7 August 2008

Obsession: Islam's War against the West

How will the future of our Western World be guided and defended is the question concerning the American Presidential elections in November.

The military wing of the Islamic World will stop at nothing to destroy the Great Satan America, and our Western Judeo/Christian Civilisation, it is a non-negotiable situation because their War against us has begun, it is in our lands now, and it will not stop until the end. It is founded upon 7th Century religious texts and the example of Holy War against the infidel to further Islam as practiced by the warmonger himself, Mohamed the false prophet.

As an American President: Who will defend us and our way of life, or who will appease and surrender to our enemies which will lead to the downfall of our Western Civilisation?

What happens to America happens to all of us.

God bless America

One of the best and most informative films you will ever see on the Islamic Worlds War against the West to destroy our Civilisation.

The World War of our generation is upon us.

Prepeare yourself and those around you for the future.

Watch the full: Obsession


Joanne said...

Obama is no Christian

This is a very short video, but clearly shows Obama is not a Christian.

I posted this video over at Radarsite too, but hat tip should go to a blogger over at Gateway Pundit. I didn't get permission to use his name, so I'll refrain from doing so.

Anonymous said...

\yes, I have watched the whole video Obsession...and it is very good...
There is one video embedded on this youtube called 'the war in iraq' and it is definately anti-american and anti-war...making bush out to be a vampire..
Are you supporting that position?

Anonymous said...

Just saw this link at another site, good grief is all i can say.

Take a look at the left hand side of the flyer and whos quotes they use, sums it up really.


Anonymous said...

LH, found an interesting link about Muslim activity north of the border:


Quote: "EMBARRASSED SNP managers moved quickly last night to suspend one of their councillors who was filmed firing a Kalashnikov assault rifle at a military camp in Pakistan.
Jahangir Hanif, a councillor in Glasgow, took five of his six children into the mountainous border region of Kashmir two years ago to shoot the AK-47.

He then let his children fire the assault rifle."

They certainly never went there to go on holiday to bring back sticks of rock, more like sticks of dynamite.

As I said in a previous, the SNP will help the Tories defeat the Labour party in the next election but their desire for the Muslim vote is becoming suspect. I have included two high profile ones but there has been others which raised eyebrows as the attention given to a section of Scottish society that is a relatively small size.

Firstly, They gave money to set up the Scottish Islamic Foundation (SIF)


One of the executives of the ISF is Osama Saeed, a former SNP canidate, and by this link alleged to have links to the Muslim Brotherhood.


Secondly, the SNP have also pledged to build the first Muslim school in Scotland:


The desire of the SNP is to break up the United Kingdom and establish an independent Scottish State. From the evidence I've produced and other things you can google, it is hard not to see with the company the party is keeping, that an Independent Scotland will become an Islamic state in all but name.

Lionheart said...

Thanks Jock McDoc, ive posted it on facebook.

God bless