6 May 2009

Council of Faiths & the fire bombing

A statement has been made by the Council of Faiths in Luton over the recent fire bombing of the Islamic centre in Bury Park Luton.

They say, quote: 'So during this difficult and challenging time we strongly urge forces of moderation to remain strongly committed in searching for a sustainable peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

If the police arrested the Islamic militant group that is headed up by Sayful Islam, or gave them ASBOS from entering Luton town centre where people's families and children do their shopping on a daily basis then the community would find some sort of harmony in the aftermath of the hate that is aimed at them from the militant part of the local Islamic religion.

Until then it is everybody elses fault by the Islamic militants fault who have been the ones to provoke someone into action.

For every action there is a reaction so people should not forget that Bury Park took centre stage on the morning of 7/7 when they blew up our country and killed 52 people and injured over 700, or during the biggest anti-terror operation at that time 'Operation Crevice' where the bomb maker from Bury Park was wanting to try and obtain a dirty bomb from the Russian mafia, or more recently the disruption of our returning troops to the town.

If the police and local government listened to the concerns of the community and acted, then these types of events would not take place. Instead the community is ignored, and vilified as right wing extremists and fascists if they object to militant Islam in their midst, by those same people whose responsibility it is to uphold and protect the local society in which we live.

Do anything, but just do not upset the Islamic community seems to be the order of the day, even at the expense of those of us living in the wider community.

You try living around the Luton, Dunstable & Bedford area which is a known Al Qaeda stronghold in Great Britain.

The streets are awash with Afghani heroin and Al Qaeda terrorists!!!

Not a very nice environment to be bringing up our next generation in is it?

Whats life like on street level?

L&D Express: Council of Faiths 'shock' at arson attack

Luton Council of Faiths has released a statement regarding the arson attack on the Islamic Centre.

The building in Bury Park Road was severely damaged by the fire, which began at around 12.10am on Tuesday (May 5).

No one was hurt during the attack but the blaze is believed to have gutted much of the building and the police are investigating.

The statement said: 'We, the Luton Council of Faiths , a voluntary body of the Luton’s different faiths and cultures, are deeply shocked by the attack on the Islamic Centre in Bury Park area of Luton.

'We note with regret and extreme sadness that the extremist views and actions across ethnic and religious backgrounds are affecting people of Luton negatively.

'The sanctity of places of worship is an internationally accepted responsibility and as a faiths council we are extremely distressed at the way in which the Islamic Centre has been attacked as much as we were distressed when earlier the Quaker Centre called Friends Meeting House in Luton was broken into.

'So during this difficult and challenging time we strongly urge forces of moderation to remain strongly committed in searching for a sustainable peaceful and harmonious co-existence.

'We pledge our strong resolve to continue playing an active role in improving understanding and respect amongst the many religious and culturally diverse communities in the town.

'Through this statement we wish to convey a message of unity and solidarity against all forms of extremism, and as people of faith express our firm determination and strong commitment to combat extremism in all its forms'.


Anonymous said...

Well...it's coming. There doesn't seem to any doubt aboubt it anymore. It bothers me that all the hopeless government did was look the other way and shout "shhhhh!" at anyone who dared to point out that things aren't all hunky dory. If you push people they will push back and the longer the government suppresses free speech and ignores what British people say then the worse it will be when the dam bursts. You don't solve problems by ignoring them.

Joanne said...

Like Muslim crime on Muslims doesn't exist! Take a look at Pakistan; the Taliban are using other Muslims as human shields and killing any Muslim who doesn't follow their own interpretation of the Koran. When Muslims quit killing their own in their everyday lives, then maybe they can start accusing right-wing extremists.

Faith said...

Ignored by the MSM in the main...fear of reprisals?

Anonymous said...


It worries me when the MSM does not report things like this. I remember following the riots in Bradford back in 2001 via the Internet. People were actually describing the looting and fires and riot police but there wasn't a single mention of it on any MSM site including the BBC till three days later because of emergency reporting restrictions stopping news outlets reporting something that could ignite the rest of the country.

I'm other words the whole of Luton could go up in flames and the press would not dare report it because the reporters wouldn't want to end up in jail.

Luton is shaping up to be the next Belfast. The attack on the Islamic Centre was a classic Northern Ireland style organised attack and seemed to have been carried out by someone who knew exactly what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with comment from Anon at 06-May-2009 20:47:00 on Luton turning out to be the next Belfast.

