6 August 2008

The Global Jihad - A piece of the human jigsaw puzzle

A Window on the World - The 21st Century media Revolution

At the click of a button whilst sitting back drinking tea, coffee or eating our dinners from the safety, security and comfort of our own homes we can be transported in an instant to the present War zones of Iraq & Afghanistan to watch pre-recorded images beamed live and direct onto our computer screens to see what real life is like for our troops in frontline military combat defending our way of life from the Islamic World, we can be taken back in time over and over again to relive each and every terror attack like the planes flying into the World Trade Centre which have been carried out against us in the name of Allah as a part of the global Jihad, we can watch the real life pre-recorded beheadings of innocent people, and we can sit back and listen to the intent behind the hate filled murderous rhetoric towards us from the Islamic World who are at work destroying our Western Civilistion on behalf of their religion.

Each of us now has a window on the global conflict that is unfolding around the World outside the safety and security of our own homes through the internet. At the same time all of mankind is now joined together from one end of the Earth to the other by this new phenomenon, no longer do we have to rely on snail mail or pigeon carriers across the Atlantic, or telegrams on camel back across the Sahara to communicate with people; we now have hotmail and Skype reaching who we want to reach for whatever reason we want to reach them in an instant, and all totally free of charge except for our internet connection fee, this is the power of the new technological phenomenon of our age.

The 21st Century media Revolution ‘The Internet’ - Our Window on the World.

No longer is the news media controlled by the few in power over us who once manipulated it so they could control what we thought and how we perceived the World around us for their own purposes. The walls of control have well and truly come down, with the power of the media now in the hands of anybody who wants to use it, with the control of what we see and hear removed now from the hands of those few and placed into the hands of the many, with the reality of what is going on in the World today and how that effects us directly, no longer able to be covered up, out of sight and out of mind, although the Dictators in the newly formed European Union are looking at ways to draw the curtains on our freedom of speech across the internet, or control it so that they own the monopoly of information people receive through it so as to be able to keep control over how people think and feel throughout Europe based on their propaganda and how they want the European population to view the World.

Information is now accessible to everyone, and anyone who wants to click on the mouse button, open up the door, and come inside to look and learn, people are free to enter and free to leave, making up their own minds along the way based on the information, opinions and the facts they are presented with. Those of us who choose too are offering others a window on their personal Worlds, its surroundings, how it influences them and their thinking, and the 21st Century War that is unfolding upon the Earth.

A Window on today’s Global Jihad (Holy War) against our Civilisation that is taken direct from the pages of the Koran, as Moslems follow in the footsteps and example the false warmongering prophet Mohamed set for them.

Wherever in the World today you are reading this, is testimony to those walls of control coming down and the instant global communication that we now have in our hands with which to communicate with people from all over the World. You are reading the thoughts and perceptions of a common man, not a journalist, intellectual or someone joined to any organisation, just a citizen of planet Earth in England who has the ability at his fingertips just like everybody else, to write down how he views the world around him based on the facts and how those facts then fit into the bigger picture of one important and serious aspect of life on Earth. One piece of the human jigsaw puzzle of reality concerning the Global Jihad that is now in full swing against our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation. Then post that reality onto the ‘World Wide Web’ for others from anywhere in the World to read, from the safety, security, and comfort of their own homes or work place’s, who then at the click of a mouse button can be transported to another part of the World and to somebody else’s window and another piece of the human jigsaw of reality relating to somebody else’s perception of the World around them. All those pieces of the human jigsaw from around the World reporting on the Global Jihad (Holy War) eventually leads those seekers of truth and understanding into enlightenment with a clearer picture of what the future of our Western World is now facing.

Ignore the truth and the facts pertaining to today’s Global Holy War at your own peril, and at the peril of your children, grandchildren and the future of our Western Civilisation.

The Islamic World does not hide the fact that they aim for Islam to take over the West, they believe it is inevitable and openly say as much, and a certain section of the Islamic World does not hide the fact that they are at war with the West seeking the destruction and conquest of our way of life, with their Moslem armies already on the ground and encamped the length and breadth of our lands conducting their part in the global Jihad. The proof is in what they say and their actions towards us, yet people are still asleep to the serious problem surrounding them and blinded to the facts staring them in the face. They just cannot see the big fat smelly Elephant sitting in the room with them, they think it’s a cute little puppy because of all of the heinous propaganda by the days ruling Liberal Elite so are protecting, nurturing and feeding it, as if it is some docile little pet like the good little Dhimmi Liberal sheep people they are. Sheep people being led along with their children and grandchildren to the future bloodthirsty Halal slaughter house of an Islamic State by their appeasing treasonous Liberal Dhimmi leaders.

For me, the window on my world opened up the day I had my life threatened by drug dealing Pakistani Moslems from Luton England who are connected to Al Qaeda and the poppy fields of Afghanistan, the Al Qaeda terror training camps of Pakistan/Afghanistan and the extreme Madras’s of Pakistan. It was by divine appointment that I met a Jewish computer expert in the Holy Land who set my blog up for me and showed me how to use it. I was then given a window with which to speak and tell the World exactly what is going on, on the ground from my perspective where I live in relation to the Islamic community living here, and their Holy War against British society.

War is War what ever way you look at it!!!

