14 May 2009

Luton: Moslem militants & Local residents arrested

People from around the World who are watching the Islamification of Great Britain will know of the ugly scenes that greeted our brave soldiers of the Royal Anglian Regiment in Luton Town Centre on March 10th.

Video: Al Qaeda militants in Luton

No action was taken against these treacherous treasonous traitors to the British Crown on the day. Instead the local police arrested innocent members of the Luton community who were incensed by these peoples actions and responded to their stirring up of hatred.

There was then a demonstration called 'Reclaim our Streets' on April 13th, where Luton residents came together under the banner of "United People of Luton", to march to the town hall and demand that Sayful Islam and his group who are continually terrorising the community, be given ASBOS banning them from Luton town center.

This demonstration was prevented from going ahead by the police, with one member of UPL receiving a baton in the face, which resulted in a serious face injury and a missing tooth. This can be seen around the 5 - 6 minute mark on the video below.

To my knowledge there has been a complaint made with Thames Valley Police over this incident.

Video: Reclaim our Streets

"United People of Luton" and their supporters from around the Country will not give up on demonstrating against local Islamic militants, until Luton Police enforce the rule of law upon them, thus protecting their families, friends and neighbours from this groups religious hatred.

Look at what happened on the morning of 7/7 from Luton!

Another demonstration which has been given the green light by Luton Borough Council is planned for May 24th where a petition will be handed into the relevant people, demanding that Sayful Islam and his group be banned from Luton town centre.

Over the past few days there has been some developments with what is unfolding in Luton. Firstly several members of UPL have had dawn raids on their family homes, with some members arrested, and then bailed with conditions that they are not to enter Luton town centre for a period of 4 weeks, which means they will not be able to attend their next planned demonstration.

A day after these arrests on Luton residents, the police finally decided to arrest the Islamic militants aswell.

It is understood that the police now intend to arrest 50 more of the 'Reclaim our Streets' demonstrators, preventing them from entering Luton town centre on the 24th May.

From what I gather, If the Islamic militant group headed up by Sayful Islam are each give ASBOS banning them from Luton town centre, then the 24th demonstration will not take place. If these militants are just banned from Luton town centre for 4 weeks, preventing them from counter demonstrating the upcoming event, then the event will still take place. The demonstration agianst these militants who are not welcome in our society will just get bigger and bigger now until action is taken for the sake of the wider community, and country.

Why should we all live with these Moslem militants terrorising the community?

The police are paid with tax payers money to uphold law and order and protect the community but it seems that when it comes to Islamic militants, for some reason they are unable or unwilling to do their jobs and protect the public and preserve the 'peace and harmony' of the community.

How can that be right for those innocent people who need protecting from these Moslem monsters?

This is the reason why people from around the Country will be uniting with the people of Luton on 24th May.

We have all had enough of militant Islam within our homeland!!!


hellzbellz said...

Bravo Lionheart, and well done. It's so great to see you and the people fighting back (not in the physical manner). And it appears that people in Luton and the rest of the UK are so fed up with the inequaity that's going on there. That people aren't giving up so easily. Also, the people who were arrested and told to remain out of Luton town center for four weeks can still attend. They could put on a disguise which doesn't have to be elaberate. With so many people in attendence, I highly doubt the cops would even recongnize those people. And sure that the cops will have their hands full with other things.

It's really refreshing that none of you gave up and threw in the towel per se. Persistence, as well as patience usually pays off in the end. And me and the other readers of your blog are confident that your task will yield positive results. You all should be extremely proud of your what your about to achieve and all future endeavors you pursue. I sure as heck am proud of you for sticking to your guns and never giving up.

Many people talk the talk, whereas you and many others are proactive, opposed to being reactive. I know at times things looked gloomy for you. You refused to take NO from the cops, the city counsel and anyone else who was against your cause. You have just as much of a right to protest (peacefully) and get your point of view across. Just as much as the opposing side does.

Definitely, during the last 18 months. The cops and local government turned a blind eye towards the muslims. Because, they probably didn't want to get the muslims all pumped up and then they would do something crazy...like use violence and threats. Essentially, your local government is affraid of the muslims and what they might do. Whereas, the government doesn't fear people like you. Because they know your a non violent person who's civilized. We all know how civilized the muslim can be, especially when they're subsequently offended.

Sorry to hear that some of the local (good) residents were arrested. And I do feel bad for them with the dilemma they're up against. Sometimes, people have to make a sacrifice in order to be heard. And, now they apparently being heard and recognized. Now, maybe the cops and government will listen to you closely and with sincere intent too.

Take this one step at a time. Doesn't matter who wins this or that battle. It's who wins the war. And speaking metaphorically. Since I don't want the cops (or anyone else) monitoring this blog to take what I'm saying out of context. I wish you and the great people of Luton, nothing but ultimate success and in all endeavors you pursue in the future.

