16 May 2009

Please sign the petition

A petition has been set up calling for Sayful Islam, and his group of Islamic militant followers, who disrupted the Royal Anglian Regiments homecoming in the town, to be issued with banning orders, preventing them from entering Luton town centre and continually upsetting the 'peace and harmony' of the community with their religious hatred.

Please sign the petition and support "United People of Luton" in their righteous cause, if you agree with it.

The Petition: Ban Syaful Islam from Luton town centre

The petition will be handed into the local authorities, accompanied with a letter, at the end of the next demonstration on May 24th, to be held in Luton town centre.

Further reading: Demo gets the go ahead

The petition: Ban Sayful Islam from Luton Town centre

Facebook group: The Petition

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Hopefully this will get taken notice of.