Luton took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 2005 when 4 British born Moslems murdered 52 innocent people and wounded over 700, and it also took centre stage of the biggest anti-terror operation in British history ‘operation crevice’ where the bomb maker of the fertilizer plot was an Al Qaeda trained local Pakistan Moslem taxi driver, and the Emir of the plot who is said to have also recruited the lead bomber on 7/7 was also an Al Qaeda connected Pakistani Moslem from Bury Park Luton. This is where I live, and is where Al Qaeda opened up as their frontline in their War against my Country, playing their part in the Global Jihad to destroy our Western Civilisation. The question is why? And being someone who has lived and grown up on the streets here I know exactly why and have written about this so on my blog so that those who are fighting in defence of our Civilisation know exactly what is behind the London bombings, and the state of affairs on the ground here in this frontline within Great Britain.

What happens if the cancer is left untreated?

The World is at War, the ‘War on Terror’ is happening as you are reading this, and Al Qaeda did declare a Civil War using British Moslems against us after all, and my window speaks for itself based upon facts for those watching and listening from around the World.

As if the British people are going to role over into submission and surrender to Moslem terror, murder and violent threats. The line was drawn in the sand and they crossed it, so what are we meant to do, just sit back in fear and let them take over? Answer that one, because MI5 admit that intelligence isn’t enough, and RUSI have told Her Majesties Government that it must make ‘Defence of the Realm’ its No.1 priority.

If the British government are not going to do anything because they have their heads buried deeply in the sand with the British people looking at the propaganda staring them in the face, and MI5 admitting that the problem is too big for them, what is left for the British people to do about protecting themselves, their children, their grandchildren and their future way of life?

War is War and there can only be one winner at the end of it – WHO DO YOU WANT IT TO BE?

My blog http://www.lionheartuk.com/ has been the window on my personal world, and my view based upon, on the ground facts of the Luton Pakistani Moslem community living where I live and their daily street Jihad against my community and my country, and my view of the Global Jihad and the threat it poses to the future of our Western Civilistion. One piece of the human jigsaw puzzle of reality that fits with all of the other pieces from around the world which all fit together to give those who do not yet see or understand what is happening in our World today and what that means to our futures, a clearer picture of that which is out of sight and mind from most people at this moment in time, swept under the carpet of reality by the Liberal Elite and their heinous propaganda.

There are many many windows out there, too numerous to name them all, but here are just a few examples of those different windows to show you how they all fit together to give a picture of reality regarding the Islamic Worlds Holy War against all non-believers. Sderot in Israel is small town near the border with Gaza and has Hamas Moslem militants firing rockets into their community, sometimes on a daily basis, or in other parts of Israel recently we have seen Moslems driving JCB diggers at the human population killing innocent people. France which has a 10% Moslem minority now has seen fierce violent riots almost nightly, with hundreds of cars torched and French police shot at with guns by North African Moslem immigrants. Sweden now has a rape epidemic amongst its population where Swedish women who are not dressed in the veil are seen as legitimate targets for rape and gang rape by their Moslem population. Demark is now on its way to becoming the first Islamic State in Europe, where in the not too distant future Moslems will be the majority in the Country. Denmark also saw the murder of Theo Van Goth in broad daylight for producing a film depicting the oppression of women in Islam; they also felt the rage of the whole Islamic World after newspapers there published satirical pictures of Mohamed.

The list could go on and on, and it is only because of today’s media revolution and individual people like myself creating their own windows on their reality can others peer through to see what is happening on the ground in different areas of the World in relation to their Moslem populations, the effect that the Islamic religion is having on their society, and what part they are playing in today’s Global Jihad to destroy our Western Civilisation because the main stream media that is controlled or influenced by the State which in Britain is run by a small cabal of Liberal Elite’s will not give us all of the facts, it is watered down or ignored so as to keep the population in the dark of the serious imminent threat to our way of life.

For me as a lone individual living in a 21st Century War zone, a war zone where the war is being fought by stealth, silently and subversively behind the scenes by an urban guerilla army with dangerous murderous intent knowing its goals, I thank God that He has joined me with others from around the World, each with our own windows on our own personal worlds trying to let others peer through so that they can see what we see because the very future existence and survival of our Civilisation now hangs in the balance like never before in modern history. We now have one of the Worlds largest religions actively and aggressively seeking to destroy our Nations, our societies and our way of life from within and without so that they can enforce their religion upon our lands on behalf of Allah, exactly as they are taught too in the pages of their holy books. A military political religious force that believes it is on a divine mission from god to convert the whole World into an Islamic one with its believers wanting to die in the process of achieving their religious aims because it is the only sure way of reaching their paradise.

I thank God that he has given me true alliance’s with others for the days that lay ahead as together we defend our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation for the sake of our children and grandchildren and their way of life. Roger at Radarsite has been able to take my window and piece of the human jigsaw puzzle relating to Islam’s Global Holy War, and join it with others like Jewish blog central, Real Clear Politics and Reuters so as reach a much wider audience and give their readers an insight into what is happening on the ground within the UK from a non politically correct citizen.

Together we can all make a difference towards the future survival of our way of life

The armies of Islam are not over there in the Middle East, the armies of Islam are living and feeding off the fat of our lands, actively planning and plotting our downfall and over throw daily.

The Islamic World wants to take our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation into a new dark age, where the oppression, suppression and murder of their 7th Century holy books reign supreme. We then become worthless as human beings, taken as cattle and sold at the market or killed, and our women and children taken as War booty.

Don’t believe it, keep peering through the different windows with an open mind and believe the facts that are presented too you, facts are facts, the corner stone of reality.

What are you personally going to do to defend the future?

Lionheart of England

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