I have a feeling that is going to replicated up and down the country with any area with a high Muslim population. There has been a few "incidents" up here in Scotland although not in such a scale:


"A MAN who threatened to blow up a mosque had been left "angry and anxious" after watching a videoclip of a beheading, a court heard today.

Neil MacGregor, 36, was confused about Islam after a friend sent him the clip, his lawyer told Glasgow Sheriff Court."


"RACIST vandals have spray-painted sickening remarks on the walls of the Minhaj-ul-Quran Mosque in Greenhill Road, Rutherglen.

The incident has left both those who attend the mosque and local residents “disgusted” and “embarrassed”.

The yobs, believed to be four young men in dark clothing, plastered the walls with racial comments in lime green paint between 7am and 10am on Sunday."

I think we are getting small snippets here and there but everybody knows there's a lot of things happening that isn't getting reported and it's going to get worse.

On a more positive note:


"A ROYAL Marine commando who nearly died fighting the Taliban was reunited with some of his comrades yesterday in front of more than 50,000 cheering football fans.

Supporters at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow applauded heroes from 45 Commando, based at RM Condor near Arbroath in Angus, who took a bow at half-time during the Rangers FC v Heart of Midlothian SPL tie.

The Marines included several members of the base football team which had won the services’ Navy Cup."

Churchill's Parrot said...

The disintegration of civil society is the logical quotient of the Leftist formula: Seperate people from their Faith and Government from its Duty.

Secularism and multiculturalism have so enfeebled authority - public and private - in the Western world as to allow the spread of murderous cults such as this "Islam." They are powerless to reverse the spread. Thus the people are forced to do what they can. In this case a firebombing - not justifiable - but understandable. Had government done its job heretofore - protecting the security and rights of the governed - this would not have come to pass.

We pray this incident will serve as a wake up - not to the sheep who peddle meaningless prattle about tolerance and understanding -but to those responsible for maintaining the peace. The people of Luton did not pick this fight. They are defending their home. Had government done its job in the first place, the people would have no need to resort to such measures.


Charlie - Churchill's Parrot

Faith said...

Re-jocmcdoc...the chap who threatened to blow up a mosque and then declared to be mentally ill did say he was sorry & now saw the error of his ways.

Hmmm...smacks of 1984!

Steve Harkonnen said...

Lionheart, you said it all right here:

Do anything, but just do not upset the Islamic community seems to be the order of the day, even at the expense of those of us living in the wider community.Your government is TERRIFIED of Muslims. Absolutely, undoubtedly FRANTIC of all of them. This explains the pandering. They've let too many Muslims into Britain, yet they mysteriously want to find other causes and refuse to listen to "right wing extremists" views on what the actual source of the problem is, and that's the government pandering too much in favor for the Muslims.

It will take a REVOLUTIONARY OVERTHROW of the current British government - or better yet, the BNP should have more power.

After all, not all Britons have drank the Labour Party's kool-aid. They know the truth of what's really going on and I have voiced exactly that here:


Hang tough, Lionheart, hopefully you are gaining notoriety over there. All brits need to be reading your blog!

Anonymous said...

Faith @ 07-May-2009 13:22:00

Maybe. He may also have been coached by the defence to go along with this line to get off.

My personal opinion is that he was genuine. Us Scots are friendly and hospitable but we also take things to heart and when we do, we have a habit to take things to the extreme and do shall we say do 'something silly'. I think he is the type of headbanger that falls into this category.

I just want to point out that I did not post these articles to glorify them nor do I approve of them. I am just pointing out the anger and frustration that folk are feeling about the total inaction of the government towards it and nonsensical approaches when they do.

This type of nonsensical approach is shown in this article about their response to the baby p tragedy


The government is going to:

"They said a new Government scheme to fast-track 200 high-flying graduates into social work was an inadequate response to the child protection crisis that has left social workers swamped with dozens of complex cases of possible abuse or neglect.

The scheme, along with a recruitment drive to lure back thousands of experienced social workers who have left the profession, will be introduced without any move to increase pay. Social workers’ salaries lag behind other professions such as nursing.

Ministers also made clear there was no more money for child protection services, although £58 million was earmarked for a recruitment drive."

It is a case of putting a plaster over an infected wound without treating it, much the same way they are dealing with Islamic extremism.

Anonymous said...

PLEASE do NOT forget that there was a division of Waffen SS Muslims in WW2

yes they do not want you to know that Muslims were in League with Hitler!

google Muslim ss