of the public eye.

After the military wing of Islam’s declaration of War on 9/11 the whole of the America military might went to War upon the Earth to defend itself from this new aggressor. There can only be one winner at the end of War, and the War has begun, the question is; who will walk away with victory once the dust settles?

The harmonic chant from around the entire Islamic World is ‘Death to America’ who they have labeled within the Moslem mind as the Great Satan, and ‘Death to Israel’ the little satan.

This new battle on the Earth is to the end now no matter how long it takes because the survival of the American Nation and the Civilised World is at stake, Saddam Hussein’s regime which was a threat to regional stability in the Middle East has been removed, and the oil fields that can feed the American military might have been secured, and Afghanistan which is one of the base camps of the military wing of the Islamic World has come under attack from coalition forces.

At the start of this global conflict between the military wing of the Islamic religion, Iraq and Afghanistan have been opened up as frontlines.

The Islamic Republic of Iran as a regional power in the Middle East where these two frontlines have been opened up has arisen in the background supporting the armies of Islam who are fighting America and coalition troops, adding fuel to the fire.

It is an open secret that Iran has been supplying arms, training Iraqi militias and fighting alongside them in Iraq, so the frontlines of our enemies we are fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan have Iranian backing.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has made itself a direct military enemy of America.

America went to war on the Earth after 9/11 so what are the ultimate consequences to the Iranian Nation?

Do the Americans just sit back and allow Iran to openly fight a war against them and kill and maim their troops in the process of preventing them from winning the ‘War on Terror’ against the military wing of the Islamic religion, or do they respond with like for like?

Like for like is the only response, with America being far more militarily superior to the Islamic Republic of Iran, so this is another major confrontation on the horizon that is bubbling under the surface of reality.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is in a corner faced with the most powerful Nation on Earth, with no way out, and they know this fact but because of their religion they interpret this reality they face as their Islamic apocalypse that is why the leaders there believe they are going to be the Nation that brings on the Islamic apocalypse and losing a third or more of their population is a price worth paying for this Islamic prophetic fulfillment.

Behind the scenes Iran is frantically trying to obtain ‘The bomb’ believing that this will in some way stave off the inevitable, or if they are going to do down then they will take others down with them in the process, namely Israel.

The Iranian leadership has publicly said that they want to wipe Israel from the face of the Earth and acquiring ‘The Bomb’ would make that a reality considering how small Israel is.

This is the real coming conflict that is bubbling under the surface of reality, and Russia is the Nation helping Iran go Nuclear, so that puts Russia in direct military opposition to America and Israel.

Iran have recently tested missiles capable of reaching into Europe, Israel have conducted training runs for the inevitable attack on Iran’s Nuclear programme, Russia have supplied Iran with its latest weaponry with which to defend itself from an Israeli attack, and America have stated that all options are on the table in defending Israel’s Sovereignty.

This is the most serious and pivotal geo-political, and military cross roads of our era, it is something that our world and its future cannot escape from, and with every action there is a reaction, so once the spark happens our world will ignite. At the moment it is like the groundwork for the fire is just being put in place getting ready for the spark to ignite it.

Please remember that America the most powerful Nation on Earth is at war with the military wing of the Islamic World as you are reading this, fighting in two frontline’s in the Middle East, with the Islamic Republic of Iran holding up the lines of that enemy with Russian support and backing, and with their eyes firmly fixed on going Nuclear, and bombing Israel, so as to bring on the Islamic Apocalypse.

This is not fantasy; this is reality, a reality our World faces that has direct consequences on the future life of planet Earth.

Those in charge of the Russian military know exactly what is happening, those in charge of the American military know exactly what is happening and both know that the Iran v Israel cross roads is the real issue of the day because of the gravity of the situation there but sometimes things are out of our human control and you get too deep into something and there is no way out you just have to keep going and prepare for the inevitable.

Russia’s war with Georgia at the Ossetia cross roads and now America’s confirmation of the missile defence in Poland are smaller political and military issues with serious implications that stem from the East v West conflict because both sides know the reality of what is unfolding in the background and the inevitable that is going to happen there between Iran and Israel and when it does all of the pieces will fall into place for what could quite possibly be Armageddon and check mate – East v West

Georgia is supported by America and is on Russia’s border, with the oil pipeline that runs to the West running through Ossetia, so the stakes have been raised on both sides now with Russia moving in to take over control of the region, so maybe this means that the Iran conflict is just around the corner and these smaller contentions are just the precursor to that conflict, with the smaller pieces of the game being moved and positioned ready for the days that lay ahead.

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