29 May 2009

Islam: Moderates V Militants in Luton

I am willing to change my personal position on the 'Religion of Peace', if there are reformers willing to reform the Islamic religion from within, by removing the warring, conquering aspect of their religion.

Then it is no different from any other non-violent religion that does not threaten those who are outside of it.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out now within Bury Park, Luton?

The Islamic community now knows that the wider community have had enough of the militants from amongst them, as was shown on Sunday when the Anti-extremist protest turned into a rampage on the streets of Luton.

Lets hope the moderates join the calls to have these militants removed from our streets, through internment, before things get a whole lot worse for everyone.

Facts and reality!

Extremists behind anti-war protest driven off the streets by moderate Muslims

Muslim extremists behind a protest against soldiers on a homecoming parade have been driven off the streets today by members of their own community.

Fights broke out and traffic ground to a halt when moderate Muslims confronted a group of about 12 men who regularly preach from a stall in Bury Park - the heart of Luton's Muslim community.

After Friday prayers, more than 200 members of local mosques turned on the group who sparked outrage in March when they disrupted a parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment through the town centre.

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Anonymous said...

This is brilliant news and the Muslims who stood up to the cancer in their community should be congratulated.

I also think this article needs to be rammed down the throats of the sanctimonious liberals who looked down on Sunday's march. It got results within just one week!

And can we now stop the crap about how working class British people shouldn't interfere in things they aren't supposed to understand because the marchers on Sunday have achieved more in a week than years of liberal bleating about how extremist Muslims should be tolerated and ignored.

Funny how EVERYBODY is now working to remove the extremists apart from the police. They need to start listening to the people they are supposed to be serving and take care of the problem!

Anonymous said...

this is great, finally the moderates have acted to get rid of these hate preaching fools. well done


Anonymous said...

Paul.you know enough about islam to know it is not a religion of peace. I would pay some heed to Col Gadaffi's words (as well as what is clearly written in the koran). Col Gadaffi said islam could take Europe without firing a bullet or exploding a bomb. They would do this through mass immigration and fertility rates. any decent person unlucky enough to be born into this evil belief system would leave. Would you be a Christian if Christ was a mass murdering paedophile,liar thief and slave owner? Islam is islam,there is not a moderate version of it. Any true believing muslim would happily kill you if he thought it would advance islam.
It must be your good nature and optimism getting the better of your better judgement. Islam cannot reform,it must be isolated.

Anonymous said...


In Hoc Signo Vinces† said...

Has the Lionheart roared "Allah", and submitted to the 'Religion of Peace'? This tactic is called Stealth Jihad dont be fooled.

Joanne said...

I must agree with a few commenters here - there is no moderate Islam; Islam is Islam, and there is certainly no moderate Muslim, unless they are non-practicing Muslims.

It is going to take more than one act of sanity for Muslims to prove that they are having a change of heart.

This is the real religion of peace -


Check out the links on the right hand column.

Anonymous said...

I posted the first comment and would like to tell subsequent posters to calm down.

Lionheart may not be a perfect human being but he seems like a decent enough person to me. I actually like him and I've never met him.

He has done a good job and the fact that he is able to show compassion to other people makes me like him even more.

stu32 said...

On the face of it its good news.But start to think about it for a while and im not so sure?

For the Islamists, sharia is the law. They can lie and deceive the infidels. That is permitted according to their koran.

In a few year when they are the dominant power,will they take that power and destroy us and our culture,the same way they have in every country where they have become dominant?
Do we really want to find out by waiting for that day to come?

stu32 said...

Is this the future for my children?


Anonymous said...

War is deceit. Can't think who 1st coined that phrase,think his name began with an "M" and had a fondness for pre-pubescant girls.

Anonymous said...

I think this should be greeted with a cautious welcome.

According to the article the confrontation happened after Friday prayers. Was it premeditated or did the Imam tell them during their time in the mosque? If it is premeditated then it is a good sign because it shows that the moderate Muslims realise that these radicals are bad for the wider community they live in. If the Imam told them, was it done for the good of Islam?

This is a start but more actions has to come from the moderate Muslims before we can be convinced and can place trust in them.

