21 May 2009

Day draws near: Luton 24th May 2009

Thank you for another insightful and encouraging comment Hellzbellz

LH, UPL and the others who will be peacefully demostrating on Sunday, May 24th. I wish you ALL the best and moreso want to thank you for remaining diligent for the cause. Glad to see you will have your day to show the world, UK and especially Luton that you're all sick and tired as well as fed up with outsiders refusing to assimilate to your culture.

You have a rightous cause that needs to be addressed. I sincerely believe this is just the beginning of many more peaceful demostrations to come. Sure you'll encounter enough dissenters on the opposing side. Just ignore them and get the message that so desperately needs to be made.

All your hearts and soul are in the right place. And G-d will truly bless you all for fighting (not literally) for what's just. Though I am a naturally born American citizen and my family has been here for 231 years. My thoughts, prayers and spirit are with you at the march.

LH, hope within a few days after the march is over. You will update your blog. And let us who weren't able to attend know how everything went. I have been following your blog and this story very closely. And know many Americans who read your blog will want to know how things went. And LH.....THANK YOU for never giving up. And always following through with your endeavors. There are people who talk it and then people who actually do it. We're well aware what you do. And sitting back and being reactive to something is almost as bad as being in denial or doing something but way too late, after something happen. Always prudent to be 'proactive' especially when it comes to a nations culture. Which the UK has such a rich and wonderful history behind her. And that is worth fighting for no matter what must be done to yield solid results and in the end retain what is rightful for the UK people. G-d Speed to all you.


Anonymous said...

The tide is turning.
The reclamation has begun.
No matter what, this will be seen by history, as the turning point, where the first brave souls unite against the destruction of their heirtage and begin the fight to reclaim their childrens future.

The Socilaist dreams of enforcing their Nu Labour/Marxist globalisation are fading fast. Startled, these turn-coat traitors, who would sell their own mothers for a few free perks, look up from their troughs with pig-swill dripping from their snouts.
They sense the approach of the end of their days. Too late.

Anonymous said...

That is the reason why the newspapers are not covering the fact that the demo is not illegal, and especially why the local newspapers are still calling it "illegal."
Quite simply they are afraid of possible loss of advertiseing revenue from the huge Islamic population in Luton.

As Islam grows, if we let it, by inaction or fear, so too will their power over our Land grow.
They know this, the "Education Centres" preach this, the almost 100% Islamic Natrional schools in the area prove this.
History shows that if you want to survive as a race, a People, an independent Nation, then at some time the call will go up to resist invasion.

No more so than did Sir Francis Drake heed the call to ready the Navy when the Spanish ships approached the South Coast of Britain, than the present ties, when the invasion has already stepped ashore, given succour by a cowardly, blind and greedy elite that we have foolishly allowed to govern us.

The batle ground is different for now.
It is one of ideas, one of gaining the voices needed to re-establish the ancient rights of our heritage in our own land.
Time to drive out the fear, time to plant the seeds of the next harvest.
There is indeed a "time for all things."
I salute you Lioheart and all who are true to their ancestors dreams and courage, that gave us Britain that we know, imperfect, maybe, but glorious, nonetheless.

Anonymous said...

May god be with you all this day, Luton was a wonderfull place, I grew up there and have seen the changes that have gone on over the past 30 years culminating in the FREE heroin in the late 90s. It pains me to see the locals live in fear of these muslim gangs and the grief my family(RIP my brother)and many others I know that have suffered through their street jihad.

Stand tall and proud of our great nation never never never shall we be their SLAVES!

Wulfstan (d956) - archbishop of york

"There is a need that each of us should understand where they came from, what they are and what will become of them"

Joanne said...

Lionheart, I look forward to news about the protest in Luton. I can't wait actually - any effort in the right direction is worthwhile. The mustard seed starts out very small, but grows so big, so here's hoping that this protest is the sowing of a mustard seed.

Anonymous said...

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while I am no great believer in any god, I do somehow trust that all this horror will end soon.

Anonymous said...

Am waiting to hear news of the demo from you soon Hope it will be good news.

Of course, it wasn't covered over here...at least not yet.

Anonymous Lady