29 May 2009

Response to a comment

Comment taken from: The people of Luton have had enough

My reply is in red.


First of ALL i was at that march, I am white caucasian and have a job unlike this tosser Lionheart.

Why do I not currently have a job?

Because I had my own successful computer business until a bunch of drug dealing Pakistani Moslems from Bury Park Luton drove me out of it.

The same ones who killed my best friend last year after 12 years addicted to their Al Qaeda heroin.
Pretty serious stuff having the militant element of Bury Park wanting to knife you up, so it turns your whole life around, but someone like you would have absolutely no understanding of that, living in your cosy little liberal world where the English community is the enemy and the Islamic community are now the new rulers within society.

Dhimmi they call people like you.

The procession was taking place on George Street, while the protesters were on "Upper" George Street.

While it is true the plackards directed towards the soldiers were uncalled for. What this was a peaceful and legitimate demonstration.

This just proves the mentality of the author of this comment.

Just because something is lawful does not mean it is right, and the 'legitimate demonstration' as you call it, carried out by militant Moslems has absolutely no place in our society and was the reason for the April 13th protest, May 24th protest, and every subsequent protest now until these people are removed from our streets.

How can anyone say that what happened on the streets of Luton on March 10th that was aimed at our heroic soldiers was acceptable behaviour that we want in our communities and Country?

However - a yob element no doubt Lionheart's BNP friends broke rank and began jeering at the protesters and suddenly ALL eyes were focussed on them.

Peoples political affiliation has absolutely nothing to do with me!

I personally think this whole facade was exploited by a number of people from "outside" LutonBNP and twats like Lionheart seeking to divide Luton.

If the actions of April 13th and May 24th in Luton were out of the blue and un-called for then this commentator would have a point, but if you look a bit deeper you will see that Al Qaeda used Luton as a staging post on the morning of 7/7, it is an Al Qaeda strong hold as per the Defence Secretary's recent statement, and amongst other things they have a paramilitary force on the streets that is funded by Afghani heroin and controlled by Al Qaeda. So who is the one doing the dividing? Any response from the English/British community, is exactly that "A response"!!!

Thank God for any outside forces who seek to stand with the people of Luton, Dunstable & surrounding areas because today it is us, and tomorrow it is them.

United we stand - Divided we fall

So where are the youtube videos posted reagrding the "march For England" - which should have been a PEACEFUL march but far right (Nazi) thugs with balaclavas went on a rampage across Luton Town.

Events on Sunday were outside of March for England's control. They had planned and prepared for an organised protest but things took a turn when a small group of protesters broke rank and run for Luton Town hall.

You only have to look at March for England's previous marches to see they are not neo-nazis because they are joined with Jews and Israeli flags.

Shows how much you know, you bleep stirrer!

These thugs were making their way towards the Asian Area of Bury Park.

Who were they?

Who cares who they were!

The same profile of misguided dimwits who no doubt post on here and the biggest tosser and disgrace to Luton is Lionheart.

Let others be the judge of that!

Get of your ass and get a job you bleep bleep bleep.

Dont worry about me anonymous, two years living from hand to mouth with Pakistani Moslems aligned to Al Qaeda wanting me dead, has taught me a lot.

Now I spend much of my time educating others to the truth of what our country now faces.

I am disgusted after reading a number of posts here and how blatantly inaccurate it is in it's potrayal of Luton.

To be honest, you should be sectioned under the mental health act with your perception of the world around you because its CRAZY.

If I didnt know better I would think you was a Moslem?

Look at the picture above!

I will be seeking to contact Luton Police and hopefully this time they can lock this pathetic looser up.

It is Loser, not looser, and please do, then at least I will know who you are!

Disgraceful potrayal of Luton, disgraceful deliberate misinformation about Luton.

Type in Luton, Muslim, Jihad, Islam, and anything else regarding Al Qaeda's war against our Nation into 'google' and enough information based upon the facts will come up.

Every action has a reaction, and this blog, and the protests by UPL are a reaction to the Islamic community of Luton's actions.


Anonymous said...

As one of the "dimwits" who post comment here, now and again, I would like to thank you Lionheart for your pithy repost of the bleeping "tosser" who left his views here.

He obviously is either from that community of relgious/political agitators, (and believe me, there are a good many whites amongst them who try to grow their genetically disinclined ginger or brown beards to copy their newly adopted bretheren of the followers of that alien faith,) or he is from that crowd of "anti-racists" who are amongst the most violent and un-peaceful protesters.

Either way, he must be unaware of the things that us Lutonians have seen on our streets.
Drug dealers delivering their dope by taxi and private car to order.
Drug dealers shooting down a black-man in cold blood and then running off to another country to escape justice.
Arsenals of weapons including assault rifles in the hands of these members of Luton's "diverse community."
White and indeed Pakistani youths addicted to crack-cocaine and heroin, stealing and robbing., their lives descending into a pit of filth and depravity.
Hundreds of flashy cars being driven by young men who are too young to get insurance on such vehicles at less than £5000 a year!