Anonymous said...


Lionheart, you made it into the daily mail!

The British have heard you roar!

great stuff

Abu Abdullah said...

This post and other recent ones have been incorporated into my map.

Anonymous said...

BTW Paul, the daily mail pic they used, did you take this pic yourself? If so you own the copyright and you have legal recourse to ask for compensation or remove the photo, if not then sue them.
Newspapers cannot steal other people's pics without your permission.

Anonymous said...

ive been reading your comments, most of you aint got a clue about the religion ISLAM or other religions. im a christian living in Luton, been living here for 42years, yes i agree with lion heart about the few extreme views of a hand full of muslims, i disagree with what sayfuls group done back in march, WHY is there so much hatred. we as christian should not show hatred, also most case with the guys arrested in luton, 7/7 bombing etc are just a properganda used by the MI5, FREEMASON to cause hatred amongs us, Ive got friends from the moslem, sikh, hindu, jewish, communities, Learn about other peoples religions before you speak, ive seen & heard a lot of negative things in my own religion, its the people who make it bad, the religions are pure. keep up the good work lionheart,Your a true soldier. LOVE & PEACE TO THE NATION

Anonymous said...

your viewpoint served the Christian populations of Turkey,Egypt, Syria, Iraq and 50 other countries quite well didn't it? You must be quite a historian.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 30-May-2009 15:04:00

"ive been reading your comments, most of you aint got a clue about the religion ISLAM or other religions...7/7 bombing etc are just a properganda used by the MI5, FREEMASON to cause hatred amongs us"

Please don't be so silly. Do you have evidence that anything to do with 7/7 is MI5 propaganda?

"Learn about other peoples religions before you speak, ive seen & heard a lot of negative things in my own religion, its the people who make it bad, the religions are pure. keep up the good work lionheart,Your a true soldier. LOVE & PEACE TO THE NATION"

I can't help but feel you are more interested in the old Holburn (mixed with other substances) than the old Testament. If you are going to criticise can you please make it more substantial?

stu32 said...

Don't patronise us,we know what Islam is and stands for!
I think you need to educate yourself,would there be all this trouble if they were not here? no!

The powers that be know what their like thats why their importing them,but continually putting up with this is stupid! why should we stand by and let the Muslims destroy our way of life.

We've had major riots up north,they beat up the old,smashed up our pubs and what do our goverment do? paid their leaders millions of pounds(our money) to appease them.

Churchill said: "An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last."

Peace and love to my fellow British countrymen!

Anonymous said...


Don't change your mind on Islam; its scriptures speak for itself and you have done a superb job of telling people what is in there. If you change your mind, change it about the extent of adherence of the Pakistani/BanglaDeshi community to Islam.

Those in that community who are fed up with authentic, qur'anic Islam deserve support. That includes not stereotyping them, and showing them that Christians, far from hating them for their religion, actually love them because they are human beings in the image of God.


Lionheart said...

Thats what its all about Gospeller, and if they really mean what they say then they will support the case for internment, to rid our society of the militants who endager the peace and security of all of us.

Anonymous said...


you've done a great job so far ,but dont let small things like that impress you.A few "moderates" stood up to the militants ,so what?there are another millions and millions of supporters call themselves moderates in public, but cal those few guys traitors at home.And most probably its just another taqqiya.Muslims in Luton have now realised ,thats its not so impossible that the Brittsih mob goes to the streets ,and that makes them a bit afraid.Once a civil war starts in Britan (and it will) they wil all side their militant brothers, there is no doubt.remember:THEY have not been brain washed with self hate,political correctness or "lets consider the root causes,lets not be prejudiced".I am from yugoslavia-ex and while Tito was in power ,the bosnian muslims all seemed to be very de-islamized,but once the war started they all shouted "Takbir".And by the way ....once the angry brittish mob is rampaging(and it will ,hopefully) ,hey will not take the time to differ between moderate and militant,because the moderates have not done much to distance themselves from their radical brothers,rather the opposite.this move of "moderates" is a drip on a hot stone ,as they say here in germany,IF it was genuine in the first place.

i hope my grammar is not too messed up ,im still working on it.

regards Lazar

Anonymous said...

