19 May 2009

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Anonymous said...

Is there any word on the number of people who are likely to be attending?

Also, is there an itinerary or directions available for people since I can't seem to find anything on the web.

Anonymous said...

Why has this protest been billed by lionheart and his cronies as legitimate when the police and council have stated it is no such thing?

Lionheart said...

Read the Daily Star article which is where i took my details from.


You will find that anyone is allowed to protest!

Anonymous said...

read your own link to luton dunstable gazette!


"ILLEGAL march" not quite the self righteous picture youv tried to paint is it?

Lionheart said...

You will find that the local authorities always try and get out of their own predicament.

Look at Margaret Moran MP as a prime example of Luton local government in action.

This protest was sanctioned by Luton Borough Council, as can be proven!

Now a few days before the event, they turn around and say it is an illegal march???

This is a protest not a march!!!

Exactly the same tactics used to prevent the initial demonstration where everyone was labelled as facists.

This will be going ahead, and each time people take to the streets over this issue it will just get bigger.

So keep on moaning anonymous...

Anonymous said...

and you keep on lying 'lionheart'
your a sad little man who changes the story in pathetic attempt to big himself up.
get a life

Joanne said...

Since when did it come into being that when people wanted to protest and demonstrate that they had to clear their innate right to do so with the government. The government is NOT the master of the people; the people are the masters of the government. Even this thinking of an illegal protest is totally backwards, upside down, and inside out.

How many protests are those in the Muslim community clearing with the government? Some people will do anything to stop the people from showing their disdain for what is going on in their own country. What exactly are they afraid of anyhow? Perhaps they are afraid their plans of destroying Britain will be fouled. The more the people are labelled names, the more they should dig in their heels and persist in their course.

Anonymous, what's your problem anyhow - who is your master?

Anonymous said...

This here 'Anonymous' is simply
A F R A I D that he and his ilk will no longer be able to go wild in the streets and do whatever comes into their mean minds and away with it with the acquiescence of local police forces.

Britannia awakes and is starting to Roll, and her foes (within and without) are starting to quake in their jackboots and keffiyahs.

And if they think that by rioting and/or defaming the organizers of this protest, they will be able to nip it in the bud...they should know that even IF (God forbid) they succeed again in stopping the protest in its tracks... it will only cause more and more decent, but outraged, citizens to join the protesters ranks. So that eventually, instead of just a few hundred patriots protesting and/or marching, there'll be hundreds of thousands....

Then let's see the ravers and ranters, the killers, the suicide bombers and all the screeching militant inciting preachers try to break up such protests/marches.My guess is that when they see the storm their hatefilled arrogance has stirred up, they'll simply turn tail and run for their pathetic lives, even if the mass of protestors are quiet and peaceful.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...


the Labour Government are blatent TRAITORS!, con men and cheats and frauds, but that's okay as they MP's (servants) but they forget that so easily the fecking commie twats!