It's time for your side to tell your story. You can't be silence forever. A lot of people think that there's nothing they can do as an individual. Well, LH I think those people should learn a lesson from you. Because, when you started out it was just you and a few others. One person can make a difference. And when you have many joining you as one voice. Then you can no longer be ignored. Congratulations on making some head way in this just cause and for caring so much about Luton, UK and people who are sick and tired of being pushed around from everyone....especially the muslim populance.

The UPL needs to remain strong and diligent in their endeavors. No matter what form of intimidation is handed to them. It's important too not disband if things get a bit bad or don't go accordingly. If anything, the government officals should realize that when they use intimidation tactics. It will just make the UPL a stronger entity who will not give up.

My only regret, is that I can't be there to support the UPL. I live in America. But, my heart and soul will be thinking of you all and always be on your side.

LH, you've touch a lot of people hearts when it comes to this subject matter. And you should be damn proud of your accomplishments thus far. I know you're not in this for some glory or to be popular. Many are aware of how humble you are. But, you do deserve recognition for what you have done and will continue to do. People in America actually know who you and Glenn Jarvey are. And we applaud you BOTH for standing up for what's right. And taking the huge risk and sacrifices for something your in love with and not willing to part with it....THE UK and its culture. G-d Bless you always LH. And you know the true G-d is on your side. And in the end good always trimphs over evil. Be well my friend and have a safe demostration and get the word out.

Respectfully yours,

Anonymous said...

Look like Luton will go down (up..) in History. Good for all those Lutoners who are standing up for their rights. And special kudos to one Lutoner in particular.

Anonymous Lady

Anonymous said...

Amazing isn't it.. The extremist cause huge problems in luton at the home coming of our boyz, and the cowardly Police Force of Bedforshire doing nothing about it. Where are the dawn raids on these traitors to the Crown ? Bedfordshire Police and The muslim Council of Luton, your a disgrace and WE WILL prevail by whatever means

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the police are arrestng prople. The attitude seems to be to let Muslim extremists blow off steam presumably in the hope that they will somehow get it out of their system and then float away on the back of a passing flying pig. On the other hand if someone from a different religious group should have the audacity to try to make his voice heard then BANG! its off to jail with him.

I guess the police are trying to contain what they think is a volatile situation but they might end up making things worse.

There has to be a better compromise than kicking in doors and harrassing people.

Anonymous said...

I shall be there ,as i was at the last,walking in my own town,in my own country,with my head held high despite the police "force" who have totally bottled it.
loyal luton.

Anonymous said...

THIS is what God has put you there for Lionheart, not slagging Muslims but reporting the truth, asking the right questions and talking up peaceful demonstrations. (I hope that UPL is committed to non-violence.) May God be with you.

What were the arrested UPL people charged with? Did any refuse their bail conditions and challenge the police to incarcerate them for a trifling offence?


Steve Harkonnen said...

"The police are paid with tax payers money to uphold law and order and protect the community but it seems that when it comes to Islamic militants, for some reason they are unable or unwilling to do their jobs and protect the public and preserve the 'peace and harmony' of the community."

The problem is, you're not afforded any real rights. England, it appears, is becoming more feudal than ever, and the common taxpaying people are nothing but serfs.

This is what happens under the Labour Party and these conditions shall continue when Britons continue to vote Labour. In my views, Labour Party needs to be banned and BNP put in place as seat of government, where these militant Muslims would not only be removed from Luton, but the UK altogether.

I've directed a link to your story to Simon's blog over at BNP.

Anonymous said...

Unfortuneately the videos taken by CCTV and on You Tube, identify the demonstrators.
Take a lesson from the Muslim women who cover their faces.
Look at how they demonstrate in Europe ands Japan, crash-helmets and faces covered.
The fat that the Lutonians were no indicates that they were just local brave people willing to stand up for what is right.
The Bedfordshire Police is run by a Labour Party insert, one who has been fully indoctrinayed with the Europe-wide Global Socialist disease, fully p.c. compliant and fully clued up on the Socialist determination to use Islamification as one of the pillars required to achieve their polic-state, similar to that achieved by the Nazis.

Now however, the Good God of Justice has revealed the truth about the politicians behind this scurrillous abortion of our Monarchist Free Democracy.

The pigs had their mouths so deep in the trough of Public-Funds, gorging themselves on perks and freebies, they did not think they would be caught with the smeg around their snouts!

Give them Hell at the Euro-Elections, give them Hell at the Local Elections.
Don't just stand by, use your votes.

And for anyone who thinks that Islamics have a greater sense of Public-values than others, take a look at the JUSTICE MINISTER, Labour M.P. Shahid Malik, who has stood down after getting found out for fiddling his expenses!
He is the enforcer given the job by Furher Gordon Brown, to bring in National Identity cards.
So much for Justice.
Throw a few jobs at the Muslims and they won't turn to bombing us?
Here.s proof of the futility of trusting those that just see their jobs as a means to line their pockets.