12 August 2008

The Truth behind the Reality of Islam in our midst

Wake up and see what the future holds based on the present truth that surrounds us and is living, breathing and growing within our midst, seeking to change the Judeo/Christian reality in which we live into an Islamic reality exactly as the Koran teaches all good Moslems they must do.

The Islamic force seeking to change our way of life is amongst us, you cannot escape it.

The evidence in this video is mainly based from Britain, does that not tell you something?

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Anonymous said...

The true purpose of mass immigration into the West: DIVIDE AND RULE

Now watch this:


Joern said...

And we shall surely realize it much too late most of us,
because we when can't quantify the problem we cannot get sober debate:
http://Danmark.wordpress.com presents:


As the only Western country we offer an alternative account of the most foreign immigrants in Denmark, because it is certainly needed. As time goes by the discrepancy gets larger and larger between the ideologic suited official accounts and the acounts mesuring reality:


Result 1 juli 2008:

Official number: 347,250

REAL NUMBER: 769,000-829,000 of a population of 5.4 mio. totally

J. E. Vig, M. Sc. (Economics)