5 May 2009

Islamic centre in Luton fire bombed

Luton Today: Fire bombed

Beds Police are advising rush-hour motorists that a road through Luton is closed following a fire in the early hours of this morning (May 5.

Firefighters were called to The Islamic Centre in Bury Park Road just after midnight to a blaze at the rear of the building, which is being treated as arson.

Although no-one was hurt, the fire caused considerable damage to the property and police envisage the road will remain shut for some hours as forensic inquiries continue.

Officers, who believe the incident may be linked to a BMW 3-series found burnt out in Elmore Road, Luton, are keen to speak to anyone who saw anyone acting suspiciously near the building or recalls seeing a car pulling away at speed.

Insp Martin Peters, investigating, said: "It appears an accelerant was used and our immediate priorities include establishing who started this fire and why and making motorists aware."


Steve Harkonnen said...

Hoo boy, Lionheart. If they line you up as a suspect, get an attorney and sue the living crap out of the government.

I'm beginning to wonder if the Sex Pistols were prophets:

"God Save the Queen and her fascist regime."

Maggie Thornton said...

Lionheart, funny me, I see this as a direct threat to you. I'm praying for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of violence,but if the government invites hostile invaders into our country,some people are going to react

Always On Watch said...

I wonder if Luton will be the flashpoint for civil war in Europe as Westerners combat the Moslem invasion?

Anonymous said...

Well, well!
This story on BBC East shows a video of a Muslim leader saying this is the work of "far-right extremists."
He has learned the language of the neo-Marxist Labour Party spin-doctors very well.
It is just a likely that this was an inside-job to claim the insurance-pay-out, so they can build an even bigger Centre.
It has happened before in Luton.

The history of this building is that it was once the Central Synagogue, until it had to be sold, having been surrounded by purely Islamic shops and businesses, and other "learning centres."

It is the place where many of the far-right Islamic bretheren, in their long beards and white and black gowns indoctrinate their children.
And, perhaps not suprisingly, where some of the "faces" of the previous "Islamic Tendency anti-British Army" protesters can be found.
They made National headlines by abusing the British soldiers of the Anglian Regiment, so is it any wonder they have attracted this kind of attention to themselves?

None here have would condone such action, but does not day follow night?
Is there not a universal law of Action/Reaction, in physics?
Those who proclaim the absolutist belief in the imposition of Sharia Law, worldwide, and indoctrinate their children from the age of 4 years old, are bound to draw the conclusion that this was a direct attack on themselves, but are they blind to the results of drawing such attention to themselves?

Some conspiracy theorists may believe this was the work of "dark-forces" some kind of special-ops Secret Service agents, to either further destabilise radical Islam in Britain, or create "far-right" scape-goats on behalf of das OberFeurher of the National Socialist Labour Party.

Whilst on this subject, it is wise to reflect that many Luton Muslims do not agree with the "Islamic Religious Far-Right-Conservatives," and much prefer the secular life of business. (legal and illegal.)
Many also prefer the freedom to drink and take other substances, contrary to what the Far-Right Islamic Conservatives preach.

Furthermore, backyard in Pakistan, they have an elected Democratic Government, after General Muchsharif was removed from military control of the Country

This government is failing.
It made agreements with the Taliban in the North, that they could have Sharia Law on their territory, if they stopped fighting the Pakistan Army.
The treaty has been broken, and Taliban forces are driving Pakistan villagers from their homes in towns and villages less than 100 kilometres from Islamabad.
This bodes badly for the whole Western World, as Pakistan slips further from the Democratic fold, towrads Taliban administered Sharia Islamic State.

What will that mean for Britain?
With over 400,000 visitors to and from Pakistan annually, Britain cannot escape the influence of the Taliban, and should Pakistan- Democracy fall, then we will see a Taliban style Sharia State on the borders of Mother India.

Both are armed with a large array of nuclear weapons.
Nuclear war-strategies are already in place in both Countries, and the World will quake if and when this comes to a head.

Britain must maintain it's nuclear deterent in the coming times, another reason to dispose of this Marxist/Labour government of Mr. Brown and his dolittle henchwomen.

Is it any wonder that some angry (and misguided) souls may have taken it upon themselves to adddress the dreadful impasse that British Society has been placed in?

None can condone the act of arson, the only saving grace is that it was not a residential building.
It's significance could be a preview of terrible times ahead, caused by the failed governments of Britain, of both flavours, but more essentially of this ten-year Liberal-facist regime of the neo-nazi Labour Party, and it's globalist Socialist ideals.

In a Democracy, the answer lies in the ballot-box, let us act upon this fact, before these fools plunge us ever closer to civil-war.

I never thought I would see the day, when Luton became the battle ground between militant Islam and patriotic Nationals, if that is what this is.

Luton was a quiet industrial town where everyone worked hard to better themselves, struggled to get by and live in peace.

Now it has been plunged towards the abyss of Afghan/Pakistan heroin-crime-wave, flooded with stealing and begging Eastern Europeans and Albanian/Romanian beggars who steal even Charity clothes bags from the door-step, guns on the streets, mad-knifemen killing police, daily violence, and far-right religious extremists abusing our brave military.

Ultimately, the blame for this building being burned, must lay at the feet of those who have created this dream of a proserous 'multi-cultural-Luton' but have in reality created the beast of hate and fear and discontent that stalks the streets of this town.

As for previuos comments about who will be blamed, in ancient Rome, Cassandra, who foretold the ruination to come, was shunned by all, even blamed for what was to happen.
Nothing changes, then.
God Bless you Lionheart.

Anonymous said...

At least no one was hurt. At least whoever did this made sure no one was in the building, thus proving that the intent was not to inflict any bodily harm.

If indeed this was the work of
'far-rightists', then one can only conclude that they were not as 'far
right' as racist, fanatical Moslem terrorists all over the world, who purposely target the defenceless and the innocent, killing and wounding as many people, men, women, old and young, as they can all in one go, for no reason other than than they are infidels (non- Moslems).

Where was the Council of Faith's statement of outrage when bombs ripped through underground trains and buses? Where were the Council's
protests when those who planned to blow up 10 passenger aircraft over the Atlantic or American cities were identified as Moslem immigrants?

Anonymous Lady