A police force who is forced through various means, by it's chiefs to to ignore the wave of drugs that swamps our streets, and, still this bleeping little fart writes to your web page to deny the reams and reams of evidence that you present on your site regarding the activity of our "diverse community."
He truly desrves the title, "w+nker of 2009."

There is no doubt he will vote for Labour at the General Election, even though the conniving little cheat Margaret Moran M.P. is being forced to stand down, for her greedy dipping of public-funds.
Oh by the way, she is to get a £54,000 pay off when she leaves.
There is now a Facebook site and petition aginst her by Lutonians.
WE have had enough of the scandal and distorted views of this rulin elite.
It is time to bring in people who will stand up for our beloved Country, not brown-nose for votes amongst those that do not belive in the Democratic values of Britain.
Socialist do not own Democracy, and I pray they will be taught that lesson sooner rather than later.
By the way, LH., the details of the March have been distorted and misrepresented by Clive Gresswell of the Luton newspaper, "Express" and if I was "March for England" I would consider sueing for libel.

Joanne said...

I'm thinking this fella is a white caucasian Muslim living in Luton; no true British man would be so blind to what is going on in Britain, unless he is a partaker in that change for the worse.

Lionheart is only reporting what is going on in Luton, people can draw their own conclusions - I guess the truth hurts.

Anonymous said...

Lionheart, I have only this to say about this moaner-a-lot, so full of
disdain and criticism for you and your justified struggle together with others who understand the dangers of certain elements in Luton (and all over Britain)...and that is...He's just an SSS ...a Soppy, Supercilious SCHMOCK.

If he wants a translation, so he can run to the nearest police station to file an 'insult'
complaint against me,I'll give it to him as delicately as possible, so as not to shock his puerile, probably Extreme-Leftwing-fascist, unpatriotic, hypocritical,

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Anyone who thinks Luton does not have more than its fair share of social problems is nothing more than an idiot.

Whether he just has no clue what he is talking about or whether he is one of the selfish suburban "I'm doing alright so why should I care about poor people?" middle class tossers is anyone's guess but the bottom line is that he needs get a grip on reality and develop some empathy for people in Luton who are a long, long way away from living in some kind of socialist multi-cultural paradise where crime and violence doesn't blight every day of their existence.

Unknown said...

Let me just add: the nazis are not "far right". They are left wing with lots of racism. Pretty much like in North Korea (which is stalinist, but enforces a strange idea of a "national bloodline" on the people, leading to murder of half-bred children - with North Korean & Chinese parents mainly- and, according to refugees, also to the murder of women who refuse to abort such half-bred babies.)

Hitler was a socialist, albeit on a massively national level.

And remember, if the left is communism, socialism, and thus dictatorship and oppression, and the left is the opposite of the right, then the nazis can't be right wing. It doesn't add up. The split of "nazis = right" and "socialists = left" doesn't happen until after WW2.

The nazis are fascists. But so are communists and socialists. Racism is something they all have. Otherwise the German communist party wouldn't have marched WITH the muslim mob in Munich in January screaming for the death of Israel and the socialists throughout the Western world wouldn't be racist against their own people.

Anonymous said...

just another "Brainwashed" PC Idiot Lionheart

Anonymous said...

Takeshi, you are absolutely right..
the Far Left made up most of the Nazi party, although some
socialists and communists, were amongst the Nazis most hated victims. Many socialists and communists were idealistic, good people, sincere in their social idealism, not racists or anti-semitic. Unlike their fellow socialists/communists thronging the Nazi party, they did not consider themselves to be Ubermenschen (superior humans) with carte blanche to persecute, torture, kill and enslave anyone they considered untermenschen (inferior beings).

My mother, who fled from Austria after the nazis took power, always said that the worst Nazis originated from the ranks of the socialists and communists. I didn't understand what she meant by that at the time (indeed I thought she was exaggerating out of disgust and prejudice against socialism and communism)...but I sure do now!

We mustn't forget either that Mussolini was a communist before he set up the Fascist party, which at first did not tend towards
racism/anti-semitism...but became so under the influence of the ruthless propaganda and tremendous success of the Nazi party in Germany which, as we know, was a perverted form of socialism mixed heavily with heinous race-hatred.

The fact is both the Extreme Left and the Extreme Right (and Islamism) are different (actually not SO different)sides of the same coin. And all are extremely dangerous to the welfare of the human race and the future survival of the Blue Planet.

May God protect us all.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

You are the voice Lionheart. Keep up the good work.
United we stand - Divided we fall