To Jockmcdoc

(asking for proof)


scroll down on the left hand side of the page below archives, click "the war on terror" then you will see the "london terror attacks" click on that & its all there buddy enjoy

Anonymous said...

lazar, good comment and readable grammer!
Bosnia is a lesson to be learned by rest of Europe.

Anonymous said...

I know a Jewish guy, who always chastises me for my attitude towards Islam.
I discovered why recently.
He was beaten up by a gang of them some years ago, and fear is what guides his liberal attitude toward them.
Muslim can indulge themselves in the vices of the West, sex, drugs and drink.
But when the call to holy war goes up, they will find themselves united aginst the enemy, and rich from their trade in things illegal to halal laws.
Money buys power.
It buys fear through strength of arms.
It buys power from the corrupt-powerful for fear of dicovery and exposure.
It buys anything you want.
When a fire rages, the surest way to stop it, is to cut off the supply of oxygen.
Think about it.

Unknown said...

Lionheart, don't be deceived by this show, they always play the good cop/bad cop routine. During their takeover of a target non-muslim country, if they think that there is public hostility to them they will pretend to be outraged with their brethren. You know their unholy book commands them to lie to the infidel. They will also pretend to convert to Christianity.In places like Lebanon, they lived apparently peacefully for decades, then when the call to jihad came they rose up and killed their neighbours. Do not trust any of them, ever. They are waiting to massacre us and will do so in an instant when they have enough power.Make no mistake, there are no moderate muslims.C

Anonymous said...

For a while, after I had found out about Islamic extremism, I had always wondered why it wasn't getting more attention unless you looked for it. Of course this to do with the MSM hiding it under the carpet but even when presenting irrefutable proof that is available on the net, some folk still denied it.

I had come across the concept of 'unknown knowns' through an article on the EU referendum blog - link here which to me, explained a bit about the attitude of some of the folk who flatly denied it.

I found a more understandable explanation of the concept on another webpage - link here.

Unknown unknowns: a five year old child does not know that he does not know calculus. For him or her, calculus is an `unknown unknown'.
Known unknowns: an older child know he that he does not know calculus. For him or her, calculus is a `known unknown'.
Unknown knowns: a high school student starts to study calculus. He or she does not yet understand calculus. For him or her, it is an `unknown known'. (You will note that the focus of the first `unknown' shifts here from lack of knowledge of the general to lack of knowledge of the specific.)
Known knowns: after learning calculus, it becomes a `known known': it is both known to exist and understood.

I can't help but feel the problem we are facing is 'known unknowns' where folk know that Islamic extremism is a problem but are unable or unwilling to know it. I think it is similar to the comments made by anon @ 01-Jun-2009 20:28:00 and the success of the left by deliberately confusing criticism of Islam with racism and the likes of anon @ 30-May-2009 15:04:00 where the known knowns about Islamic extremism is dismissed as conspiracy theories.

Taqiyya is well known, as mentioned by cheryl-martin. This makes it hard to give trust to the Muslims as to whether, in this instance, it is a genuine step to stamp out extremism or just another ploy in a war of 'subversion, propaganda and deceit'. It is another factor why the known knowns are dismissed.

I think, as I previously mentioned, should give it is cautious welcome but still keep our guard up.

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more effective than the fear of the loss of business and money to make a Muslim be a "moderate!"
That is why the shop owners of Bury Park don't like Sayful Islam and his merry bunch of would be jihadists and Al Queda supporters.
I saw him walking through Bury Park last Friday, with his beard and gown flowing, surrounded by his acolites and followers, as they handed out their leasflets in front of the local TV cameras.
I did not see one other Muslim tell him to get off the streets.
I did see one savvy white guy tell them to stuff their leaflets though. Good on him.

Luton male said...

I wonder what the outcome would have been if it was a group of white males who had confronted these extremists? Without a shadow of a doubt we would have been branded RACISTS. It's great to see the local Muslim community finally having there turn in trying to get rid of the vermin that have been preying on our streets for too long.